Torah and Science Class No 5

Law of Conservation

Today everyone knows the law/formula E = MC 2rd. The meaning of this formula is that Mass can be converted to Energy and Energy can be converted to mass. It also teaches that there can be no loss of energy or mass during this conversion. This is called the Law of Conservation of Energy and Mass. It is built on the work of a French Scientist Anton Lavoisier who is known as the father of modern chemistry.

Lavoisier revealed the law of the conservation of mass approximately in the year 1780. What he revealed is that mass may appear to be destroyed while in actuality it continues in a different form. When this was added to the ideas of Einstein in the early 20th century the Law of Conservation of Mass and Energy was revealed in its now complete form.

Science started to develop this revelation 250 years ago and completed it within the last 100 years.

What does the Torah say about this? I refer you to Kohellet/Ecclesiastes Chapter 3 Verse 14.


ידעתי כי כל-אשר יעשה האלהים הוא יהיה לעולם עליו אין להוסיף וממנו אין לגרע והאלהים עשה שיראו מלפניו


Yedati Ki Cal Asher HaElohim Hu HaShem LeOlam Alyo Ain Lehosef VeMemanu Ain Legerah VeHaElohim Asah Shiru Milpanav.


I know that, whatsoever God does, it shall be forever; nothing can be added to it, nor any thing taken from it; and God has made it this way that men should fear before Him.

This is a clear expression of the law of Conservation of Energy and Mass expressed in words 2800 years ago not 300 years ago. There is further confirmation of this truth being known to the Sages of the Children of Israel when the Sage Saadia Gaon wrote in approximately 1050 of the common era "...a created object can never annihilate another object in any way. Even if it is burnt with fire, it can never be annihilated; because it is impossible to destroy something to the point that it becomes nothing; for only the Creator can do this since He is the one who created it from nothing.

Again we learn that science changes over time becoming closer to the Truth of Torah while Torah only continues to reveal the truth in the language of man.

Let us take a closer look at the Hebrew of this Verse from Kohellet. Within the Verse is the famous phrase HaShem Hu HaElohim. Here is a link to an essay written that reveals many of the secrets built into this phrase.

  • Secrets of God is God phrase
  • In essence HaShem Hu HaElohim can be translated as Nature Reveals the Goodness of HaShem. There are 19 words in this verse reaffirming the unity of male and female as well as HaShem and Elohim which can also be perceived as male and female. (Mother Nature is deemed female while HaShem is deemed male by the Sages of the Children of Israel). There are 80 letters in this verse confirming that this verse comes from the mouth of HaShem since the gematria of the letter Pey translated as mouth is 80.

    Effects of Sound Waves on Matter

  • Link to Bing Search results re: effects of sound on the growth of living things.
  • Link to Bing Search results re: effects of sound on human health
  • In the Sefer Yetzirah it is taught that the sounds that we make impact matter up to and including the concept of building a Golem. Science also is investigating this issue in significant ways. One is how does sound impact the creation of crystalline structures of water. Another is how does sound affect the growth of living things, and also how does prayer impact health.

    A Japanese scientist recently ran an experiment that used water in a petrie dish. People in the room spoke things to the water. Some cursed the water and some said positive things. Then the water was frozen for 3 hours and then pictures of the crystalline forms of the ice were taken. The statements clearly impacted the forming of the crystalline forms even though the sounds did not happen during the freezing but before the freezing.

    in terms of perceptive values. The positive statements helped to form beautiful structures while the curses and negative statements helped to form structures that can best be described as ugly.

    Why is this significant? In my opinion it is not significant in itself except to cause other scientists to start to run experiments that are testing the hypothesis to help foods grow and to help in the area of healing. The results of these experiments show very mixed results including an experiential test of 1800 stent recipients in the heart arteries showing no difference when they were prayed for a full healing by Christian congregations using their first name and first initial of their last name or not prayed for a full healing. To be clear there was no difference in the speed of their healing or the amount of their complications. Yet when the patients were told they were being prayed for a quick complete healing they had approximately 20% greater complications. The conclusion reached was that when they knew they were being healed their expectations were higher and when the expectations were not met they allowed themselves to be impacted with more complications through depressive symptoms which were not measured in the experiment.

    Here are two links to bing searches that show results from different experiments. Some showing results of sounds on plant growth and some showing results of prayer on healing.

    As students of Kabbalah can you see why they are getting mixed results? It is because they are not testing within the bounds of spiritual law. We will try to formulate an experiment description below that will prove this impact of sound and be consistently repeatable.

    First, let us look at the Torah statements to help us formulate these issues and understand the spiritual laws involved.

    The Kabbalists in many forms and many ways teach that every human deed especially speech when performed with proper spiriutal intention, has the ability to influence material reality, enhancing it or debasing it accordingly. The Ramchal - Rabbi Chaim Luzotto who lived approximately 400 years ago said, "If a person is pulled after the lusts of the world to be drawn away from his Creator, he becomes tainted and the world is tainted along with him. If he controls himself and cleaves to his Creator using the world only as an aid in the sevice, he is uplifted and the world is uplifted with him. For all Creatures are greatly uplifted when they serve a perfected human being, who is sanctified with the holiness of the Creator."

    This statement means that the only purpose of the Creation is to serve Man just as the only purpose of the Creation of Man is to serve the Creator. We are to enjoy the pleasures of this world by applying the Kavenah - i only use this thing that gives me pleasure because the Creator sees me use it and it gives the Creator pleasure to see me have pleasure from what He Creates. The same action can bring the world to a lower level or to a higher level depending on our Kavenah. This is a very important teaching to learn and that is why we are discussing using voice/sound to impact reality. No sound is manifested without a Kavenah. What is your Kavenah?

    The Zohar says "the world only exists by virtue of the breath of the children in the study house."

    Yet children are not taught to transform their Kavenah usually. Please remember we are all children until we become an adult which is another word for a Tzadik.

    The Torah Sages have said "As a punishment for obscenity, troubles multiply, cruel decrees are reissued, and the youth of Israel die." When a man utters obscenities either in private or public weather as a stand up comic or an everyday guy the fetid breath spreads through the world and can cause harm and even death to those people who have made themselves vulnerable to these negative decrees. This applies even to young children.

    We all know of the protective device known as the Mezuzah. Yet very people know that it is important to have a Chanuka Habayit (a Dedication of the New Home) prior to attaching the Mezuzah. This can only be understood in the Light of the above discussion. The negative words spoken in the home by the previous owner are there waiting for their poison to spread. When one reads the words of Torah and Zohar prescribed by the Chanukah Habayit ritual the inside of the home can be cleansed so that the Mezuzah can now protect the home from the exterior.

    The Kabbalists teach also "For through his good deeds, speech and thoughts, a person enlivens and strengthens many places and supernal worlds, increasing their holiness and Light." Rabbi Chayim of Voloshin.

    The Talmud states the energy for an individual arising at the Resurrection of the Dead comes from the power of the words of Torah that the person spoke and studied.

    With the above discussion it is important for me to remind my students Loshon HaRah - evil speech is also truthful. Telling the Truth does not absolve one from the Sin of Loshon Harah. Learn this well and you may stop yourself from destroying worlds.

    Let me end today's class with a teaching about the letters of the Alef Bet from the founder of the Lubavitch Movement Rabbi Zalman. He explains that the Psalm says "You give life to all" means you give existence to all. This existence comes from the word Atah אתה which means YOU. This word has all of the letters of the Alef Bet while the last letter Hey represents the five parts of the mouth - throat - palette - teeth - tongue - and lips.

    These five parts of the mouth is what restricts the breath to form sounds. These five parts of the mouth is what creates matter out of energy. These five parts of the mouth is what transforms the Hevel breathe or Nothingness into our material world.

    Let us now discuss the event at Mt Sinai from the concept of sound and sight and the Letters in view of modern technology.

    In the description of the events at Mt Sinai in the Torah it says something that does not make sense. It says that the people saw the sounds. How is that possible? In modern science there is a malady where somehow the person's hearing sees sounds. Of course, these are verbal descriptions and can not be duplicated since each persons perceptions of something are unique to them. This is one of the reasons that the Torah requires two witnesses to a murder to convict the person of a murder. One witness is not sufficient since what they see is unique to their interpretation.

    With modern technology it is possible to change a digital voice recording into a visual picture on a computer screen. We are all familiar with the Dragon Program which takes voice commands and types the words said by the person speaking. There have been various developments in the last 20 to 30 years that include various programs that have taken the sounds of the Hebrew Letters and transform them into visual pictures. Many alphabets and characters have been processed through these programs. Only the Hebrew Letters come out with a visual picture of the letter that makes the sound. Actually 17 of the 22 letters are true to the visual shape of the Ashurit script. The other alphabets do not show pictures of the letters that make the sounds.

    Let me reinforce how amazing this is. If i say the sound of a Bet which is both a bee and a vee, then run that sound through the various programs what comes out is the picture of vertical lines which appear to be this shape ב . Of course, the picture is not as clean as this. There are other areas in the picture where lines appear but without the emphasis.

    If you interested in seeing these pictures send me an email and i will send you a scanned image of some of the letters. The fact that there are 3 letters that this does not work with indicates that the sounds we have may be incorrect for these letters. This is quite understandable since we have two letters that have a T sound Tet and Tav and two letters that have an S sound Shin and Sameck. The third letter is a Vav which is composed of a straight line so it would not be valid for it to show itself this way. The Alef and the Ayin do not have sounds per se.

    Radiation and Light to Cut and Cleave Matter

    In the last 30 or 40 years modern technology has developed various lasers (coordinated light) and radiation tools that cut materials and cleave or weld materials. Yet these technologies still can not equal the building of the Temple.

    The Temple was built with stones that never had metal tools applied to them. They were somehow cut in a manner that can not even be produced with our modern technology. When King Solomon was told by HaShem to build the Temple with stones that were not cut by a metal tool, he did not know how this was done or how to do it. He asked the Sanhedrin who reminded him of the Shamir worm. The Shamir worm was used by Betzalel and Moshe to cut the letters into the Breastplate of the High Priest.

    To present the situation; Moshe was told to engrave the letters on the Breast Plate without removing any material. This kept the plate whole and complete and left no room for empty space which is the Home of the Satan. An engraving tool removes material which leaves an empty space. Moshe and Betzalel, a youth, who had perfect wisdom of technology. They used the Shamir worm which used according to Zamir Cohen and the midrash radiation to engrave or carve the letters.

    We no longer have the Shamir worm yet we have Midrash that teaches that the Shamir worm was stored in a lead box filled with barley bran after being wrapped in soft wool. There are some Kabblistic secrets in this Midrash that will eventually be applied to radiation and disposal of radioactive materials when science is looking for a solution to these problems.

    Where is the Shamir worm? The same place the Tachash animal is located. The same place the Unicorn now lives which is the Tachash. This is the same place that the species that have been eliminated from our world in the last centuries. This is applying the principal of a merciful Creator. Let me explain that this is my opinion.

    The Creator created many different species of animals. Our tradition teaches that these species have a purpose even if we do not yet know the purpose. The Tachash had the purpose to provide the curtain used in the Temple. When it was no longer needed it was removed to the inner earths or it died out. You decide what would a merciful Creator who is a micro manager do. 400 years later King Solomon directed his technicians to use the Shamir worm. When it was no longer needed it disappeared to ?

    Mankind using logic and physical senses teach that mankind is creating pollution that causes different species to die out. Would a merciful God who created a species allow this species to die out, or would it send these species to the same place the Tachash and the Shamir worm now live?

    Using Radiation/Light to see within objects where visible light can not penetrate.

    We all know about X rays and modern imaging techniques like MRI and ultrasound. These have been revealed by modern science in the last 200 years. Most of the development is in the last 50 years. Yet most people did not know that the Torah describes this technique 3300 years ago during the Exodus. Let me explain.

    The Red Heifer requires two opposing directions to quality as the appropriate animal. One requirement is that the animal be burned whole. The other is that 18 internal organs must be checked for disease after the kosher slaughter of the animal. How do you burn something whole if you have cut into and removed the organs?

    The Talmud teaches that the clouds of Glory in addition to providing visual light to be able to see while they marched at night in the desert provided a unique light that allowed the checking of these internal organs of the Red Heifer without cutting into the animal.

    What is not clear to me is how this light was made available to the High Priests during the additional 8 Red Heifers slaughtering. Perhaps all of the Red Heifers were slaughtered during the Exodus in the desert or the High Priests were taught how to call the Pillar of Fire. Only time will tell us this truth.

    As one can see from today's information all that the nation needs is provided when it is needed by the Creator. Why do we need to go through developing technology instead of these natural tools provided to earlier generations?

    It follows from what the Kabbalists teach about the first 26 generations. The first 10 generations were able to correct all of mankind. They did not succeed. The next 10 generations were able to correct all of a family but not all of mankind. Some did succeed but not all. The next six generations were used to develop the teachings of One Creator and the building of a Nation who would act as a Light to the other nations and eventually bring them to completion. This is the six generations from Abraham to Moshe. Each mistake left God with a plan B and a Plan C.

    The generation of the desert had the potential to achieve Gmar Tikune - the final correction yet did not succeed. This was plan B after the generation of the Flood was plan A. Plan C is the idea of modern man and his technology. That is why the modern Kabbalists teach that Mashiach will come as an energy in addition to a man. Tikune will come through the use of modern technology. This is one option where modern medicine and psychology utilize medicines and drugs to change character traits. Of course it will be more merciful if someone chooses to change instead of having to experience the side effects of medicines and drugs. This is my opinion based on my visions and intuitions.