Omer Day Six

Please do not say the phrase Day (Number) out loud, until you have completed the ritual below. If you say this phrase it is considered that you have "counted the Omer" without the appropriate Blessing and ritual and you lesson the energy involved.

Starting on the second day of Pesach which is the evening of the 16th day of Nissan begins the counting of the Omer. This ritual is part of the process of earning the Light of Shavuot, which is the Light of the Revelation of the Torah. This ritual helps you build your vessel in order to reveal the Light of the Torah.

The Seder (order) for the Sephirot HaOmer.

Night of April 16 2017 which is 21st of Nissan in the year תשעז

Please, say all of the below (if unable to read the Hebrew scan the Hebrew letters prior to saying the transliteration) while standing and facing East towards Jerusalem or the Rising of the Sun.

The traditional steps of the ritual are delineated as "traditional", prior to that step. The additional steps are delineated as additional, also prior to that step. It is recommended that you do all of the steps both traditional and additional each day. If time considerations are an issue then please do the traditional steps while doing the additional steps later when you do have the time.

It is best to do the ritual as close right after sundown (in the evening - when you can see three stars in the night sky) as possible. If one has forgotten to do one day and remembers to do so during the day then one should not say the Blessing which is step 3, but do the rest of the ritual. If one has forgotten to do one of the days, the Halacha says there is no way to make it up. I suggest that one make up the missed count without the Blessing (step 3) and then proceed to continue the count with the appropriate count and Blessing. It is better to do the Mitzvah even partially then to stop doing it altogether.

We stand during this process of performing the ritual so that we can be available to draw the Light of Cleansing. When ever we sit in a process of prayer we are manifesting the energy of that particular prayer. An example of this is the saying of the Shema Israel. This draws the energy of Healing and thus we sit when saying this so that we may manifest that Light of Healing.

Step One of the Omer Ritual


1. This step will cause your soul to knowingly do this Mitzvah with the proper Kavenah (intention).

Please say the following:

לשם יחוד קודשה בריך הוא ושכינתיה (יאהדונהי) בדחילו ורחימו (יאההויהה) ורחימו (איההיוהה) ודחילו ליחדה שם יוד הי בואו הי ביחודה שלים (יהוה) בשם כל ישראל הנה אנחנו באים לקיים מצות ספירת העומר לעשות נחת רוח ליוצרנוו ולעשות רצון בוראנו ויהי נעם אדני אלהנו עלינו ומעשה ידינו כוננה עלינו ימעשה ידינו כוננהו


Leshem Yechud Kudsha Berich Hu VeShekintay (יאהדונהי) Bidchilu Urchimu (יאההויהה) Urchimu Udchilu (איההיוהה) Leyachda Shem Yood Hay and Vav Hay Beyachuda Shalaim (יהוה) BeShem Kol Israel Henay Anachnu Ba'Aim Lekayaim Mitzvat Sephirat HaOmer. LaAsot Nachat Ruach LeYotzranu VeLaAsot Ratzon Boranu. Vayhi Noam Adonai Elohainu Alainu UmaAsay Yadainu Connah Alainu Yamaseh Yadainu Conanaihu.


For the sake of unification between the Holy Blessed One and His Shechinah, with fear and love and with Love and Fear, in order to unify the Name Yood Hay and Vav Hey in perfect unity, and in the Name of all Israel, we have hereby come to fulfill the commandment of the counting of the Omer. In order to give pleasure to our Maker and to fulfill the wish of our Creator. May the pleasantness of HaShem, our God, be upon us and may He establish the work of our hands for us and may the work of our hands establish Him.

Step 2. Here are some additional Verses to say or scan.


תהלים TeHiLiM Psalms 138:8

יהוה יגמר בעדי יהוה חסדך לעולם מעשי ידיך אל-תרף


Adonai Yigmor BeAdi Adonai Chasdecha LeOlam MaAsay Yadicha El Teref.


The LORD will accomplish that which concerneth me; Thy mercy, O LORD, endureth for ever; forsake not the work of Thine own hands.

תהלים TeHiLiM Psalms 57:3

אקרא לאלהים עליון לאל גמר עלי


Ehkrah LaiElohim Elyon LaEil Gomair Alai:


I will cry unto God Most high; unto God that accomplisheth it for me.

יחזקאל YeHeZKeL Ezekiel 16:6

ואעבר עליך ואראך מתבוססת בדמיך ואמר לך בדמיך חיי ואמר לך בדמיך חיי


VaEhEhVor AhLaYiech VaEhrAich MitBoSehSeht BeDaMaYich VayOmar Lach BeDaMaYich ChaYi VaOMaR Lach BeDaMaYich ChaYai:


And when I passed by thee, and saw thee wallowing in thy blood, I said unto thee: In thy blood, live; yea, I said unto thee: In thy blood, live;

תהלים TeHiLiM Psalms 104:1

ברכי נפשי את-יהוה יהוה אלהי גדלת מאד הוד והדר לבשת


Barki Nafshi Et Adonai Elohim Elohai Gadalta Meod Hod Vehadar LaVashta:


Bless the LORD, O my soul. O LORD my God, Thou art very great; Thou art clothed with glory and majesty.

תהלים TeHiLiM Psalms 104:2

עטה-אור כשלמה נוטה שמים כיריעה


Oteh Ohr Kasalma NoTeh Shamayim KaiRiAh:


Who coverest Thyself with light as with a garment, who stretchest out the heavens like a curtain;

Step 3. Say this Blessing which activates Surrounding Light or Ohr Makif.

Traditional - review the discussion above regarding when not to say this Blessing.

This link (below) teaches the Kavenah for all Blessings. It is recommended that you familiarize yourself with this Kavenah and do this with every Blessing that you say. It will enhance your connection to the Creator.

ברוך אתה יהוה (יוד הא ואו הא) אלהינו מלך העולם אשר קדשנו במצותיו וצונו על ספירת העומר


Baruch Ata Adonai (יוד הא ואו הא)Ehlohainu Melech HaOLam Asher KidShanu BeMitzvotav Vetzivanu Al Sephirat HaOmer:


Blessed are You HaShem Our God, King of the Universe, Who set us aside in order to sanctify us with his Mitzvot and instructed us to Count the Omer (at this time).

Specific Kavenah to this Blessing.

Large Hebrew Letters above have a Gematria of 65 which is the same as Adonai, a Name of God relating to Malchut or manifestation. Malchut is our physical world.

Step 4. Saying the next Hebrew Statement is the actual "Counting of the Omer"


The purpose of Counting the Omer is to climb the Tree of Life Sephira by Sephira, as well as to count up to the Day of Shavuot with anticipation. We actually count in three different ways. One is to count days. One is to count days of weeks and the third way is to count the Sephirot. Today we only count in two ways. This is because of the unity expressed in the number ONE.

היום שישה ימים לעומר


HaYom Shisha Yamim LaOmer


Today is Day Six of the Omer

Specific Kavenah

Please consider in what ways the double triangle creates the protection shield known as the Magen David. How does it work? How can you get it to work for you in your life?

Step 5. Ohr Penimi - Inner Light


הרחמן הואיחזיר עבודת בית המקדש למקומה המהרה בימינו אמן


HaRachaman Hu YaChazeir Ahvodat Bait Hamikdash Limkomah Bimharah BeYamanu AMEN:


The Merciful One, He will return the Service of the Holy Temple to its place, speedily, in our days. And we all say Amen.

Step 6. Per the ARI (Rabbi Isaac Luria) we utilize Psalm 67 in 2 specific ways to cleanse specific attributes of our character in order to elevate a specific Sephira. This Psalm is unique in that it has 7 verses with 49 words and the middle verse has 49 Letters. We will utilize a word each day (Large Bold Letters) during the counting and also a Letter (Large Bold Italic Letter) within the middle verse for spiritual cleansing. The more one learns about each Letter and Word the stronger, more thorough their cleansing will be. The cleansing of a specific character trait allows one to move higher (closer) to Hashem. This is called Building Your Vessel in Kabbalah.


תהלים TeHiLiM Psalms 67

למנצח בנגינת מזמור שיר


LamnatzaAch BinGeNot Mizmor Shir:


Verse 1: For the Leader; with string-music. A Psalm, a Song.


This first verse does not count as one of the 7 verses as it is describing the type of Psalm:

Verse 2

אלהים יחננו ויברכנו יאר פניו אתנו סלה


EloHim YaChaNanu VeVarkanu YaAir Panav ETanu Selah:


God be gracious unto us, and bless us; may He cause His face to shine toward us; Selah


ETaNu is a word that translates as Us. The First 2 Letters are the First and Last Letter of the Hebrew Aleph Bet. The Zohar teaches us that these Letters in this order within words represent the Shechina or Malchut. The last 2 Letters can be translated as "His Binah". Utilize both Binah and Malchut to unify yourself and all of your positive traits leaving the Negative traits behind

לדעת בארץ דרכך בכל-גוים ישועתך


LadaAt BaAretz Darkehcha Bekal Goyim YeShuAhTecha


That Thy way may be known upon earth, Thy salvation among all nations.

Verse 4

יודוך עמים אלהים יודוך עמים כלם


Yoducha Ahmim Elohim Yoducha Ahmim KuLam:


Let the peoples give thanks unto Thee, O God; let the peoples give thanks unto Thee, all of them.

Verse 5

ישמחו ו ירננו לאמים כי-תשפוט עמים מישור ולאמים בארץ תנחם סלה


Yismechu Verannu LeUMiM Ki TeshPot AhMiM MiShor Ulumim BaAretz Tanchaim SELAH:


O let the nations be glad and sing for joy; for Thou wilt judge the peoples with equity, and lead the nations upon earth. Selah


There are actually only 48 Letters in this verse not 49 as the ARI teaches. He adds one Italic Vav to equal a total of 49 Letters. This is quite a common technique since the vowel itself is the Vav only the word is spelled incompletely and will change when the Mashiach arrives.

The Letter Vav is a metaphor for a channel as well as the Torah. Utilize this channel called Torah to help bring you to balance today and everyday. The Vav is also a connecting world like "and" in English. Use this Vav to bind and connect the people you love with all of the other people you love.

Verse 6

יודוך עמים אלהים יודוך עמים כלם


Yoducha Ahmim Elohim Yoducha Ahmim KuLam:


Let the peoples give thanks unto Thee, O God; let the peoples give thanks unto Thee, all of them.

Verse 7

ארץ נתנה יבולה יברכנו אלהים אלהינו


Ehretz Natnah Yevulah Yevarkanu Elohim Ehlohainu:


The earth hath yielded her increase; may God, our own God, bless us.

Verse 8

יברכנו אלהים וייראו אתו כל-אפסי-ארץ


Yevarkanu Elohim VeYeru Oto Kal Afsai Aretz:


May God bless us; and let all the ends of the earth fear Him.

Step 7: It is now time to say the Ana Bekoach which has 42 words (actually 49 - the seventh word in each verse is the word with all of the first letters of the other six words - they are printed at the end of the verse). This is the 4th cleansing tool that we will utilize tonight. The Letter that we will use tonight will be large and bolded. Stop and meditate on that Letter using the Kavenah written below the verse.


Verse 1

Kavenah on First Verse

Meditation while saying the first verse of the Ana Bekoach is "unconditional Love". As well as removing the negative aspect of the physical world as well as the Power of Redemption.

Chesed - חסד

אנא בכח גדולת ימינך ת תיר צ רורה אבגיתץ


Tzerurah Tatir Yemincha Gedulat BeCoach Ana

7th word is pronounced Aleph Bet Gimmel Yood Tav Tzadi


Please - with Power - Greatness - Your Right Side - Releasing - Knot


Meditate on the Tzadi which is a Letter that also is a word. The word means "righteous". Strive to be righteous, which is always doing right. The only way that is achieved is by having a personal knowledge connection with HaShem. Use this Tzadi to enhance your personal knowledge of HaShem.

Verse 2

Kavenah on Second Verse

Meditation while saying the second verse of the Ana Bekoach is "Tearing Up Satan" and "Guarding our Gates". Our gates (eyes, ear, nose, and mouth) are the entry point for the negative system.

Gevurah - גבורה

קבל רנת עמך שגבנו טהרנו נורה קרעשטן


Norah Taharenu Sagvenu Amcha Rinat Kabel

7th word is pronounced Koof Resh Ayin Sin Tet Nun


Awesome - Purified - Our Praise - Your People - Rejoicing - Receive

Verse 3

Kavenah on Third Verse

Meditation while saying the third verse of the Ana Bekoach is Parnassus and Sustenance and returning the energy that we gave away.

Tiferet - תפארת

נאגבור דורשי יחודך כבבת שמרםנגדיכש


Shamraim Cevavat YeChudecha Dorshai Gibor Na

7th word is pronounced Nun Gimmel Dalet Yood Caf Shin


Observe - Like a Letter Bet - Your uniqueness - Demand - Strengthen - Please

Verse 4

Kavenah on fourth Verse

Meditation while saying the fourth verse of the Ana Bekoach is Eternal Victory and Acknowledgment

Netzach - נצח

ברכםטחרם רחמי צדקתך תמיד גמלםבתרצתג


Gamlaim Tamid Tzidkatecha Rachamai Tacharaim Barchaim

7th word is pronouncedBet Tet Reish Tzadi Tav Gimmel


Grant Them - Eternal - Righteous - Compassion - Purify Them - Bless Them

Verse 5

Kavenah on fifth Verse

Meditation while saying the fifth verse of the Ana Bekoach is Appreciation and Thankfulness

Hod - הוד

חסיןקדוש ברוב טובך נהל עדתךחקבטנע


Adatecha Nahail Toovcha Barchaim Kadosh Chasin

7th word is pronouncedChet Koof Bet Tet Nun Ayin


Your People - Govern - Goodness - Abundance - Holy - Invincible Your

Verse 6

Kavenah on sixth Verse

Meditation while saying the sixth verse of the Ana Bekoach is "spreading the wisdom of Kabbalah"

Yesod - יסוד

יחידגאהלעמך פנה זוכרי קדושתךיגלפזק


Kedushatecha Zochrai Penai Le-Amcha Ga-eh Yachid

7th word is pronouncedYood Gimmel Lamed Pey Zion Koof


Your Holiness - Remember - Turn - Your People - Proud - Unity

Verse 7

Kavenah on seventh Verse

Meditation while saying the seventh verse of the Ana Bekoach is "completion and perfection through / with Loving Kindness"

Malchut - מלכות

שועתנוקבלושמע צעקתנו יודעתעלומותשקוצית


Ta-Alumot Yodaya Tziakatanu Ooshmah Kabel Shavatanu

7th word is pronouncedShin Koof Vav Tzadi Yood Tav


Hidden - You Know - Our Wail - And Hear - Receive - Our Cry

Verse 8

This Verse is said "silently" in a whisper


This verse grounds any excess energy

ברוך שם כבוד מלכותו לעולם ועד


Va-Ed Le-Olam Malchuto Kevod Shem Baruch


Forever World Your Kingdom Honor Name Blessing

Step 8: The Baal Shem Tov teaches that the 42 stops that the Children of Israel made while in the desert for 40 years is a metaphor for the Stages of our Life and can also be used for the steps of any process. Here is the teaching by Rabbi Simon Jacobson expanding the teaching of the Baal Shem Tov by using modern psychology.


Sixth Journey - They left Marah and came to Elimah. In Elim there were twelve water springs and seventy palms

This Journey is connected to the Tzadi of the First Verse in the Ana Bekoach.

Elimah (or Elim) is the stage of growth and recognition of the deeper strength that emerges from bitter loss and pain. From Marah – after experiencing bitterness – we become empowered with the resources of Elimah: Elimah consists of the same letters as the name Elokim (which is written with a hey), only that the order of the letters (eli mah) means the hidden dimension of love – twelve water springs and seventy palms (the secret and the hidden, sod in Hebrew, is gematria 70) – that emerges from within the dark and the bitter (The Maggid of Mezritch – Ohr Torah Massei. Explained in Ohr HaTorah Massei pp. 1378. 1393. See Degel Machne Efraim).


The word Elimah can also be interpreted as "about what am I". Meditate on what is your central desire. Do you truly want to be close to God or do you truly want the transitory pleasures of the physical world. Know that the 12 springs represent the pleasures of the physical worlds while the 70 Palms represent the spiritual world.

Step 9: We will now count the Sephirot as part of the "Counting of the Omer".

Please say the following in which ever language you prefer. Hebrew is recommended, due to the energy that it generates:

רבונו של עולם: אתה צויתנו על ידי משה עבדך לספור ספירת העומר כדי לטהרנו מקלפותנו ומטומאתנו כמו שכתבת בתורתך: וספרתם לכם ממחרת השכת מיום הביאכם את עמר התנופה שבע שבתות תמימת תהיינה: עד ממחרת השבת השביעת תספרו חמשים יום כדי שיטהרו נפשות עמך ישראל מזוהמתם: ובכן יהי רצון מלפניך יהוה אלהים ואלהי אבותינו שבסכות ספירת העומר שספרתי היום יתקן מה שפגמתי בספירה


Ribono Shel Olam, Ata Tzivitanu All Ydi Moshe Avdecha LiSPor Sepherot HaOMeR KeDai LetaHaRaiNu MiklePoTaNu UMTuMATaiNu KiMo ShKaTaVTa BeToRaTach: USPaRTaM LaChem MimCHaRaT HaSHaBaT MeYoM HaVeAhCHeM ET OMeR HaTeNuFah SheVa SheBaToT TeMiMoT Te'YeNa: MiMaCHaRaT HaSHaBaT HaSHVeIT TeSaFRU CHaMiSHiM YoM KeDai SHeYeTaHaRu NaFSHoT AhMCHa YiSRaEL MeZoHaMaTaM: UVCHaiN YeHi RaTZoN MilFaNeCHa HaShem ELoHaNu ELoHai AVoTaNu SheBiZKuT SeFiRuT HaOMeR SHeSeFaRTi HaYoM YeTuKaN Ma SHePaGaMTe BeSePHeRa


Master of the World, You have Commanded us through Moshe Your Sevant to enumerate the counting of the Omer, in order to purify us from the Klipot and ou defilements. This is as it is written in Your Torah: And you shall count for yourselves, from the day following the Shabbat, from the day on which you bring the portion of your wave offering, there shall be 7 complete weeks, until the day following the seventh week. You shall count 50 days so that the spirits of your Nation Israel shall be purified from their defilements (Leviticus 23:15-16): Therefore, may it be pleasing before you HaShem our God and the God of our Forefathers, that by virtue of the Counting of the Omer, that i have counted today, the flow that i have caused in the Sefirah of

Kavenah and Actual Counting

יסוד שבחסד


Yesod Shebe Chesed


Foundation or Active Secret of Loving Kindness

Instruction and Kavenah for meditation

After saying the above phrase, (which is the actual counting of the Sephira) STOP and meditate on what is the meaning of this phrase. Here are some attributes that will help you. Realize that this list is not complete.

Foundation, Creativity, Sexuality, Receiving and Sharing, Balancing Opposite

Chesed is Loving Kindness. This whole week starting tonight is in the frame of Loving Kindness. What is Loving Kindness? How does it differ from Loving Mercy or Tiferet? In what ways do you show Loving Kindness to yourself? to Others? How do you receive Loving Kindness from Others? What can you do in your life to Show additional Loving Kindness to Others? How can you enhance your inner Beauty? How can you enhance Balance in your life today? What do you need to change about yourself to acheive that in this life right now?

Continue to finish the paragraph as follows:

ואטהר ואתקדש בקדשה של מעלה אמן סלה


VeTaHaiR VeETKaDeSH BeKDuSHa SHeL MaALa Amein SeLah:


will be corrected and i shall be purified and sanctified with supernal sanctity, AMEN SELAH:

You have now finished the Traditional Counting of the Omer. Please continue as the additional sections will help you to build your vessel to receive the Light of the Torah which is revealed on Shavuot.

Step 10: Each day of the year there are Tzadikim (Righteous People) who have chosen to leave this world on a particular day. There is a connection between these souls and this day. They ask us to utilize their connection to HaShem, to strengthen our own connection to Hashem, and to our spiritual actions during this day.

The more one learns about a particular Tzadik, the better is one's connection to their channel ability. All these actions are bringing us closer to HaShem.

Historically Birthdays have not been celebrated by the Jewish World until the last 200 - 300 years. Kabbalah teaches that the Birthdate represent the Keter or potential of the Soul while the Death Anniversary or Hilula represents the actual accomplishments of the Soul. While the Hilula is the stronger of the two from our perspective we can also utilize the Birth Date of a Tzadik to assist us in our spiritual connection.

Step 11: Rabbi Chaim Drizin ( teaches that there is a correlation between the Sephira we just counted and the 55 Prophets from the Book of Prophets in the Tanach. By studying the verses that were channeled to US through these male and female Prophets we enhance our connection to the Sephira and continue to build our vessel.

Rabbi Drizin teaches that the Prophet associated with Yesod SheBeChesed is Joshua. He suggests we read section of Shemot (Exodus) that connects us to the Keter relationship with Joshua from the Tanach.

Below are a few verses and it is our intention to add more verses as time permits.

Shemot Chapter 17 Verse 9

ויאמר משה אל-יהושע בחר-לנו אנשים וצא הלחם בעמלק מחר אנכי נצב על-ראש הגבעה ומטה האלהים בידי


to be done later


And Moses said unto Joshua: 'Choose us out men, and go out, fight with Amalek; tomorrow I will stand on the top of the hill with the rod of God in my hand.'


Consider the question: Why is the first verse in the Tanach which is the Keter level for Joshua include his name after it is changed by Moshe to be Joshua and we do not have that information from the Torah yet? Also, why is the nation of Amalek being included with Joshua? How does that relate to the Sefira of Yesod SheBe Chesed?

There is a modern commentary that connects 49 WOMEN mentioned in the Tanach to the 49 Days of the Omer. The women connected to Yesod SheBe Chesed is Serach Bat Asher. Here is some information and commentary about her:

Serach is mentioned in a number of genealogical lists in the Tanach. The midrash says she lived a long time as she was alive when Joseph revealed himself to the Brothers. It is said that she sang a song to Jacob to reveal this information to him so that "the shock would not kill him". She also was still alive when she Moshe came to the nation and said i am the redeemer. It is said that she told the Elders what the secret code for the redeemer is so that they could test Moshe. A final Midrash indicates that she is one of the seven people who entered Heaven complete with their body.

Rabbi Jill Hammer writes that we honor Serach when we remember our family and national history.


Step 12: Here are some additional insights into the consciousness of Yesod SheBe Chesed from Rabbi Drizin, as well as some additional thoughts from Chanoch

Kevenah about Hod She Be Chesed

Reading these will help to grow your vessel. Meditation using these letters of יסוד שבחסד after reading the Kavenah will also be beneficial.


YeSod SheBe Chesed has a external gematria of 80. 80 is the gematria of the Hebrew letter Pey which is a word that means mouth. Do you use your mouth to bring Blessings to the world or Lashon Harah?

All this week contemplate the meaning of Chesed using these descriptions

Loving Kindness Between Man and G-d

1. A person should contemplate the kindnesses of Hashem, Blessed be He, namely how much good G-d does with His creations in general and with me specifically. And he should contemplate that he is neither worthy nor deserving to receive the kindnesses of G-d, Blessed be He. Yet G-d is greatly kind and gives him unearned kindness, and with this intent, the person will be overwhelmed and he will love HaShem, Blessed is He, with a great love. It comes out that he attains the attribute of Chesed (which is this love and greatness) through the attribute of Chesed itself (for with it is the action of kindness).

2. Also, by his being overwhelmed and by his love of the Creator, Blessed is He, he will acquire an acquisition within his soul to do kindness (Chesed) with his Creator. That is to say, he will behave in all of his actions beyond the letter of the law. It comes out that he completes his love to the Creator, Blessed is He (which is rooted in Hesed) by way of his doing kindness (Chesed) with his Creator.

3. When he busies himself with the mitzvah of Chesed, he should intend to awaken the supernal attribute of Chesed so that it should be completed in its flowing of Chesed to do good to the world. It comes out that he draws down the attribute of Chesed in the world by his actions of kindness.

Loving Kindness Between Man and Man

1. One should look at the actions of his friend with a good [generous] eye and with love, and by way of this, he will come to judge him favorably. Through this, he will by way of seeing in his friend the good point within him and with this he is doing his his friend kindness, especially if his friend is pious or a Kohen, and it comes out that he completes and attains the attribute of Chesed (which includes these terms love, good, pious and Kohen), by way of Chesed itself (meaning judging favorably and doing kindness).

2. Moreover, he should attempt to do good to those who sin, and to do kindness to them (but not G-d forbid to cause them to continue to sin) in a way that they will be inspired by his actions and they will come by wy of this to recognize the greatness of the Creator, Blessed is He, who commanded upon Chesed. They will then return through repentance and in that way one attains the Chesed with others outside of himself by behaving with the attribute of Chesed.

3. He should be prepared to relinquish his piety in order to fulfill the mitzvah of doing kindness to others. Also, when he receives kindness from others, he should attempt to do kindness with the one who is giving the kindness, that is to say, he should not exert too much upon the one who is doing the kindness to him. With all the kindness he does, he should attempt to accomplish more kindness. It comes out that he completes the attribute of Chesed with the attribute of Chesed itself, as is elaborated by the Sefer Omer HaTenufah, and these are his words:

The attribute of Chesed sh'beChesed teaches us the knowledge to understand that when a person does kindness to his friend as is the Mitzvot of the Torah, nevertheless, the Chesed is complete only based upon the kindness which is in it, that is, to give the poor man at a time when things are cheap or at the time that he needs it more. Our Sages of blessed memory teach us in the Gemara Sukkah 49b on the verse from Hoshea "and you shall reap based on the kindness." This is hinted to by the attribute of Chesed sh'beChesed, which teaches us that even in the kindness and the charity there is a greater level of inner praise of Chesed, that is, in the necessary time as we have explained.

With Physical Acts

One should use one's right hand to do kindness, for example to give charity to a poor man with one's right hand. So too one should give food to one's guests specfically with one's right hand. And if he needs to bring close his son to hug him, he should attempt to do this with the right hand. It comes out that he completes the limb of Chesed (the right hand) with the actions of Chesed.

In Time

1. He should do kindness during the day, and in particular in the morning.

2. He should attempt to connect in the Morning Prayers which were established by Avraham Avinu, in the blessings of Yotzer before reading the Shema with the blessing Ahavah Rabbah, and in the Amidah, during the blessing of Selach Lanu.

Please see our classes on Morning Prayer on the Yeshshem website.

3. When one says the Name Kel, he should intend that it corresponds to Chesed during the recitation of this Name especially during the Morning Prayers.

Step 13: The Pirkei Avot teaches 48 ways to ACQUIRE TORAH

The sixth method to Acquire the Torah taught in the Pirke Avot Chapter 6 is by Fear.

Here are some insights on this "Way". What is Fear? In Hebrew the word for fear comes from the root that means vision or sight. It also has the connection to awe as well. The Zohar tells us that Fear is the first step and then comes Awe. Here are some comments from the Talmud about Fear: R' Semon and R' Elazar were sitting when R' Yaakov bar Acha walked by. Rav Elazar said, let's stand up for R' Yaakov because he is a Yiras Chait, he is afraid of aveiros. R' Semon replied, let's stand up because he is a Talmid Chochom. R' Elazar said, I praise him for being a Yiras Chait and all you could say is that he is a talmid chochom? (Shabbos 31b) The gemara says that someone who has amassed a great amount of Torah but lacks Yiras Shamayim is like someone who has the keys to the inner rooms of the treasury but not to the front door. He cannot access it and it is unavailable to him.

All the meforshim try to give answers as to how "Lo Sachmod" desiring your friend's possessions be assur. Can someone control his mind? The Mishel HaAvos brings from Rav Yosha Ber Soloveitchik, the Bais HaLevi, that when a person is running along the frozen river bank in hot pursuit of his desire and suddenly slips, the moment he slips all his thoughts dissipate as he is gripped with fear of falling. Certainly says the Bais HaLevi if the torah says that desiring your friend's possession is assur, you will be overcome by so much fear of violating the Torah that you will not be able to think of his possessions! When the Chofetz Chaim heard this vort he said that it is fitting for the one who said it.

What do you think is the meaning of the Chofetz Chaim's comment.

There will be more added to this section in coming years.

Are you striving to grow your Yirah - your Awe?