Letter Substitutions - Notariken Methods for the Name Moshe

Name: Moshe


This page is not yet complete. It starts with the Notariken words for the Name Moshe and then applies the Gematriot methods to each word to see what attributes are developed.

Please remember YOU are the best person to determine which of these attributes apply to you; which attributes you want to strengthen; and which attributes you want to change or weaken.

At Bash Method

משה = יבץ

My 72

Regular Gematria for At Bash Method

יבץ = 102

Words that have gematria of 102 are:

אלהינו = Our God

צבי = grace, splendor, glory

בעל = master, head

בן האדם = Son of Man

נחמד = strong sexual desire

below this will be additional gematria methods for the At Bash Method of Notariken

Then we will continue with the other Notariken methods copied from the previous page

AlBbam Method

משה = ביע

my revelation

AtBach Method

משה = סרן

axle or prince

Avgad Method

משה = נתו


AtBah Method

משה = לרד

trample on teaching

Achat Beta Method

משה = רתק וזל רנק

Ayik Bekar Method

משה = מלך נדג


Avag Beged Method

משה = נות סאז

So Support

Ayi Bak Method

משה = דתן

the meaning can be fish law

Ach Bi Method

משה = פרך and others as well

Part of Mouth Method

משה = חבץ and other words as well