Words that Draw the Energy of a Holiday

Structure of the Worlds

This world runs in cycles. Cycles of Time being the most relevant to this discussion. Each week Shabbat happens. The phrase that people have always used is Shabbat is coming and Welcome the Shabbat Queen is another phrase that people use. The energy reason behind these phrase is an understanding of what happens in the spiritual - physical frames of reference.

When Shabbat comes in - the Universe (All of the Worlds) comes to a complete rest. Rest is a code word for unification. What actually happens is the physical world rises to unify with the World of Yetzirah while the World of Yetzirah rises to unify with the World of Bria while the World of Bria rises to the World of Atzilut. Do not make the mistake to visualize that the Physical world is rising to the level of the World of Atzilut. The physical world only rises to the level of the World of Yetzirah.

Actually a better visualization is four pipes of slightly different diameters that can fit one inside the other and rise up and fall down relative to the internal pipe. The smallest pipe is the physical world. When Shabbat comes in the inner most pipe rises upwards to be concealed within the next pipe and that pipe rises upwards to be concealed within the next pipe and so forth. Since the pipes are of different length the piples do not totally fill the inner space of the next pipe.

The whole point of these metaphorical visualizations is to help us understand what happens when Shabbat comes in. Why? Because Shabbat comes in AUTOMATICALLY! This means that people do not have to do anything to become unified with the spiritual worlds. It happens automatically and the energy or light that is revealed in this process is available to be used by people automatically. A person is able to disconnect from this unification of Shabbat by his actions but he can not stop the unification from happening initially.

This is not true for Holidays.

When the time for a Holiday appears in the universe, each human being must call for the physical world to rise to the level of the spiritual world. If this is not done there is no unification and no revelation of light and no energy to utilize in our lives.

The Kabbalists when creating the Evening Prayer Service for Holidays put together a sequence of Letters that manifest this unification. When a person says this sequence in Hebrew, the unifcation manifests. If a person does not say it there is no unification. A person may practice all of the rituals for a particular holiday yet without saying this Hebrew sequence there is no unification and all of the rituals are being done in the physical world, and do not connect with the spiritual world energy.

To my knowledge there are two sets of sequences. One is said by the Askenazi Minyans and One by the Sephardi Minyanim. I am teaching you the Sephardi sequence because in my opinion it is the stronger connection.

If you normally pray the evening prayer in a Orthodox or Conservative Minyan on a Holiday you are saying the appropriate sequence. For every one else it is recommended that this sequence be said during the Holiday as early in the Holiday as possible. Also please say this one time for each day of the Holiday. If you are in the Diaspora say it both days as saying the first day does not keep the energy for the second day. It must be said both days.

Here is a recording of the sequence being chanted.

  • Chant of Sequence to draw energy of a Holiday

  • Here is the sequence

    אלה מועדי יהוה יאהדונהי מקראי קדש אשר תקראו אתם במועדם: וידבר משה את מעדי יהוה יאהדונהי אל בני ישראל


    Aileh Moadai Adonai MikraAi Kodesh Asher TieraU Otam BaMoAdam. Vaydaber Moshe Et MoAdai Adonai El Benai Israel


    This is the Holiday of Hashem, Holidays you shall call them, on their time. And Moshe spoke the Holidays of Hashem to the Children of Israel.


    No. of Words = 17

    No of Letters = 67

    17 is the connection to Good while 67 is the connection to Binah. 17 is also the sum of 10 +7. The 10th Sephirot counting down from Keter is Malchut while the 7th Sephirot counting down from Chesed is also Malchut. 17 connects to Malchut in two different ways.

    When one says this sequence one is drawing the World of Brea, the World of Yetzirah down to unify with the World of Malchut.