72 Name of God No 1

ו ה ו

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Name of God No 1 connects to Time Travel and Much Much More

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One possible Meditation

As I meditate on God’s Light coming through these letters, I can travel back in time to the very beginning of my problems. I see the seed cause, and my reaction to events. With guidance of the Creator, I make changes in my attitude, heart, and mind, changing the energy and infusing that seed with purity. I surrender to God’s pure love and Light. My painful past is now my teacher: I learn what I need and infuse every part of my being, my body, my heart, and my soul with Light.

Another Meditation

Awaken remorse in your heart for prior misdeeds. Accept the spiritual truth - you are responsible for your past actions that bring the effect of problems into your life today. These problems are cleansing and balancing the universe. Now that you are on a spiritual path you may use this Name and its permutations and transformation to assist you to remove these past actions and return to your present in a changed manner without the pain and effect from these past negative actions.

First Level - is one of the concealed aspect of this metaphorical Time Travel Tool

ואו הי ואו

ויו הי ויו

וו הי וו

There are other potential level ones of this name due to different spellings of the Hay and Vav. This also applies to the second level as well.

Second Level - This concealed energy is released by evaluating the number of letters in this level as well as utilizing these words and Names as tools to open gates to other universes.

ואו אלף ואו הי יוד ואו אלף ואו

The number of letters in this spelling of the second level is 23

Permutations of the Letters of the Name

ו ה ו

ה ו ו

The Vav

ו ו ה

ו ו ה

ה ו ו

The Vav

ו ה ו

Atbash Transformation and the Permutations

פ צ ף

פ צ ץ

Crowding, Congestion, Condensation, to press, to thicken

Gematria - is a well known tool to interpret the Torah.

External Gematria - for this Name is 17 which is the same gematria as the word Tov which means Good.

Internal Gematria - for this Name is 68 which is the same gematria as the word Chayim which means Life.

Small Gematria - for this Name is also 17. This is unusual for the external gematria and the small gematria to be the same value. This indicates a very strong connection to "good".

Ordinal Gematria is also 17.

There are many other Gematriot which explain other attributes of this Name. This will be added to over the year.

Days of the Year

This Name is connected to certain Days of the Year. This becomes the personal 72 Name of God for people born on this date. There is information about ones Tikune available from this connection.

Rosh Chodesh Nissan = First of Nissan

Bet Nissan = Second of Nissan

Gimmel Nissan = Third of Nissan

Dalet Nissan = Fourth of Nissan

Hay Nissan = Fifth of Nissan

Meditation within the Shema Israel

Within the Shema Israel there are 248 words.These 248 words connect to each of the 248 parts of the body and soul as well as the 248 positive Mitzvot. Our Sages have taught the first 42 words starting with Vayahavta unify with the 42 letter Name of God referred to as the Ana Bekoach. The next section has 72 words and unify on a one to one relationship with the 72 Names of God. Here is the word from the Shema that unifies with Name No 1 - Vav Hay Vav

ו ה ו connects to והיה

Name No 1 is pronounced Waw Hay Waw and the word from the Shema is pronounced VeHayah. Its meaning is varied. Hayah is translated as "to be", "to exist", "to happen", "to come about". The leading Vav indicates a transformation between past and future and future to past. Thus a good translation might be "Whatever was will be again!" Thus we see a more direct connection to Time Travel and the return to the Moment of Creation! or Perhaps the Thought of Creation!.

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