Rosh Chodesh Kislev for the year תשּׁפג 5783 is on the evening of November 13 2023 until the sunset of November 14 2023. The actions you do on the 9th day of Nissan 5783 will impact either positively or negatively the month of Kislev in the year 5784.

The day the action should be made is the Ninth Day of Nissan in the year 5783 תשּׁפג This date is the evening of March 30 2023 to sundown on March 31 2023.

According to the teachings of the ARI (Rabbi Isaac Luria may he forever be a light unto the world) one should follow the steps below. The more one learns about the following:

1) The permutation of the names of God associated with the month of Kislev;

2) The letters that created the month of Kislev and the constellation associated with the Tribe of Benyamin which is the Sagittarius which is Keshet in Hebrew קשת; Keshet means archer but is sometimes translated as bow or rainbow.

3) The correlation of items from the Sefer Yetzirah;

4) The Torah Verses that describe the initial offering of the Nasi of the Tribe of Benyamin;

5) The character traits described by the name of that Nasi which for Benyamin is Avidan Ben Gidoni spelled אבידן בן גדעני as well as the character traits described by the permutation of the name of the Tribe;

6) and The consciousness behind the giving of each of the articles of the offering described by the Torah Verses,

the stronger will be one's connection to the tools of Kabbalah that will give a person control over the month of the year that is being developed on the ninth day of Nissan which is control over the month of Kislev

Tribe = Benyamin; Sense = Sleep/Dreams; Controller = Belly/Stomach

If you have not read the introduction to the ritual, please do so now by clicking the link below!

  • Introduction to the Minhag and Ritual for the Month of Nissan

  • Steps to follow

    It is best to do the saying or scanning of this information during the morning hours since morning has the energy of Mercy within it.

    1. The permutation of the Tetragrammaton. There are 4 letters in the Tetragrammaton which would normally form 24 permutations, but there are 2 letters which are the same which makes only 12 permutations. One for each month. Scan these Names of God from Right to Left. These are the permutations for the month of Kislev.

    ויהה יאהה

    2. The Ana Bekoach is composed of the 42 letter name of God used during the creation of the physical world. As such it has the essence of creation with in it. This also includes the essence of the Science of Hebrew Astrology. Please Say/Sing the Ana Bekoach; Stop at the Second Verse and Scan these Letters and Names from Right to Left.

    ס ג

    Gimmel created the Planet Tzedek which is Jupiter. Tzedek also is a shoresh for the concept of Justice and the Sameck created the Astrological sign of Keshet קשת which is Sagittarius. The Keshet relates to the archers bow along with the Holiday of Chanukah since the Macabbean rebellion is associated with both Chanukah and the archers bow which was the weapon of choice of the Macabees.The portion of land of the Benjamites had within it the Temple site. As such they are frequently thought of as the body of the Temple while the Levites and priests are thought of as the soul of the Temple.

    3. Various relationships are described in the Sefer Yetzirah. These relationships help create unity within the physical world by meditating upon the relationships. Take note of the following:

    The name of the month of Kislev כסלו can be thought of as the Throne of 36. This relates to the 36 concealed Tzadikim in whose merit all miracles are performed in this world. Tribe = BenJamin; Sense = Sleep/Dream; Controller = Belly/Stomach. .

    4. The donation for the tribe of Benyamin is the same as all of the other Tribal donations. Yet the consciousness is different as you will see below. By making connection to the reading from the Torah of each donation by each Nasi each day during Nissan, we can take control of the Astrological effect associated with that Tribe. Read or Scan the Hebrew right to left. The smaller letters are the transliteration of the Hebrew and the regular letters are the English Translation of Bamidbar Numbers Chapter 7 Verses 60 to 66.

    Verse 1 for this Nasi; Verse 60 from Chapter 7 of Bamidbar (Numbers)

    ביום התשיעי נשיא לבני בנימן אבידן בן-גדעני

    BeYom HaTeshii Nasi Levnai Benyamin Avidan Ben Gidoni

    On the Ninth day Avidan Ben Gidoni, prince of the children of Benyamin:

    Verse 2 for this Nasi; Verse 61 from Chapter 7 of Bamidbar (Numbers)

    קרבנו קערת-כסף אחת שלשים ומאה משקלה מזרק אחד כסף שבעים שקל בשקל הקדש שניהם מלאים סלת בלולה בשמן למנחה

    Karbeno Karit Kesef Echat Sheloshim Oomeah Meshaklah Mezerak Echad Kesef SheviIm Shekel BeShekel HaKodesh Shenaihem Melaim Solet Beluulah Beshemen Leminchah

    he presented for his offering one silver dish, the weight thereof was a hundred and thirty shekels, one silver basin of seventy shekels, after the shekel of the sanctuary; both of them full of fine flour mingled with oil for a meal-offering;

    Verse 3 for this Nasi; Verse 62 from Chapter 7 of Bamidbar (Numbers)

    כף אחת עשרה זהב מלאה קטרת

    Kaf Echat ASarah Zehav MelaAh Ketoret

    one golden pan of ten shekels, full of incense;

    Verse 4 for this Nasi; Verse 63 from Chapter 7 of Bamidbar (Numbers)

    פר אחד בן-בקר איל אחד כבש-אחד בן-שנתו לעלה

    Par Echad Ben Bakar Ehyil Echad Kavash Echad Ben Shenato LeOlah

    one young bullock, one ram, one he-lamb of the first year, for a burnt-offering;

    Verse 5 for this Nasi; Verse 64 from Chapter 7 of Bamidbar (Numbers)

    שעיר-עזים אחד לחטאת

    Seir Ezim Echad LeChataat

    one male of the goats for a sin-offering;

    Verse 6 for this Nasi; Verse 65 from Chapter 7 of Bamidbar (Numbers)

    ולזבח השלמים בקר שנים אילם חמשה עתודים חמשה כבשים בני-שנה חמשה זה קרבן אבידן בן-גדעני

    Oolzevach Hashlamim Bakar Shenaim alim Chamesha Ahtudim Chamesha Kevasim Benai Shanah Chamesha Zeh Karban Avidan Ben Gidoni

    and for the sacrifice of peace-offerings, two oxen, five rams, five he-goats, five he-lambs of the first year. This was the offering of Avidan Ben Gidoni.

    Additional Meditation based on Mei HaShiloah (translations by R. Hershy Worch and Betzalel Edwards)

    For Binyamim, Avidan ben Gidoni" לְבִנְיָמִן, אֲבִידָן בֶּןגִּדְעֹנִי Since Benyamim would stand on the book and gather in all kinds of goodness from among the nations, bringing them to Yisrael, he was called "ben Gidoni" as he knew which kind of "goodness" was not proper, hewing it down (gadar) and not gathering it. There is much to learn from the outside world, and from the other nations. Pesah is a uniquely Jewish holiday. It is our birthday as a nation. In fact according to Halakhah, it is a severe infringement if a non Jew partakes of the Korban Pesah, or the Afikomen in lieu of it. Perhaps that is because in our multidimensional world, there is one day when we can be exclusive, to share with others of the same collective DNA of what we are similar. At this time it is good to contemplate "what is a Jew?" Not in terms of conversion questions, but of the spiritual nature of a Jew and we can reinforce it come Pesach night.

    5. The name of each Tribe gives hints to the character traits of the Astrological sign associated with that Tribe. Also, the name of each Nasi gives additional insights into the character traits of the tribe and the Astrological Signs.

    Our Sages teach that not all of these names are positive traits. This indicates traits that need to be worked upon to transform the person (ourselves) into a higher state of consciousness. The more one learns about the names associated with the Astrological Signs the more one can learn about his own correction!

    The Tribe for This day of Nissan is Benyamin connected to Kislev

    The Nasi for Kislev is Avidan Ben Gidoni

    Each name including the full name has Verses from the Tanach that speak to the person about their correction and also character and personality traits. Here are the verses for Avidan Ben Gidoni from the Tanach.

    6. Each Nasi brought the same contribution for his sacrifice in honor of the dedication of the Mishkan. There is a custom and teaching about Torah. There is no extra letter in the Torah. So why does the Torah list the exact same contribution from each Nasi? It would be less letters to say it once only! The reason is that there is an important spiritual law about consciousness that can be learned from the following matrix. This matrix will also help one make a better connection to the control of the Astrological Signs. To see the contribution read verse 1 to 6 above.

    One final point of action

    According to Kabbalistic sources, it is a proper custom to set aside thirteen coins for Tzedaka on Rosh Hodesh Nissan and all of the first 13 days of Nissan, as thirteen is the numerical value of the words "Echad" (one) and "Ahava" (love), signifying the great love that HaShem Echad has for His beloved children, Am Yisroel, and thus hopefully help bring the final Geulah and Mashiach Tzidkeinu this month. (Moed L'Kol Chai from Rav Chaim Pal'agi Zatzal 1:3 quoting Sefer Ma'aseh HaTzedaka Siman 64).

    These charity or Tzedaka amounts will impact your year in a very positive way. As it is taught in Kabbalah the actions we do on these days impact our Rosh Chodeshim for the months of the coming year. The more positive actions we do the more positive impact it will have within our coming year. The giving of 13 Nickels per day is $8.45. 845 is the gematria of תהמת which translates as "Deep Waters." This term refers to the study of Kabbalah and the depths / secrets of the Torah or The Kabbalah.

    By physically setting aside these amounts you connect to the energy of the gematria. Accumulate these amounts for the 13 days and send the total on the 14th day of Nissan. Then you connect both to the daily amounts gematria and the total amounts gematria.

    chanoch is adding the following:

    A penny has no value according to Kabbalah.

    13 Nickels is 65- the gematria of Adonai אדני

    13 Dimes is 130- the gematria of a ladder (Sulam) and Mt Sinai (The Gift of the Torah)

    13 Quarters is 325 which is 25 x 13 - which is also the sum of the numbers from 1 to 25. 25 represents 5 x 5 or The 5 worlds within the 5 worlds.

    13 Half Dollars are $6.50 - see above for 65.

    13 Dollars connect to Love and unity as said above.

    What about multiples?

    2 x 13 is 26 the gematria of the Name of HaShem.

    3 x 13 is 39 the gematria of the Hebrew word DEW or Tal. The Prophets tell us that Mashiach will come connected to DEW.

    4 x 13 is 52 which is twice the Name of HaShem in gematria.

    5 x 13 is 65 - see above

    6 x 13 is 78 - which is the gematria of Lechem which is bread - referred to as the staff of life.

    7 x 13 is 91 representing the unity of the Names HaShem and Adoni. It represents the unity of the physical and spiritual worlds.

    If you would like to know about another multiple or the total amount you are gifting to tithing and Tzedakah send me an email requesting the information.

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  • Introduction to the Minhag and Ritual for the Month of Tevet