Torah and Science

Torah teaches that all tools and technology that man develops is encoded into the written Torah also known as the Torah Scroll. It also teaches that all developments by science must first be revealed within the revelations of a Kabbalist..

Two examples of this are the specific theory of relativity revealed by Albert Einstein to the world in 1905. The Kabbalist theory of relativity was revealed in the writings of Rabbi Ashlag in 1903. The second example: During the 1990's Rabbi Berg of the Kabbalah Learning Center gave early morning lectures taken from Rabbi Ashlags Book Ten Luminous Emanations. The main physics publications were recording and publishing papers on the same subjects being taught by Rabbi Berg. Usually this delay in the publishing of the Physics magazine was never over than 2 to 3 months.

All scientific advance is recorded through revelation. Each scientist or today each group of scientists document dreams or other revelation type experience that sends them looking for the principle that they then prove through experimentation. One example is the periodic chart of chemicals which is based on two levels. One levels deals with the quantum level of electrons. Another level is the Atomic Weight of the molecule. The scientists who revealed this chart indicated that he saw it in a dream. Then he spent a great amount of time proving and developing the inner workings of what elements went in what row and column.

Let me make one very controversial statement. All knowledge and wisdom necessary for human development was related to Moshe at Mt Sinai. This includes all scientific development and wisdom. When it is necessary for a scientific development for the technological development of man to occur, a Kabbalist will be chosen to reveal this information prior to the world seeing its development from a secular area.

I will be trying to relate the Kabbalistic revelation within the history of the world as well as the scientific timing of its development.

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June 20, 2012 - 30 Sivan 5772

Well It's Been A Long Day

Today is the longest day of the year - the summer solstice. Technically, the summer solstice is an astronomical event that occurs when the sun reaches its most northern point in the sky.

The sages of ancient days were well aware of astronomy and the cycle of the seasons. The Talmud even records their calculations of the seasons:

"Samuel stated: ...The summer solstice only occurs either at the end of one and a half, or at the end of seven and a half hours of the day or the night...and the winter solstice only occurs at the end of four and a half, or ten and a half hours of the day or the night. The duration of a season of the year is no longer than ninety-one days and seven and a half hours; and the beginning of one season is removed from that of the other by no more than one half of a planetary hour" (Eruvin 56a).

The NASA website supports the sage's calculations (which were established even without sophisticated scientific equipment or a large budget). Perhaps it could be argued that the solstices are not so difficult to calculate, and any observant person can do so by simply counting. But on the days surrounding the solstice, the alteration in the length of days occurs in minimal increments, making accuracy much more difficult. In fact, people often do not even notice that the days are getting shorter until a month or so later, a fact noticed elsewhere in the Talmud where it states: "It has been taught, Rabbi Eliezer the Elder says: From the 15th of Av onwards the strength of the sun grows less" (Taanit 31a). (The 15th of Av this year corresponds to August 3, 2012).

I am starting with this subject because it will become controversial through this class. This will be truly enlightening about the subject of Astronomy and Astrology. Let's Continue.

We have been taught by our teachers that our modern day science is correct, but lets look at science just 70years ago. At that time the scientific world "KNEW" that the universe ALWAYS EXISTED. This was called the Steady State Theory. This was the prevalent scientific theory prior to to the promulgation of the Big Bang Theory in 1929 or so. The steady state theory as we know to day, according to science, was not correct. Yet even when the Big Bang Theory was presented in the 1920's was not accepted until the background cosmic radiation was measured to be below 4 micro

The Bible Thumpers or religionist had the first verse in the Torah to teach them the truth. "In A beginning, Elohim created the Heavens and the Earth." What does that mean? The universe did not always exist. This was always known in Torah, so why does science not accept and admit that we might be wrong today. Maybe the world did not come into existence through the Big Bang. Maybe it came into existence slowly over eons of time and there was no great explosion.

Of course the Torah teaches that there was a Big Bang. It also teaches us that there was a universe prior to the Big Bang. The Torah teaches us what that universe was like. Yet this is a class on Torah and Science so let us move on.

Right now, scientific THEORY teaches that the universe is expanding do to the Red Shift proof. Science does have a question whether this will continue forever or reach a point that will cause the matter to fall back into itself, returning to the center point of the Big Bang? Actually science has 4 theories as to how the universe will develop. One Theory is the big bang will expand exponentially forever. Another theory is that it will continue to expand at the same rate. A third theory is that the expansion will remain constant from this point forward. The final theory is that the universe will collapse back into a big bang again. There is a fifth possibility that science does not even consider. That is that the universe will stop expanding and not collapse but come to a dead stop. Science can not conceive of a miracle that would allow that to happen. The Torah has given us a partial answer. Actually it has given us the full answer yet some of this answer is not yet revealed generally.

There is a Name of God which is another way of saying an Attribute of God that is the Name Shaddai. Shaddai has a Hebrew root Dai. Dai means "Enough."The Midrash says that God saw what he had done and said "Enough." The meaning of this scientifically is the universe will stop expanding. It will reach a point where it will no longer expand, yet it may remain at its farthest point of separation or it may continue to utilize the desire to receive called Gravity to fall back into itself. Further analysis of the first verses of Beraisheet will give us the answer to this question if someone is interested in doing so. The religious have no need to know which is why this information is not yet revealed. In my opinion "Enough" being said by God will leave the universe in its state of expansion and no collapse. The idea that Science can not even consider. This is so that there will always be a mystery to creation.

Moving on to another time and indication of the changing process of science: The year is 1450 and the scientific world knows that the world is flat. Going back to India around this same time the scientific theory is that the world is supported on the back of a large elephant.

Amazingly, the Zohar teaches us that there are people who live on the bottom of the world and do not fall off. The Zohar says the world is round and something holds the people on the bottom of the world from falling off. That something we know is the desire to receive call gravity. How can the Zohar know this and be written 300 years earlier according to the Academics and 1400 years earlier according to the Kabbalists?

The question of how old is the universe is an age old conflict between the Torah and Science. Yet this conflict only exists between people who read the Torah literally and say the world was created in 7 days. There are others who say that the sun and moon were not created until the 4th day and therefore the Biblical Calendar did not start until the 6th day of creation. Earlier days were not of the length of 24 hours.

When i was in school Science said the universe was 15 Billion years old. Today less than 40 years later Science says the universe is 13.7 Billion years old. (How does Science change its absolute answer in 40 years?) This is also the limit that we can "see" in any direction from our Center point which is the earth. What lies outside of this sphere is unknown by Science, although they say that the "seeable" universe has 90% too little mass or energy. Remember mass is energy in another form. There are answers to these questions from the Sages.

The Torah teaches us that there was a Tzimzum. The 90% of missing energy/mass is HaShem who withdrew into itself during theTzimzum. Will the 13.7 billion remain throughout time as correct? I have my opinion which i will hold so that you can think about how you would answer this question. As a student of Kabbalah you might be able to answer this question correctly.

The point of these two stories and various points is to start you to think about the changing process of science, which means that science does not know all things yet. While the Torah is clear Everything that Man needs to know from the beginning of creation to its final Tikune is revealed in the Torah.