Sefer Yetzirah Class No 19

This class and Chapter 3 of the Sefer Yetzirah is dealing with 3 constructs of reality, in the level of Keter. In Chapter 1 this is referred to as Sefer Sephar, and Sepur. We have translated this differently than others including Kaplan. We translate these 3 as Book, Story and Storyteller. Now we are adding to this metaphor as 3 mothers called Aleph Mem Shin. Please see the handout. It is very meaningful and helpful. This is not the letter shapes but the Archetypes of what these letters represent.

The place of subatomic particles exist in potential until such time that they become focused upon by man and then take form as actual rather than potential. This is modern quantum theory of science. This is teachings of Kabbalah which expands the teaching to be both Macro and Micro levels not just subatomic levels. This is what is being taught in Chapter 3. This is what is being taught in Kabbalah as we try to use what we call Mind Over Matter or the Hebrew Letters in the level of consciousness of the Seed. Strength of Mind comes from practice. Just like strength of muscles come from practice.

Do you need clay to make a Golem? The answer will teach you many truths.

The human being has the power of mind to manipulate subatomic particles. What am i talking about? Its is called Alchemy. The Rambam teaches that the sun, etc have souls. Others teach that the corrected souls from the Men before Adam became the souls of the sun, etc. Therefore, these souls know how to convert Hydrogen into Helium or what science calls Fusion. Every Human Being has this power just not the knowledge of How yet.

Step one is the construct forms - letters and their relationship to other aspects. We have learned some of these relationships. We will learn more of them in Chapter 3, 4, and 5. We have learned how to build our mind muscle with practice of opening gates in Chapter 2 and measuring the Sephirot in Chapter 1.

Once you know these relationships you will want to make this kind of thing happen. Will it? NO! Why not? Is it because i am not Kadosh enough? NO, it has nothing to do with this except that becoming Kadosh meaning becoming clean and pure and teaches you how to be FOCUSED sufficiently to achieve the result desired. Is there another way other than Mitzvoth? NOT to my knowledge. Without Mitzvoth you can only grow to the level of communicating with "earth spirits." Entities that are close to the earth. HaShem wants us to learn to be higher than that. Don't believe me. Prove it to yourself. What happens to people who contact earth spirits? They get confused and loose focus. Enough said.

Handout for Mishna 3:1; 3:2; and 3:3


In psychological terms this is said to be our conscious mind

This is the level of consciousness referred to as "Spiritual” meaning Mental dimension.

This is truly the place where mind truly controls over matter in all its forms and dimensional manifestations.

In Kabbalah this is frequently referred to as the root level.



In psychological terms this is said to be our heart - the seat of our emotions.

This is the level of consciousness referred to as “Astral” or emotional dimensions.

The descriptive terms used in Kabbalah as well as everyday language are the emotional power, libido, drive, passion that drives the conscious mind into the depths of the unconscious to explore and discover its inner potentials, to reveal them, tap into them and unleash them;

thus “earth” uses “air” to ascend to “fire.”



In psychological terms this is said to be the unconscious mind.

This is not the Physical world. It is the level of consciousness called the physical dimension or Malchut.

This level of consciousness is supported entirely by the processes that are unconscious and thus seemingly beyond human control...but do not be misled by appearances.

Look closely above - the three levels do not make traditional relationships clear. Let me explain. Earth is usually considered Malchut while water is Chesed. Also, what is the relationship between water and Chochmah? Continuing upward Sky is a higher level than Air. Da'at is not a Sephirah. Why are the 3 central column Sephirot included but not all of the Sephirot from the other areas? Heaven is not thought of as fire, while fire is usually thought of as Gehinom or Hell.

The merging of the minds of conscious and unconscious only happens through the Power of Passion. The period of Shovavim relates to this. See my discussion of Shovavim in next week's email.

In the book of Kings (or maybe the Book of Samuel) there is the story of Eliyahu Hanavi bringing rain. What is the story? He called to God to send rain. Then he has his assistant check what do you see? The assistant says i see nothing. Then he calls again and again sends the assistant to go outside and report what do you see. I see a few clouds in the distance. He calls to God again and again sends his assistant outside to check. The assistant reports i see clouds coming closer. Another time Eliyahu calls to God and sends the assistant outside who reports there is rain. What is this story all about? Just what i have been saying to you. That of consciousness, unconsciousness, and passion.

There is a story in the Talmud about Choni who is asked to bring rain during a drought. He goes up to a mountain and draws a circle around himself and says to God. Choni is not leaving the circle until there is rain. Nothing happens. He cries out to God again. There is a storm and rain comes down in torrents. Choni says not like that i want rain to be more gentle and the rain changes to a gentle process. Again this is teaching us about consciousness, unconsciousness and passion. Learn to practice just like these giants of consciousness are teaching us.

Chapter 1 taught the 3 ideas of Space, Olam, and Nefesh. Do you know what this is teaching? Space - Physical world; Olam - time; Nefesh - Mind. What do you need to overcome to manifest a Golem?Mind, time and physicality. Mind Over Matter in an instant? Maybe or maybe not the instant happens due to spending a lot of time practicing.

Space and Time are ruled by Mind. Therefore you can travel anywhere in Space/Time using your Mind. There is no need to practice this to experience it. Daydream to your place; the beach; the desert; the top of a mountain; other places. My place is a swimming pool next to a beach on an Island in the Caribbean listening to classical music. How do we strengthen our passion in this place? We have all experienced this type of mind travel. To control it takes practice.

Here is a practical example of how to strengthen your passion and practice other than the gates. This will also work with your practice of the gates. Go to your place. Be in your place. No, bring your place to work with you! Bring your coworkers into your place along with your place of work. What are they doing? Visualize what they are doing. Visualize them being more productive in exact process. Feel the emotion that your place brings you to. Feel that emotion; enter the place of work. Feel that emotion enter your co workers. Manifest that in your life now. Then experience in actual manifestation at work tomorrow. Now visualize the removal of the poisons you have introduced into your body by the food you eat. Remove the sugars that are not natural. Add the healthy materials your body needs to become a prophet and control this issues. At the end of the day send me an email and tell me if you were able to do it. Do you want to try again? Do it each day this week. After all this is the week of Vayechi (living) and do it next week- the week of the beginning of Prophecy.

Mishna 3:2


ושלש אמות אמ"ש בעולם, רו"ח ומי"ם וא"ש, ומהם נולדו אבות שמהם נברא הכל:


VeShalosh Emot Aleph Mem Shin BeOlam Ruach VeMayim VeAish Umahem Nulado Avot Shemahem Navarah Hacol.


And 3 Mothers Emesh in our worlds - spirit and water and fire ; what are they? They bring forth his fathers; from them, is what creates everything.

The 3 mothers are Passion or libido; conscious mind; and unconscious mind.

Look at the world. All of our technology comes forth from a curiosity and a creativity. ALL POWERED BY EMOTION, BY LIBIDO, BY DESIRE OF MALE for FEMALE and FEMALE FOR MALE

Air Conditioning comes from someone with the drive to make it happen. Why we have light at night in our home is because someone had the drive to make it happen.

Technological development is part of the global Tikune.

This Mishna 3:2 corresponds to the spiritual realm. So it is similar to the first Mishna and yet different.

The spiritual realm is the astral plane. Ruach is passion. Mayim is non construct form. Aish is the construct form.

Start where? With Mayim, then go through Ruach to get to the Aish. Once in the Aish go back through the Ruach to get to Mayim.

The 3 mothers give forth to the 3 fathers. They are Michael, Gavriel, Uriel and Rachmiel. There is a very deep secret here.

How was the physical world was created? With the 42 letter name.

And next week we will continue this deeper understanding from Chapter 3 and Mishna 3 and 4 and 5.

Never become confused by the physical representation of how the letters look. Even though i spend a lot of time on the shape of the letters as metaphors in the Hebrew letter class. In this discussion do not become confused by shapes. They do not belong here.

The hand out says the realm of mind gives rise to the realm of emotions and to the realm of the physical. Where is the Heaven; where is the world.? Is the Heaven surrounding the world or is the heaven parallel to the world. Remember Chochma/Binah or Mind gives birth to Zeir Anpin and Malchut. Mom and Dad give birth to Son and daughter. Where are you? How are you limiting yourself? Unveil yourself; stop limiting yourself; stop seeing the Tree of Life as that glyph. See it as it is not as a metaphor. See the Tree of Life as Mind becoming actualized through Passion. That is the truth.

Mishna 3.3

שלש אמות אמ"ש בעולם, רוח ומים ואש, שמים נבראו תחלה מאש, ארץ נבראת ממים, אויר נברא מרוח מכריע בנתיים:


Shalosh Emot Emesh BaOlam, Ruach Vemayim vesh.Naverav Taachalah Mayesh, Eretz Vavirot Memayim, Avir Vavira MayRuach Macariya Banataim.


3 Mothers Aleph Mem Shin of World (space), Spirit, Water, And Fire, Heaven is formed from a weak fire; Land is formed from water; Air is formed from spirit; The construct is the arbitrator.

When you practice the Emesh

Listen to the recording

Did i say it correctly? Did i have the passion? Will this manifest when i am not teaching but doing?

When you change the way you feel, the world changes. Things feel bad; so fake it till you make it. Pretend you feel good; then the sky will stop falling. Does it work? Try it. It will work. Unless you don't believe it. Unless you lack certainty. There is a billion dollars on the Table. Did you see it? Manifest it from Your mind. i do. So why do i need donations? That is how the physical world and the physical laws of nature require it to become manifested. So get busy and send some more donations so that the process can become faster.

Was i joking?

Do you feeeeeeeeeeeel? Did you bring your passion with you?

Then you can manifest all that you desire. It is doable. Many of you are doing it. Many of you are stuck trying. STOP TRYING - remove your doubts - connect to certainty AND DO IT.

Stop answering questions with i believe. Start answering questions with i know. Fake it till you make it. This is the lesson of Mishna 3.3.

Now let's start Mishna 3.4

שלש אמות אמ"ש בשנה, קו"ר וחו"ם ורוי"ה. חום נברא מאש, קור ממים, רויה מרוח מכריע בנתיים:


Shalosh Emot Emesh Bashanah; Kor; Vechom, Verayvayah; Hom Navirah MaEsh; Kor Maymayim; Chayah Mehruach Macarayah Benatam.


3 Mothers Aleph Mem Shin in Time; Cold and Hot and warm; Hot formed from fire; Cold from water; Warm from spirit; The construct is the arbitrator.

Do you feel? Most people in our generation will say no, i do not feel. i think i am rational. i am not controlled by my emotions.

This is the mistake of the western world. How can you understand a Moslem committing a suicide bombing act? It is not rational. But he feels passion. Yes, it is in the wrong way but it is passion. There are 3 columns so the wrong way can be changed to the right way.

Focus your thoughts/passion into a Form

This is the tool of the practice

Prayer must be constructed properly and then it is always answered yes.

Person A says a prayer and receives it. Person B says a prayer and the answer is no.


Person A has a construct a body formed in his mind and passion in his heart and he unifies the two.

Person B does not. He may have passion but no construct or he may have a construct but no passion. In either case he can not manifest his prayer. It is not God how makes the prayer happen; it is the person. Because the person has changed so the desire / request/ prayer can be given to this person now. He did not merit it before so he did not have it.

When you pray for healing- do you visualize the person healed? What is the construct and what is the passion? This is not a question easily answered. Meditate upon this question.

The singularity unity of HaShem has 3 components. They are World, Time, and Mind. They are Construct form, Passion, and the Physical World. They are Conscious, Unconscious, and Emotions called Passion.

How does time (Mishna Dalet (4)) manifest?

World is the 3 dimensions of the physical world; Time is the world of emotions. (time changes; emotions change).

Did you ever wonder why the Acacia records work? Did you ever wonder about the relationship of time between the Physical World and the Heavens?

Here is a great secret. Relative to us the time factor in heaven runs backwards. This means our future is their past. Our past is their future. When Mashiach manifests one of the great energy exchanges will be for both times to unify. When our worlds unify, time will start running in the same direction in our worlds and Einstein theory of relativity will demonstrate the ability to manifest time travel in our world. The Heavenly entities only have permission to tell you their past for a period of 30 days in our future.

Time is change; Time is cycle; Too much feelings is too much heat; not enough feelings is cold; then there is balance called warm.

Time is experienced in the year through seasons. Cold balance or warm Heat balance or warm. Why do people speak about the weather? Anybody ever watch the weather channel? Why is the weather in Los Angeles always similar. Day after Day the weather is 75 the high today is 75; the high tomorrow is 75. Why would you watch the weather channel? Understand what everything is there to teach us.

Time is a cycle; Earth is a cycle; Heavens is a cycle; all creating a circle.

You live in the physical world - detach from the physical world. It truly is not our home; do not love it. Strive to return to the Heavens which is our home. Cold Hot Warm. Right Left Balance. What do you Love? My children; my spouse; my Harley Davidson; my bird tweetie; my travel; my special place? Where is your passion focused?

The passion of energy in the physical world is emotions. This is not true in the Heavens. The passions of energy in the Heavens is in the mind. That is what we are teaching you. You must unify the two - heart and mind.

In the west we utilize drugs to reduce pain and actually open up the chest and perform open heart entities. In the east they use needles to send the mind elsewhere and it no longer feels pain and then they open up the chest and perform open heart surgery. So why are we doing things with drugs in the west?