Rosh Chodesh Connection and Rituals

Rosh Chodesh is the first day of the month.

Rosh Chodesh, the New Moon of the any and every New Jewish Month, is a time of renewal, both of body and spirit. Over the centuries it became a day away from work for women due to their connection to the monthly cycle which is somewhat similar to the cycle of the moon. Recently this has become a "more strictly" feminine celebration although historically it was always celebrated by both men and women.

I will be adding more to this page each month. Please read this each month for the general information about Rosh Chodesh and then the blog for each month to learn how the energy of the month changes and relates to the Rosh Chodesh Event as well.

It is a tremendous opportunity to review the past month’s activities, admit one’s mistakes, regret doing them, and pledge to try to not repeat them in the upcoming month. This sounds like a normal daily evaluation of our actions and character and personality improvement. It is not - it is similar but different. It is done on a deeper level. It uses the energy of the day which is more powerful to achieve these improvements. It also uses the Tzadikim to assist in this process. This is because the Tzadikim help to improve and increase the energy of this day.

Rabbi Yosef Chayyim of Bagdad, known from his Sefer as the Ben Ish Hai, has compiled a series of readings that support this spiritual work. These readings is written in his Sefer Mishmeret HaChodesh. All of these selections were chosen with his brilliant intuition to help us proceed from one month to the next.

Rosh Chodesh Rituals

Rosh Chodesh rituals, today consist of 3 specific synagogue rituals.

  1. On the Shabbat prior to each Rosh Chodesh prior to returning the Torah to the Ark the Torah is held while the holder announces the time of the Molad - the time of the New Moon. In Kabbalistic Minyans this is done in as many languages as possible.
  2. The Rosh Chodesh prayer rituals which include a meal the night of Rosh Chodesh and the Torah reading and Hallel ritual on the day of Rosh Chodesh.
  3. The Dancing and Blessing of the New Moon ritual. This happens between the 7 and 14th of the Month on a clear night. It is usually done Motzei Shabbat if possible.

Various actions to take as a study of Rosh Chodesh

Kavenah: It is best to remember that the spiritual actions you do on Rosh Chodesh will impact the whole of the month. Therefore due to fear / awe of HaShem do these actions. Therefore due to love of HaShem do these actions. You decide which is your motivation.

Do these actions on the evening of Rosh Chodesh. This is generally considered the Tikkun of Rosh Chodesh. Why does Rosh Chodesh need a correction/tikkun? The answer is in the true understanding of desire and fulfillment. Desire causes movement to fulfill that desire. The fulfillment is complete and there is no movement. The moon is being renewed indicating cycles of time which is desire that is not yet complete. That is the explanation for the need for Tikkun. Also realize that the process of correction is raising sparks of light from the Klipot.

“A pure heart create for me Elokim, and a new spirit prepare inside me.”(3 times) “This Book of the Torah shall not depart from your mouth; rather you should contemplate it day and night in order to observe to do all that is written in it; for then you will make your way successful and you will act wisely.”

Our Gd and Gd of our Fathers, renew upon us this Month of ____ for good and for blessing, for joy and for gladness, for salvation and for consolation, for good life and for peace. And may all the days of this Month, which is the Month of ____, be for blessing, goodness, and sweetness, and grace us with wisdom, understanding and knowledge from Yourself, and let us cling to the learning of Torah , and send blessing and success and comfort in all of our actions. Open for us and for all Yisrael our brothers: Gates of light, love and brotherhood, blessing, understanding, greatness, joy, knowledge, glory and majesty, comfort and success, good meeting, complacency, merit, happiness, wisdom, forgiveness, good life, grace and kindness, goodness, salvation, sustenance, learning Torah for its own sake, good nourishment, donation, pleasantness, support, help, wealth, redemption, good livelihood, charity, success, blossoming, upstanding, glowing faces, complete health, desire, mercy, peace, tranquility, return, Torah, prayer, salvation, “You will make known to me the path of life, the fullness of joys in Your Presence, the delights that are in Your right hand for eternity.”

Good peace to You Head/Beginning of the month! Good peace to the day of the holy moon! Good peace to the day of the Malkut! Good peace to the day of the Matron! Good peace to the day of the mainstay of the house! Good peace to the day of the revealed world!

O Head/Beginning of the month–how beloved and precious are you! On you the Holy Malkut returns to the place of Atzilut. On you two kings serve with one crown, and they are called two great luminaries. On you much is added to the Holy Matron to receive her blessings through you. On you His Shekhinah elevates, as it says, “The stone the builders despised has become the cornerstone.” On you there is extra joy for the women of the holy nation. On you Yisrael eats a festive meal on which is poured blessings from His Shekhinah.

On you is the joy of the holy nation, and the bad maidservant remains in darkness. On you the fire of Gehennom is quieted, and it does not rule. On you Yisrael is happy, for Yisrael is joined with the moon, and it evolves with the Supernal sun. It unites in the place where it is illuminated by the Supernal sun, and clings in it, as it is written, “You who cling to Hashem your Gd, all are alive today”

On you the moon becomes close to the sun. On you the moon is illuminated by the sun in the joy of Atika above. On you it is written, “And it shall be that at every New Moon and on every Shabbat ..” and both are balanced together, and all elevate together as one grade, for they couple together, and they are joyful together.

On you the holy sun is in holiness, and it illuminates the moon which joins with the sun. On this it is written, “Thus said the Lrd Hashem/Elokim, the gate of the inner courtyard that faces eastward shall be closed during the six days of labor, but on the Shabbat, it shall be opened and on the day of the New Moon it shall be opened.” It is opened on the day of Shabbat and on Rosh Hodesh, to nourish the world with holiness. On you is opened the supernal Rose to receive the sweet fragrance, to give as an inheritance souls and delight to the holy children.

On you is connected the soul of the righteous in a knot of smell which is the sweet fragrance of the Garden of Eden in the world. And from there it comes forth with the spirit in the souls which are bound in the bundle of life. From there too is prepared precious instruments from all sides, as it is written, “Hashem will guide you always,” and on this too it is written, “He will sate your soul in times of drought.” One drought is connected with the spirit of the Garden below to flood the drought, just as the souls above are bound in the bundle of life.

On you the holy nation is joyous, and they read the Hallel. On you they read from the Torah and they add an extra aliyah to the regular weekday three readersfor the sake of adding light to the moon. On you the holy nation adds the prayer of Musaf. On you the Holy One blessed be He supervises upon Yisrael, and he gazes on his pledge from above, which he strongly desires. And Yisrael the holy nation is joyous on you, as it says, “This is the day Hashem has made; let us rejoice and be glad on it”

After this we say Rosh Hodesh LeYisrael, whose initial letters are RaHeL (who stands for the Moon) with praises that follow the Alef Bet:

Rosh Hodesh LeYisrael...Mighty and blessed

Rosh Hodesh LeYisrael...Strong and blessed

Rosh Hodesh LeYisrael... Loved and blessed

Rosh Hodesh LeYisrael Bless and blessed

Rosh Hodesh LeYisrael...Choice and blessed

Rosh Hodesh LeYisrael...Great and blessed

Rosh Hodesh LeYisrael....Elevated and blessed

Rosh Hodesh LeYisrael...Majestic and blessed

Rosh Hodesh LeYisrael...Faithful one and blessed

Rosh Hodesh LeYisrael...Meritable and blessed

Rosh Hodesh LeYisrael...Beloved and blessed

Rosh Hodesh LeYisrael...Good and blessed

Rosh Hodesh LeYisrael...Pure and blessed

Rosh Hodesh LeYisrael...Pretty and blessed

Rosh Hodesh LeYisrael...Inclusive and blessed

Rosh Hodesh LeYisrael Cordial and blessed

Rosh Hodesh LeYisrael....Shield and blessed

Rosh Hodesh LeYisrael....Pleasant and blessed

Rosh Hodesh LeYisrael....Supported and blessed

Rosh Hodesh LeYisrael....Supernal and blessed

Rosh Hodesh LeYisrael....Open and blessed

Rosh Hodesh LeYisrael.....Righteous and blessed

Rosh Hodesh LeYisrael.....Glowing and blessed

Rosh Hodesh LeYisrael.....Holy and blessed

Rosh Hodesh LeYisrael.....Many and blessed

Rosh Hodesh LeYisrael.....Complete and blessed

Rosh Hodesh LeYisrael.....Guarded and blessed

Rosh Hodesh LeYisrael.....Great and blessed

Rosh Hodesh LeYisrael......Sincere and blessed

This next step can be performed either during the day or in the evening.

It is highly recommended as a ritual to perform on Rosh Chodesh to speak the Names of the Tzadikim who left during that month. Here is a link to the Hilula page for Adar. Speak these Names as they are closer to HaShem than you are and will help you cleanse yourself in anticipation of the energy of the new moon. After all, they chose to leave during this month.

  • Nissan Tzadikim
  • Here are verses translated from the Zohar - Not the Sulam Commentary - In time we will have these same verses from the Sulam Commentary

    The balance of this page is not yet completed.

    The Mashiah starts crying again till a supernal voice emerges and mixes with the Voice and it rises up. And it is delayed there until the beginning of the month, when it descends and it brings down many lights and emanations that shine upon all the chambers. It also brings remedy and light to those killed and those ailing and with pains who suffer with Mashiah. Woe to those who leave this world. Who shall ask about them and plead for them when they are turned over to hands of Dumah, and are in the burning fire, which they can leave only on the first day of the month and on the days of Shabbat? As it is written: "And it shall come to pass, that from one new moon to another and from one Shabbat to another, shall all flesh come to worship before Me, says Hashem" (Yeshayah 66:23). When they are over, an announcer from the north says, "The wicked shall be turned back to Sh'ol" (Tehilim 9:18). Angels of destruction then gather and attack them with four burning winds of fire in the valley of Ben Hinnom. This scapegoat is like the sin offering of the he-goat on the first day of the month. , the face lights up. And this is how all Yisrael find mercy in the eyes of the Holy One, blessed be He, and how the sins of Yisrael are removed. But there is one secret, he told them, that may not be revealed, except to exceedingly wise, saintly, and pious men. Rabbi Yosi asked him: And what is that secret? So he answered: I have not yet checked you out, so I cannot tell whether you are fit to hear this secret. They proceeded on their way, and after a while he said: When the moon, approaches the sun,then the Holy One, blessed be He, stirs up the northern side and He grasps her lovingly and draws her toward Himself. And then the southern side, is aroused from the other side. And eventually the moon, rises and joins the east. Thus, She draws sustenance from both sides, and receives the blessing, in silence. And now the moon is blessed and filled as a woman approaches her husband. ON THE FIRST DAY OF THE LUNAR MONTH, then the moon is purified . She then climbs up and clings above in order to be blessed. While before, when She was below She was dark, now her face lights up. Come and see [with your inner vision the Template of the Tree of Life]: every first day of the month, when the Moon renews herself, Then, the 'End of all Flesh' is given an extra portion which is added to the sacrifices. Thus, he is occupied by it and uses his portion.. Hence, the side of Yisrael remains for them alone so that it can unify with its King. This is why Hairy' (Se'ir), because it belongs to the part of Esav, who is described as being hairy, as it is written: "Esav my brother is a hairy man" (Beresheet 27:11). Thus, it replenishes from his part while Yisrael replenishes from its side to us, as it is written: "For Yah has chosen Ya'akov to Himself, and Yisrael for His treasure" (Tehilim 135:4) And it dwells there some time, sitting and clothing itself in the image of this world. And on the first day of the month and on Shabbat, when it wants to rise, the righteous men who are in the Garden of Eden give it a letter as a sign. And it ascends through that same pillar, where it meets the watchmen of the walls of Jerusalem. If it is meritorious, they open the gate and it enters. If not, they take the letter away and throw it out. As it is written: "The watchmen that go about the city found me...the keepers of the walls took away my veil from me" (Shir Hashirim 5:7). This is the letter given as a sign, which has been taken away from it, by the watchmen of the walls of Jerusalem. And the Holy One, blessed be He, goes with the soul on the first day of every month. And when the soul sees the glory of the mirror, which is the Shekhinah of the Master, the soul praises Him and bows down in front of the Holy One, blessed be He. This is “"Bless Hashem, my soul.” Rabbi Akiva said: The Holy One, blessed be He, stands over and the soul begins by saying: "Hashem my Elohim, You are very great...", continuing with all the verses to the end, as the passage reads, "Let the sinners be consumed out of the earth..." (104 35) Rabbi Akiva continued: As well as this, it praises the Holy One, blessed be He, thanks Him for the body that is left in this world, and says: "Bless Hashem, my soul, and all that is within me, bless His Holy Name.” So when this image exists above, it then comes on every first day of the month to bow before the Holy One, blessed be He, as it is written: "And it shall come to pass, that from one new moon to another..." (Yeshayah 66:23). And He says to it: "At the time appointed I will return to you," to the time when He shall resurrect the dead in the future, when it will be visited, as was promised. And this is why it is written: "And Hashem visited Sarah, as He had said." This is the day when the Holy One, blessed be He, shall rejoice with His creations, as it is written: "Hashem shall rejoice in His works" (Tehilim 104). This is the purpose of offering the goat on the first day of the month, when no blessings dwell upon the second field, as it is separated from the holy king. When that field is tilled, then it is written: "For he found her in the field," (Devarim 22:27), the field is as has been explained. Rabbi Yehuda said that three classes of ministering angels appear at the beginning of every month and on every Shabbat to escort the soul to its place of ascension. What does the verse, "And at our gates are all manner of choice fruits," refer to? Rabbi Yehuda said: These are bodies standing at the openings of the graves to receive their souls. And Dumah offers a note of reckoning, and proclaims: Master of the Universe, "old and new," those who were buried long ago, and those buried not so long ago, all these "I have laid up for you," to take them into account. After twelve months everybody rests. The body reposes in the dust and the Nefesh is bound and enlightened by the Ruach, which in its garment is satisfied in the Garden of Eden. The Neshamah ascends to the bundle of life, the greatest pleasure of all. All of them are attached to each other at certain times like, the first day of the month. The entire Garden is surrounded by many Chariots of the righteous, and Messiah stands over them and over many hosts and camps of souls of the righteous who are there. And Messiah enters that place on the first day of the month and festivals and Shabbatot, to delight in all these chambers. Come and see [with your inner vision the Template of the Tree of Life]: During a time of duress, when a portion is given to this Side with which to occupy itself, it goes away by following it entirely. Similarly, a he-goat is sacrificed on the first day of the month and on Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement).in order that it shall be occupied, and so leave Yisrael in their kingdom. The time had arrived to take this portion from the whole seed of Abraham the Other Side, as was written: "Behold Milkah, she also has born...Utz his firstborn..." (Beresheet 22:21).. Then that spirit alighted on the ships that sail in that great Sea ,accepted him in order to raise him to the King. She gave him weapons from there with which to smite Pharaoh and his whole land. And on Shabbat and the first day of the month, She elevates him to the King. Then his name is expressed in these letters that we etched. Come and see [with your inner vision the Template of the Tree of Life], the spirit of a righteous man is crowned with an image in the lower Garden of Eden. On every Shabbat, holiday and first day of the month, the spirits are crowned and take off , and rise up. Just as the Holy One, blessed be He, does to the holy soul above, so He does with this spirit below in the lower Garden of Eden that rose before Him. He says, this is the spirit of the body of so and so. Immediately the Holy One, blessed be He crowns that spirit with many crowns and delights in it. But we learned that whoever seizes and takes first the possessions of a convert gets them. Here too, all these holy supernal souls that the Holy One, blessed be He, summons to come down as we said, emerge in specific times like Shabbat, Yom Tob, and the first day of the month, to enjoy in the Garden of Eden where they meet the souls of the converts. Whichever of the souls they take, they merit and clothe themselves with it and rise. They all remain in that garment and descend into the Garden of Eden in that garment, since all those who stay there do so only in a garment. As long as the bones are in the grave, that Nefesh is present there. And here is the secret for those who know the true way, for those who fear sin. At the time that the Neshamah is adorned above in the Holy Crown, the Ruah is standing in the supernal Light during Shabbat, the first day of the month and Festivals. When the Ruah descends from the supernal Light to dwell in the Garden of Eden and illuminates and sparkles, the Nefesh stands in the grave and is attired in the form that the body had originally. All the bones take that form and praise and acknowledge the Holy One, blessed be He, as written: "All my bones shall say, 'Hashem, who is like You'" (Tehilim 35:10). It does not write 'say,' but rather "shall say" . Oh, if permission would be given to the eye to see, it could see the like of forms on the graves that acknowledge and praise the Holy One, blessed be He, on the eve of the commencement of the Shabbat and the night of the first day of the month and Festivals. But the foolishness of man prevents them. They do not know and do not pay attention to what is existent in this world. They do not bother to observe the honor of the supernal King in this world, and most certainly to observe the honor of that World, and upon what it is based, and how the things are explained. On Shabbat, the first day of the month, festivals and holy days, the fire in that place abates and they are not punished. But they do not go out from there like the other wicked ones who have rest. All those who desecrate Shabbat and Festivals and do not care about the honor of their Master at all, to observe them, but rather desecrate them publicly, just as they do not keep Shabbat and Festivals in this world, so they are not kept in that world and have no rest. The Faithful Shepherd opened the discussion with: The following commandment is to sanctify the month. The holy moon is the bride that becomes hallowed by the Court of Law, which is Gevurah as are the Levites. For it is said of them, 'And you shall hallow the Levites.' And afterwards, when the moon is visible and we can enjoy its light,, we bless it, 'Blessed are You, Hashem our Elohim, King of the Universe, With His utterance He created the heavens, and with the breath of His mouth, all their hosts.' And with what is it hallowed and blessed? It is with Tiferet, because it is glory to those born by Him from birth. On the day of the new month, one person is added to the three readers because at that time the sun shines upon the moon. This is the secret of the Musaf. Upon reading the Torah only one voice and speech ought to be heard Such a man, w ith every new moon, becomes defective and she never gives up with him. With the renewal of the moon, Lil-- goes out, visits all in her care and jests with them. That person is then defective at that time. Fortunate are the just, who sanctify themselves with the sanctity of the King. About them, it is written, "And it shall come to pass, that every new moon, and every Shabbat..." (Yeshayah 66:23). In the seventh month, on the first day of the month" (Vayikra 23:24). This commandment is to blow the Shofar on Rosh Hashanah, which is Judgment day to the world as we explained. We explained the words, "Blow a Shofar at the new moon, at the full moon (or: 'covering') on our feast day" (Tehilim 81:4). We learned that this day is a day when the moon is covered and the world is under judgment. For the prosecutor covers and hides and locks the entrance to the King,a place where judgment abides to demand justice from the world . Although He exhorted them about that in Egypt, He commanded them a second time in the place where all the commandments and laws of the Torah were given. Therefore, it says "in...the second year..." What is the meaning of: "in the first month of the second year"? This is a lofty secret that which is referred to as a year,that which is referred to as a month. What is the difference between this and that? Month is the moon,, while a year is the sun,which illuminates the moon. This was during the time that all the commandments of the Torah were passed on to them, Come and see [with your inner vision the Template of the Tree of life]: If Adam would not have sinned, he would not have tasted the taste of death in this world during his passing into the other realms. However, due to his sinning, he does taste the taste of death prior to entering into these realms. The spirit gets divested from this body and leaves it in this world. The spirit gets cleansed in the River Dinur to receive its punishment and then enters in to the Garden of Eden on this earth. Another vessel of light that is precisely similar to the form of the body which he previously had on this world is ready for it. It vests and prepares itself in it and there, is its permanent residence. On the first of each month and Shabbat, the spirit connects to the soul and ascends and crowns itself higher and higher. This is what is written: "And it shall come to pass, that every new moon" (Yeshayah 66:23). “That every new moon": Why? The secret of the matter is due to the renewal of the moon that gets adorned to illuminate from the sun at that time, Similarly on "every Shabbat," "every" is the moon, and "Shabbat" is the sun,, since the light comes to her from Him. Therefore, it is all the same thing. That is the clear definition of this matter, except for the sinners who are sentenced to death in all the realms, which means being cut off from all the realms and losing all if they have not come to repentance. Rabbi Yehuda said: Blessed is the All Merciful that I asked and gained these, and came to understand. It is a commandment to offer the afternoon sacrifice each day, and the additional sacrifice on the Shabbat. And after it, to arrange the showbread and the frankincense and the additional sacrifice on the first of the month. holy luminary, each day a gift has to be sent to the King, to in the hands of the Queen. And if she is in her husband's domain a supplement has to be given, namely the additional sacrifice of the Shabbat, the first of each month and of all the festivals. Furthermore, the one lamb and "two lambs of the first year without blemish" (Bemidbar 28:9) correspond to the three Sefirot. Seven lambs of the first year correspond to the seven. The seven lambs are seven days the moon,, for they are "of the first year ( 'sons of a year')," namely, the sons of the moon which is called 'a year', this being one of those primordial years "And in the beginnings ( 'heads') of your new moons" (Bemidbar 28:11). How many heads does the moon have, since there exists no head to the moon, but the sun, , that is a head for it? There are two heads in every month, namely, Jacob and Joseph, and they are renewed to the moo,. And it has, therefore, to be renewed, "Two young bullocks" (Bemidbar 28:11): These are they about whom the moon said: How can two use one crown? So then it contracted itself beneath them. "And one ram" refers to the ram of Isaac, Where did Abraham go? It is because Esau awoke there. And who is that? That is the he-goat (seir) of the new moon as Esau Therefore Abraham, , was gathered up, that he should not be seen. Isaac,was there because his love for him was as wine with its sediment-- Esau. Jacob, was there in order to cancel the face of Esau. Joseph which is the ox was for Rachel. "And in the beginnings (lit. 'heads') of your new moons" (Bemidbar 28:11). And referring to Jacob and Joseph: "These are the generations of Jacob. Joseph..." (Beresheet 37:2) that renew the moon.. I have found in the Book of Enoch that he said that just as on the first day of the month, the moon,, is purified to come close to her husband so must one portion be given to the Other Side and from the same type; so also the woman when she is purified for her husband, one portion must be given to the Other Side, and from its own type. And what is that portion ?It is the fingernails with their dirt and a little of the ends of her hair, for she has to comb her head and tie her hair together, and then that Evil Side will not go after her to harm her, but will leave her alone from all sides. And what does she do with those hairs and nail clippings? After she has bound them together, she has to place them where people do not pass by, or in holes in the bottom of the yard, and conceal them there. Again: "And in the beginnings of your new moons." The sages of the Mishnah said: When the new moon used to be sanctified according to the court, flares used to be kindled on the tops of the mountains and they used to say: Thus has He seen it, and sanctified it. The moon would be shaped thus , sometimes with the horns facing upwards, and sometimes so , facing downwards, sometimes to the east thus , and sometimes to the west, thus sometimes to the south and sometimes to the north. And this is its facing in six directions that Tiferet, which is a large Vav, encompasses, which are Greatness, Gevurah, Tiferet, Netzah, Hod, and Yesod. The point that is drawn out of the moon, from the inside, is Hokhmah, and the line that circumvents the moon is Keter. That point, is sometimes a crown, and sometimes a throne to sit upon, and at yet other times a footstool for His feet. Why is it called 'moon' ('levanah /white')? It is named after the clarification (whitening) of the Halakhah, is from within: "The king's daughter is all glorious within" (Tehilim 45:14) and it is whitened in the fire of Binah that descends upon it. And the secret of the matter is to be found in the verse: "though your sins be like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow" (Yeshayah 1:18). And whereas it was called 'Adonai', whose letters spell 'Dina' ('Judgment'), which is red with Gevurah, where Binah is, it becomes whitened by the side of Hesed where Hokhmah is, and returns to the Yud Hei Vav Hei. And what is the cause of the moon’s changing from Judgment to Mercy? This is the completely righteous, for the moon, is from the side of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Its Klipah is darkness, if it is a bright black spot, which is the Evil Inclination, which is a handmaid, "and it be lower...but be somewhat dimmer" (Vayikra 13:21). And it has nothing of its own, but only that thread that gives it light. For it accompanies it during the night-time, which is the Exile and leaves it during the day, which is is the next world, in which "But to you who fear My name the sun of righteousness shall arise with healing in its wings" (Malachi 3:20). But that point that is within the moon,, that is from the side of the Tree of Life, and is as a never-ceasing spring, and about which it is written: "like a spring of water, whose waters fail not" (Yeshayah 58:11), and it is called 'a loving hind' ‘from the side of Hesed this being as is written: "I have loved you with an everlasting love: therefore I have remained true to you" (Yirmeyah 31:2); and it has two beams from the light, thus: and sometimes "but one was higher than the other" thus: (Daniel 8:3), and at other times they are equal. "And on...the first month" (Bemidbar 28:16). Rabbi Aba opened, "As the hart pants after the water brooks, so pants my soul after You, Elohim" (Tehilim 42:2). We have already learned this verse, and although it contains masculine and feminine it is all one, for the word Heb. ayil (. 'hart') is masculine, while the verb ta'arog (l 'she pants') is feminine, and although the subject and the verb should agree in gender, ya'arog (. 'he pants') is not written because it is all one.'. And then: "Draw out" as it is written "On the tenth day of this month" (Shemot 12:3), That the holy moon, is joined to the sun,, about which it is said: "For Hashem Elohim is a sun and a shield" (Tehilim 84:12). And whereas Malkut was a small point, she filled out as the full moon, and then the month is full the moon, is full, and she is: "the whole earth is full of His glory." Initially she was lacking, but now she is complete. Mishmeret Hodesh (Ben Ish Hai) p. 130 Rabbi Shimon was on his way to Tiberias when Elijah met him and said, Greetings, sir. Rabbi Shimon said to him: With what is the Holy One, blessed be He engaged in the firmament? Elijah replied: He is occupied with the sacrifices, and saying new things in your name. Happy are you! And I came to welcome you with greetings, and there is one thing that I wanted to ask you to settle for me. A question has been asked in the academy of the firmament: In the next world there is no eating and drinking, yet it is written: "I am come into my garden, my sister, my bride; I have gathered my myrrh with my spice; I have eaten my honeycomb with my honey..." (Shir Hashirim 5:1). Would one for whom there is no eating nor drinking say: "I have eaten my honeycomb with my honey; I have drunk my wine with my milk?" Said Rabbi Shimon: And what did the Holy One, blessed be He, reply to them? Elijah answered: The Holy One, blessed be He, said, 'There is the son of Yochai. Let him tell you! So I came to ask you. Rabbi Shimon said: In what great affection did the Holy One, blessed be He, hold the Congregation of Yisrael, and out of the intense love with which He loved it, He altered his deeds from the way He had been Y doing. For, although He does not usually eat and drink, because of the love of it, He ate and drank. Since He had come to her, He did as she wanted. If a bride just entering the wedding canopy wants to eat, does it not follow that her bridegroom will eat with her, even if he is not used to doing so? This is what is written: "I have come into my garden, my sister, my bride." Since I have come to her, to go with her into the wedding canopy, "I have eaten my honeycomb with my honey; I have drunk my wine with my milk." And we can learn this also from David, who invited the Holy One, blessed be He, and changed his actions from the way the Holy One, blessed be He, was accustomed, and the Holy One, blessed be He, accepted it and did as he wanted, for he (David) invited the King, together with the Queen, as it is written: "Arise, Hashem, to Your resting place; You and the ark of Your strength" (Tehilim 132:8), namely the King together with the Queen. And in order not to make any separation between them, he changed the vessels, and he altered the deeds of the King. This is what is written: "Let Your priests be clothed with righteousness; and Your pious ones shout for joy. For Your servant David's sake, turn not away the face of Your anointed" ( verse 9). It should have said: 'Let Your Levites be clothed with righteousness', and not: "Let Your priests be clothed with righteousness," since righteousness is from the side of the Levites. Similarly, it should have said: 'and Your Levites shout for joy', and not: "and Your pious ones shout for joy," since joyous melody and song are from the side of the Levites. But he changed things and said: "Your priests" and "Your pious ones," who are from the right side. The Holy One, blessed be He, said to him: 'David, this is not the way I do things.' David replied: "For Your servant David's sake, turn not away the face of Your anointed" (Tehilim 132:10). Do not alter the correction that I have instituted. He said to him, 'David, since you have invited Me, I have to do what you want and not what I want.' From this we learn that if one invites another, the guest has to do as the host wishes, even if that is not his usual way. Thus: "And he took of the stones of the place" (Beresheet 28:11). When the bridegroom comes to the bride, although it is not his custom to lie down without pillows and cushions, when she gave him stones to lie on, he accepts it all willingly, as it is written: "and lay down in that place" on those stones, although that was not what he was used to. This same applies in our case: "I have eaten my honeycomb with my honey." Although this was not His way because of love of the bride. And this happens in the house of the bride and not anywhere else. In His own place He neither eats nor drinks, but in her place He both eats and drinks, as it is written: "I have come into my garden," the angels whom the Holy One, blessed be He, sent to Abraham neither ate nor drank in their own place, but for the sake of Abraham they both ate and drank. He said to him: Master, upon your life! The Holy One, blessed be He, wanted to relate this matter, but in order not to pay Himself a compliment before the Congregation of Yisrael He raised it to you. Happy are you in this world, that your Master on high is praised through you. About you is it written: "just, ruling in the fear of Elohim" (II Shmuel 23:3).