72 Name of God No 41


Name of God No 41 connects to the energy of the vessel especially self esteem.

There are various meanings to every Name of God.

One meaning is seen through its gematria.

This gematria is 15 which connects to the upper worlds Name of HaShem - Yahיה. Other biblical words that have this same gematria is Hod = One of the Sefirot with a meaning of Splendor - glory - appreciation. Also the Hebrew word Zov זוב which has the meaning of flow - in modern Hebrew it refers to menstrual flow. Another word is Aviv אביב which means spring as well as Father of the months and refers to the essence of Nisan.

Another meaning is through permuting the Letters.

In this case the letters are the same so permuting them does not change the meaning of the Name.

One possible Meditation

By using the Name as a vaccine to go against the negative aspect of the Name.

When we realize that the Name is the essence of a vessel and that vessel in our current world is a desire to receive for oneself alone. We can utilize the Name Hai Hai Hai as a vaccine and cause the ego to become reduced and change to the desire to receive for oneself alone.

Another way to determine further aspects of the Names is to utilize various letter substitutions

When we substitute a dalet for the first letter hai we have the word דהה which means dull or faded. This can be used as a meditation that causes us to keep our ego from growing out of control.

First Level - is one of the concealed aspects of all Names

The first level is to expand the letters of the Name to be fully spelled out.

This name spells out in multiple ways.

הי הי הי Gematria is 45 which connects to the essence of humanity.

הה הה הה Gematria is 30 which connects to the letter Lamed and its essence of teaching.

הא הא הא Gematria 18 which connects to the Living.

Can you think of additional ways to spell out this name?

Second Level - This concealed energy is released by evaluating the number of letters in this level as well as utilizing these words and Names as tools to open gates to other universes.

הי יוד הי יוד הי יוד

The number of letters in this spelling of the second level is 15. See above for the gematria of 15. Also realize that this 3 step process completes the ciricle of Life.

Days of the Year

This Name is connected to certain Days of the Year. This becomes the personal 72 Name oGf God for people born on this date. There is information about ones Tikune available from this connection. Also These dates apply to all people, they are just filtered through the various Astrological Influences of each person.

Caf Alef Tishrai = 21st of Tishrai. 21 = Nam e of God Ehyeh = אהיה

Caf Beit Tishrai = 22nd of Tishrai. 22 = to all of the power of the 22 letters of the Alef Beit.

Caf Gimmel Tishrai = 23rd of Tishrai. 23 is the gematria of Chedva חדוה which means joy and happiness.

Caf Dalet Tishrai = 24th of Tishrai. 24 is the gematria of the word dach דך which means lowly or crushed. Use this to reduce your ego by lowering your selfishness.

Caf Hai Tishrai = 25th of Tishrai. 25 can be used to recognize the direction of your life since its meaning is "this way or that way".

Meditation within the Shema Israel

Within the Shema Israel there are 248 words.These 248 words connect to each of the 248 parts of the body and soul as well as the 248 positive Mitzvot. Our Sages have taught the first 42 words starting with Vayahavta unify with the 42 letter Name of God referred to as the Ana Bekoach. The next section has 72 words and unify on a one to one relationship with the 72 Names of God. Here is the word from the Shema that unifies with Name No 41 - Hai Hai Hai

ההה connects to לבבכם

Name No 41 is pronounced Hai Hai Hai and the word from the Shema is pronounced Levavchem. Levavchem is translated as "Your Hearts - in the plural. The connection of this word to the name of God is clear and simple. The Name of God relates to people and so does Levavchem.

There are a number of Names that are duplicated in the two different charts of Names. This is not one of them.

there will be additional information about this name added later so please keep checking for this information.