Sukkoth or the Holiday of Booths

For one week every year the recommendation of the Torah is to move out of your home or comfort zone and live in a temporary shelter called a Sukkah.

During Temple times there were additional sacrifices made of 13 Bulls the first day of Sukkot; 12 Bulls the second day of Sukkot; 11 Bulls the third day etc down to 7 Bulls on the 7th Day. When we add 13 plus 12 etc we get a total of 70 Bulls being sacrificed. The Talmud teaches that this represents the special energy of Mercy that was drawn to this world by the Jewish Nation and shared with the 70 Nations of the World. When this was done properly there was no anti-semitic events in the World. Today this is replaced by the reading of these sacrifices each day of Sukkot. It is your choice if you want to be part of this process of preventing Anti- Semitic events in the world. Please Come to Hear the Torah read each of these Days of the Holiday of Sukkot.

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