72 Name of God No 7

א כ א

This page is still under construction and will be added to frequently over the year. Please check back to this page frequently for additional wisdom connected to this Name.

Name of God No 7 connects to putting order in your life.

This comes from its gematria of 22 which connects to the power of the 22 Hebrew Letters.

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One possible Meditation

Order in our lives comes from revisiting the Seder on the 15 th day of Nissan. As we remember and relate to the 15 steps of the Seder we re-establish that order that was originally set up by the Seder that evening.

Another Meditation

to be added

First Level -

אלף כף אלף

Use this sequence of letters to enhance the connection to this Name. This brings out a more complete essence as it includes both the revealed and concealed aspects to this Name.

Second Level - This concealed energy is released by evaluating the number of letters in this level as well as utilizing these words and Names as tools to open gates to other universes.

אלף למד פה כף פה אלף למד פה

The number of letters in this spelling of the second level is 20. 20 connects to direct Light and Returning Light. It also connects to the frame of money since a 1/2 shekel is 10 Geza.

Permutations of the Letters of the Name

מ ה ש

The Shin created fire. "from the fire"

מ ש ה

Moshe; "to draw out from the water"; "to extricate"; "to forget from"; "to deprive from";

ה מ ש

"to the move"; "to remove the"; "to depart the";

ה ש ם

"the Name"; Hashem; "the noun"; "the renown";"the fame"; "the reputation"; "there is the";

ש מ ה

"to there"; thither; devastation; "what hour?"; "which hour?"; "how many hours?"

ש ה ם

onyx; "their hour";

Atbash Transformation and the Permutations

י צ ב

"to stabilize"; "to steady"; "to firm"; "to poise"; "to strengthen";

י ב ץ

צ י ב

"12 Tzadikim"

צ ב י

deer; gazelle; stag; splendor; beauty; Tzvi (a Name); "my turtle"; "my tortise"; "my covered wagon"; "my two tzadikim"

ב י ץ

"to ovulate"; "(in cooking)"add an egg to a mixture";

ב צ י

"two navies"; "two flotilla's"; "my two tzadikim";

Gematria - is a well known tool to interpret the Torah.

External Gematria - for this Name is 345. 345 is a well known gematria since is the same as Hashem and Moshe himself.

Internal Gematria - for this Name is 1380. 1380 is the gematria of the Hebrew word that translates as "I made them" (Genesis 6:7). Also the Hebrew word for "their language" (Genesis 11:7). An interesting aspect of this gematria is it is equal to the word in Hebrew for the number ninety which is the gematria of the letter Tzadik which is also a word for a righteous person.

Small Gematria - for this Name is 12. 12 connects to the 12 Astrological signs, the 12 months of the year, the 12 Tribes named after the 12 Sons of Jacob, and the 12 "Shew Breads" in the Temple.

Ordinal Gematria is 39. 39 is the gematria of the Hebrew word Tal which means dew and is one of the connections to the Mashiach as expressed in the Book of Prophets.

There are many other Gematriot which explain other attributes of this Name. This will be added to over the year.

Days of the Year

This Name is connected to certain Days of the Year. This becomes the personal 72 Name oGf God for people born on this date. There is information about ones Tikune available from this connection.

Caf Alef Nissan = Twenty First of Nissan

Calf Bet Nissan = Twenty Second of Nissan

Caf Gimmel Nissan = Twenty Third of Nissan

Caf Dalet Nissan = Twenty Fourth of Nissan

Caf Hay Nissan = Twenty Fifth of Nissan

Meditation within the Shema Israel

Within the Shema Israel there are 248 words.These 248 words connect to each of the 248 parts of the body and soul as well as the 248 positive Mitzvot. Our Sages have taught the first 42 words starting with Vayahavta unify with the 42 letter Name of God referred to as the Ana Bekoach. The next section has 72 words and unify on a one to one relationship with the 72 Names of God. Here is the word from the Shema that unifies with Name No 5 - Mem Hay Shin

מ ה ש connects to אל

Name No 5 is pronounced MayHayShay and the word from the Shema is pronounced (K)El. (K)El is Name of God that deals with the Upper level of Sephirot called Binah which means Understanding. It is also a connecting word which means "to" or "towards". We see the direct connection between the Energy Store, which is an alternative description of Binah, and Healing since we truly need energy to heal.

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