Torah and Science Class No 3

The Relationship between the Upper Waters and the Lower Waters

Science estimates that every 24 hour period approximately 30,000 meteors strike the earth. The total weight of these meteors is estimated to be 600,000 tons. What happens to this water?

When i was in Junior High i was fascinated to learn about the evaporation/rain cycle. I was taught that the ocean evaporates and forms clouds that are blown by the prevailing winds over the land where they grow heavy enough to let go of the rain particles and that is how the land is watered. Then this water flows into rivers and streams which eventually find its way back to the oceans where the cycle repeats.

The above paragraph WAS accepted science in the 1960's and 1970's. Today this is just part of the cycle of scientific knowledge. Today based on a question asked in 1986 about shooting stars science reports the following:

The question was asked by Professor Louis Frank an astrophysicist at the University of Iowa. He said we know that there are more meteor particles and parts that fall to the earth each day yet we are only able to see a few of these as shooting stars. Why is that? He proposed an answer that these meteors are made up of mostly water and that water melts as it arrives at the atmosphere and becomes rain clouds which eventually fall to the earth. That is why we do not see them as shooting stars since the water melts and does not disappear like the particles of dust, dirt, and rock which is what we see.

The cycle he proposed goes like this: The meteor approaches the earth where it breaks up into parts. The ice in the meteor melts and becomes a rain cloud which eventually falls on the oceans as it falls further into the atmosphere.

Approximately 12-15 years ago science changed yet again its teachings to the following: It is now recognized that there are two sources for rain water. One is the evaporation cycle and the other is rain that falls from the meteors.

Translation of Genesis Chapter 2 Verse 6

"but there went up a mist from the earth, and watered the whole face of the ground."

This refers to the evaporation cycle. The Talmud then goes on to quote Rabbi Joshua saying, "The whole world drinks from the waters above the firmament as it says in Deuteronomy Chapter 11 Verse 11."


"but the land, whither ye go over to possess it, is a land of hills and valleys, and drinketh water as the rain of heaven cometh down."

This is referring to the water that comes from the meteors.

I find this amazing! How the ideas are clearly expressed; yet still concealed so that we do not recognize what is being said to us within the codes of the Torah.

Science does not recognize a difference in these two types of water. The Kabbalists have always known that there is a difference in the consciousness of different types of water as we explain in our class on the prayer over food dealing with washing hands. In that class we explain that running water and water in a vessel has two different consciousnesses. Also, the Kabbalists state that the Mikvah water from a spring is more powerful than Mikvah water from rain. Let's learn more.

There is an ancient Midrash (Pirkei De Rabbi Eliezer) that predates the Talmud that teaches the following:

There are two types of rain. One originates in the oceans and provides the majority of our rain while another higher quality of rain comes from Heaven.

Also, this Midrash says: "When HaShem wants to bless the Earth with growth, He opens the treasure houses in the heavens and lets rain fall to earth. This rain gives forth its Blessed seed as it says in the Torah in Deuteronomy Chapter 28 Verse 12:


"HaShem will open unto thee His good treasure the heaven to give the rain of thy land in its season and to bless all the work of thy hand; and thou shalt lend unto many nations, but thou shalt not borrow."

We learn from this Midrash that rain from Heaven is of better quality than the rain from the oceans. Another Sage Rabbi Moshe Sofer writing in the 1800's teaches that the warm breath of moisture exhaled by human beings also joins the ocean and its rain and affects the quality of that water. He teaches that the breath of words of Torah will be like the water from Heaven and the breath of mundane words will be even less than the waters of the evaporative cycle.

This is revealed by a Kabbalists and science has yet to identify the differences in water quality. That is why it is recommended that the appropriate meditation be used before one uses or drinks water. This meditation is meant to return the water quality to be the same quality of water as before the flood.

Another question that is not yet asked by science to my knowledge: If 600,000 tons of water falls onto the earth every day where does this water go and how does this piece of information effect the discussion about Global Warming calculations?

Some additional information for you all: In Psalms there are verses that refer to the deep wells of the earth. I leave you to your own intuition and other speculations. I have my own that probably would detract from the water quality on the earth.

Is there life on other Planets?

It is said that man has always asked the above question. Is there life on other planets? The answer is known. Yet it is not yet revealed generally. Most of this portion of the article will be spoken from my personal reading and discussions with my teachers on this subject. It is my truth. It may not necessarily be your truth.

In 1960, Dr. Frank Drake took the first practical steps to answer the question about life on other planets. He started to search the electromagnetic spectrum for signs of intelligent life. He also published his "famous" Drake's Equations - a statistical formula, which made certain assumptions and attempts to use probability theory to start people along the line of consciousness that with so many possible planets that could serve life there must be intelligent life in the universe.

It is interesting to note that Drake's initial estimate put the figure of 10,000 intelligent life on the many planets in our galaxy alone. Other scientists have raised that estimate over the last 50 years, while others have disagreed with the assumptions and put the estimate at significantly lower. This search for intelligent life continues under the auspices of SETL (Search for Extra Terrestrial Life).

Other scientists have arrived at the opposite conclusions. The primary reason for the different conclusions are more restrictive assumptions and the vast distances involved in interstellar travel. Some of the current theories also indicate that due to the relative stability of earth in space there is probably less possibility of life on other planets. This stability comes about due to the close relationship with the gravity well of Jupiter. Jupiter attracts much of the comets and other space material that would hit the earth and prevent the formation of life.

What does the Torah actually say? Prior to the successful manned moon launch the Great Sage and Kabbalist Rabbi Mordechai Sharabi was asked and answered with a quotation from the Preface to the Zohar in the section entitled Patach Eliyahu: "And You (HaShem) created heaven and earth and on earth there are trees and grasses... and birds and fish, domestic animals , wild beasts, and human beings."

Rabbi Sharabi continued "In view of this statement it is highly unlikely that there is life on the moon, for it states explicitly that life is on the earth." This has been the opinion of the majority of religious Jews ever since. Now that the Zohar has been more prominently read let's see what else it says about life on other planets.

The Zohar is quite clear. Nowhere in the universe except on the surface of the planet earth is there life with FREE WILL. The Zohar speaks of life on other planets, Life on the levels called inner earths, Life on the levels within and below the seas. It speaks of Angelic life which is on other frames of consciousness. It speaks about life on 7 earths, within 7 seas, and also 7 Hells. The Zohar describes these strange living beings and many of the descriptions match the descriptions of people who say they have been abducted by UFO's or Aliens. The Zohar describes the source of these populations coming from Adam HaRishon. The Zohar also describes many of the mythological animals/human crossbreeds like mermaids and centaurs as well and indicates that these animals live in the inner earths. Yet the Zohar is very clear NO FREE WILL except on the earth called Tevel.

I have a 94 page PDF file written by one of my teachers who researched the UFO stories and put into the perspective of what the Talmud, Zohar, and other Sages wrote about these entities. This PDF file is titled "An Authoritative Torah View on UFO’s, Aliens & Extraterrestrial Life." I strongly suggest that you read this document as it is most informative and entertaining. My teacher charges for his teachings. I will send this to those who are interested by email. Yet i must charge a cost of $22 for the document as that is requested by my teacher.

If we have time i will start to read this document to help us understand the Torah perspective.

Next Week we will discuss the shape of the earth and the general idea of gravity and what it is. We may also be able to discuss geological development and continental drift.