Sefer Yetzirah Class 10

Verse 1.10 from Ramak

Verse 1.11 from Kaplan

There are additional words in the Ramak version that is similar to the Gra long version in the appendix to the Kaplan version

שלש מים מרוח חקק וחצב בהן תהו ובהו רפש וטיט, חקקן כמין ערוגה, הציבן כמין חומה, סבבן כמין מעזיבה ויצק מים עליהן ונעשו עפר (נ"א אפר) שנאמר כי לשלג יאמר הוי ארץ. ואית דמסיימי, תהו זה קו ירוק שמקיף את העולם, בוהו אלו אבנים מפולמות שממנו המים יוצאים שנאמר ונטה עליה קו תהו ואבני בהו):


Shalosh. Mayim MeRuach Chakak VeChatzivah Bahen Tohu Vabohu Refesh Vatit, Chakaken Camin Arugah, Hatziven Camin Chomah Sabaven Camin MeAzivah Vayatzik Mayim Alehen VenaAshu Afar Shenemar Ki Lasheleg YaAmar Havi Eretz. VaAyat Damasam, Tohu Zeh Ko Yrok Shemakif et HaOlam, Bohu elu Avanim Mefolmot Shememanu Hamayim Yotzayam Shenehmar Venatay Elyah Ko Tohu Vevne Bohu.

Limited Translation

Three. Water from Air. He engraved and hewed out through it without form and void Mud and Mire. He engraved it like a kind of garden bed. He raised it like a kind of wall. He surrounded it like a kind of ceiling.

Kaplan Translation

Three: Water from Breath.

With it he engraved and carved

(22 letters from)

chaos and void

mire and clay

He engraved them like a sort of garden

He carved them like a sort of wall

He covered them like a sort of ceiling

And he poured snow over them

and it became dust

as it is written

"For to snow He said, 'Become earth'" (Job 37:6).

Our translation

Three. Water from Spirit. He engraved and carved from them void, and without form, Mud (Mire), and Clay (Sludge). He engraved it like a garden or flower bed, carved it like a wall, He surrounded it like an interwoven ceiling; then you throw water on it and it becomes land or dirt. This is the line of Tekellet and the smooth round stones.

Chakak VeChatzivah

This is the mental construct of focusing our minds and eliminating any outside influence or thought. Learn this well. This is what engraving and carving means in the frame of meditation and also in the frame of the Sefirot.

What is "from them?" It is the letters which we need to be preparing from the first class handout and learning.

Water from Spirit Plasma - Gas - Liquid - Solid

Yet water is usually thought of as relating to Chesed and we are talking about Binah. Why?

Water is flowing and it is thought of metaphorically as deep because we can not see to the bottom if it is over a few feet.

Binah is Mind usually logical mind as opposed to intuitive mind which is Chochmah.

Mind is flowing - constantly running from one thought to another and is also thought of as deep as in the phrase deep in thought. Do you understand the metaphor?

tohu bohu refesh vatit - void and without form mire and mud are the world of Atzilut (Emanation) Briah (Creation) Yetzirah (Formation) Assiya (Action)

Atzilut is without form, Briah is void, Yetzirah is mire, and Assiya is mud. They get thicker as they get lower.

Atzilut is Chochmah which is beyond mind; it is the source of intuition.

Briah is mind - Yetzirah is emotions - Assiya is our physical world.

Another metaphor is the Tetragrammaton. Tohu is Yood, Bohu is Hey, refesh is Vav, and Tet is lower Hey.

Remember! This is third only; therefore we are talking of Assiya of Binah and Briah of Binah, etc.

flower bed is highly structured - Metaphor

wall is all extraneous thought - Metaphor

visualization of a metaphor

flower bed is structured rows

and then we build a wall around it

and then we surround it as a roof or ceiling (plastered roof) interwoven structure merges and puts things together.

and then you throw water on it and it becomes dust and dirt.

Now to explain it

Structured rows are letters put together with vowels in a specific pattern A E I O U- actually it will be Oh, Ah, A, E, OO.

Then through the power of concentration we remove all extra thoughts or distractions.

Then we put letters together to form words and words together to form ?

Ancient perceptions

Iceage evolved to green pastures or land.

Astrological Teachings

Hebrew Astrology teaches that the Astrology chart gives information about this lifetime as well as your previous lifetime. It does not give information about earlier lifetimes that the latest past life. This is because there is no need to remember this information. Why is that?

Each lifetime follows the exact same pattern. It starts at your 20th birthday. Prior to this age there are tikunim (corrections) yet these corrections are connected to your parents and your siblings. They are not yours alone.

Since each lifetime is following the same pattern one only needs to know about the last lifetime and it is not necessary to know about earlier lifetimes. Now what someone should ask - what about a lifetime where the person dies in the 21st year yet he lived to be 35 in an earlier lifetime?

Death cleanses many negative actions. When the soul who died at 35 he cleansed some negative actions. When he died at 21 he cleansed other negative actions. In his next lifetime he will learn about what he did in this lifetime where he died at 21 that brings him back into being reincarnated. We may know what the court says only if it is necessary for him to know this to achieve his Tikune. Judgments are always correct. Learn to accept this as truth.

Hebrew Astrology teaches that the lunar nodes, which are paired relationships, teach both the Correction from our past lifetimes and the life lessons to learn in this lifetime. The North node is where someone is going towards. He will learn what life lessons are necessary for him to learn in this lifetime. Yet first one must correct the mistakes made in the last lifetime and that information is learned from the South Node and the degree of the of the sign that the south node is connected to at the time of birth.


Here is an example of a reading from the north node of Nissan.

A tikune in Aries tells you that you formerly had the behavior of a Libra (south node). That is, you were often in the role of arbitrator but were unable to settle conflicts because you refused to make decisions. Taking sides was difficult for you, since it implied possibly hurting someone. Because of this, rather than make a clear choice, you tried to unite what was incompatible, and you suffered the consequences of your indecision.

As a Libran, you learned to compromise in order to avoid confrontation. Your behaviors in your last life time led you to choose classic passive-aggressive behavior!

A tikune in Aries points you toward a correction where you must, break out of your limitations in order to uncover your identity, your unique needs, and your individual desires. You must seek independence and reinforce your self-confidence.

This will help you discover your own spiritual nature and enable you to become more proactive in all areas of your life. Along this path of correction, you can stop avoiding confrontations and face each situation as it unfolds, without needing the approval of others.

As you pass each test, you will gain awareness and confidence, come to know your own personality, and strengthen yourself. Combining Libra’s altruism with Aries’ ability to “fight the good fight” will bring about an overall elevation of your soul, allowing you to become the cause of the fulfillment you will soon receive.