Holiday of Purim

Purim Midrash from Kabbalaonline

Purim Repeated in Persia during 1500's

Five hundred years ago there lived a king in Persia who was a descendant of King Achashverosh. He took interest in the history of his family and found out that the Jewish people had in its possession an old handwriting called “The Scroll of Esther”. This scroll describes in detail the origin of his ancestor’s royal dynasty.

The Persian king researched the details of the scroll. Among other interesting facts he found out that is said in the scroll that Haman had offered to pay King Achashverosh 10,000 silver ducats in order to do whatever he wanted with the Jews. In the end the money was not paid. Smiling, the Persian king worked out a smart idea.

He summoned the rabbis and the leaders of the Jewish community and asked them:

“Tell me – is everything written in the Scroll of Esther true?”

The Jews did not understand the intention of the king, but they of course assured him that everything written in Megillat Esther is true.

“If that is the case”, said the king, “I command you to pay the 10,000 silver ducats you owe my ancestors!”

The Jewish rabbis tried to explain to the king that King Achashverosh remitted the money to Haman as it says: “The money is given to you,” but the Persian king did not give in: “I am a descendant of King Achashverosh and you are the descendants of the Jewish people. I want the money within a month. If not, you will be expelled from your homes!”

The harsh decree shocked the Persian Jews. All over Persia the Jewish leaders proclaimed days of prayer and fasting. The synagogues were full of people reciting Psalms day and night, and large sums of charity were distributed.

The Jewish leaders started estimating how much money they would be able to collect. Within a few days they reached the conclusion that even if they were to sell all their properties, they would not reach the sum that the king requested. Since time was short, they were unable to send emissaries to the whole Jewish world in order to collect money from Jews outside of Persia.

In their plight, they decided that the best thing to do was to send a messenger to Rabbi Yitzchak Luria, the Holy Ari who resided in Tsfat in the Holy Land in order to ask for his blessing and advice.

The messenger set out on his trip on a fast camel and shortly arrived in Tsfat. He handed over the letter written by the Rabbis of the Jewish community in Persia and pleaded in tears for help, asking the holy Ari to pray on their behalf to our Father in Heaven.

The Holy Ari went into his private study for a while and then returned to the messenger, holding a small box in his hand.

The Ari said to him: “The Jews have repented with a full heart and the evil decree has been revoked. There is no need to pay the ransom money."

“Instead, on the day of payment, the leaders of the Jewish community are to hand over this box to the king. The box must not be opened by anyone but the king.”

In the meanwhile, the king was very satisfied with his plan. If the Jews would pay him the money – all the better. If they did not pay him, he would confiscate their property after the expulsion and would make a profit in any case.

That night the king did not sleep well. He had a terrifying dream. In it a mighty storm was raging outside his palace. Suddenly the windows to his room burst open. A man clad in white with fiery eyes entered his room through the window. The king wanted to cry for help, but the words got stuck in his throat and he was unable to utter a word.

The white figure took him by the hand and led him outside through the open window. They passed houses and fields until they reached a forest. There was an open area between the trees.

The white figure turned to the king and asked him in a stern voice: “What do you see in the open place?”

“I see a high pole – and somebody is hanging from its top,” the king said in fear.

They continued their walk another few steps, and again the figure in white asked the king what he saw.

“I see another high pole with somebody hanging from its top – and there is another one and yet another….”

“How many poles do you see?” the figure asked.

“I can see eleven poles with people hanging from the top – and over there is another pole – but nobody is hanging from it,” said the king trembling with fear.

“The people hanging there are Haman and his ten sons,” said the figure to the king. “The empty pole is meant for people who walk in their evil ways!”

A shiver went over the body of the king.

The white figure took the king by his hand and led him back to the king’s palace. The figure made the king sit down next to his writing desk and said: “Give up all your claims against the Jews and sign the document with the royal seal!”

The king wrote the document with a trembling hand, signed it, and stamped the royal seal under his signature. He handed the document to the man in white who disappeared through the window.

Suddenly the king woke up from his nightmare. He found himself sitting next to his desk, shivering with fear and his face covered by cold sweat.

Outside there was a quiet summer night.

“What a strange dream I had,” he thought and went back to sleep in his bed.

The following morning he still remembered the dream but dismissed it.

The messenger came back from Tsfat to the Jewish leaders in Persia with good tidings. The holy Ari had indeed helped! The Jews, however, correctly, did not rest the whole month. They studied much Torah, spent many hours in prayer every day, and took upon themselves to rectify everything that needed improvement. Especially they asked each other for forgiveness and increased dramatically in brotherly love.

When the designated day came, the leaders of the Jewish community took the box that they had received from the Holy Ari and approached the king.

“Where is my money?” the king roared.

“Your majesty, we have been instructed to bring this box for you,” said the spokesman of the delegation and handed the box to the king.

The king took the box in his hand, opened it and found a signed document inside. When he started to read what was written there, he suddenly screamed in terrible fear and fell in a swoon to the floor.

The king’s doctors who immediately were summoned finally managed to wake him up. Immediately his body began trembling uncontrollably.

“Oh no, it was not a dream!” he whispered in panic. “The next hanging pole was meant for me because of my behavior towards the Jews.”

Nobody knew what he was talking about, but when he recovered somewhat he handed the document to the Jewish leaders and said, “Everything which is written in this document is hereby established in law. I give up all my claims regarding the debt. I promise not to harm any Jew from now on. You are released from all previous monetary claims.”

“The Jews had light and joy and gladness and honor” (Esther 8:16). They immediately dispatched a special messenger in order to express their gratitude to the Holy Ari. All over Persia the Jews celebrated parties of thanksgiving to G-d for their wonderful delivery.

chanoch's Commentary

As we learn in Kabbalah and in modern science today consciousness creates reality. Is this midrash true. For me it truly happened. It happened somewhere that allows me to tap into that energy and manifest it in this world today. i can use the energy described in this midrash to defang the persian empire once again. That is why there can be no harm done to the Jewish People and Israel by the modern country of Iran (Persia) since the King - the Angelic Minister known as an Elohim has already signed the declaration that says "I (meaning Persia - Iran promise not to harm any Jew from now on.". May all who read or hear this say Amen.