Rosh HaShana

Rosh HaShana means "Head" of the Year. Kabbalah teaches that everything that will happen during the year is included in that day. It is also the Day of Judgment for every Human Being. This means that everyone runs out of life force energy called Nefesh during the First Night of Rosh HaShana. This means every human being dies that night and is resurrected with 10 days of energy, sufficient to make it to Yom Kippur.

The Jewish Rituals of Hearing / Blowing the Shofar are designed to confuse the negative forces whose job it is to prosecute each human so that they receive the energy that they have earned based on what they did with the energy they received last year. Did you use your energy to help people or did you use your energy for selfish purposes? The negative force called Satan is attempting to limit the energy you receive. When he hears the Shofar he gets confused and does not bring the correct information at the correct time for HaShem to make his judgment. This is why it is imperative to hear the Shofar blown on Rosh HaShana called in the Talmud 1 Long Day.

As part of this process of receiving energy we are reborn as an immature entity and grow to maturity over a 23 day period. That is why there are 23 days of Holiday during the month of Tishrai. To assist us in our period of growth from immaturity to maturity. These periods are the First 10 days representing the Receiving energy of the Left Column of the Tree of Life. The next 12 Days of Sharing energy from the Right Column of the Tree of Life. and the Central Column energy of Simchat Torah.