Why Study Zohar? Part 2

In ch. 12 it was explained that without the love and fear [of G-d], the study of the Torah could also become a potion of death. Therefore, in G-d's kindness to us, He revealed to us the Zohar which had been hidden since the death of Rabbi Shimon so that it would be revealed in the later generations, as it is written in the Tikkunei Zohar: 'And some people will sustain themselves on the lower plane from your composition [the Zohar in the later generations, in the end of days.' And in each subsequent generation, in His kindness, G-d has revealed the light of Pnimiut HaTorah through His faithful servants. RABBI SHALOM DOV BER MI LUBAVITCH ZTK’L KUNTRES ETZ CHAYYIM


Accordingly, it is a mitzvah and an obligation for each and every one to study Pnimiut HaTorah. The fundamental aspect of our Torah study should be to know what is forbidden and what is permitted and the laws of ritual impurity and purity in order to refine the world as stated in Tanya, Iggeres HaKodesh, Epistle 26, and in Kuntres Acharon, the passage entitled Lehavin MasheKasuv B'Etz Chayim.

We must amplify our study and observance of all the 613 mitzvos in actual practice in thought, speech, and deed, for they relate to the worlds of Beriah, Yetzirah, and Asiyah, facilitating the task of refinement carried out there. Nevertheless, there is a duty which is both a mitzvah and an obligation: to study Pnimiut HaTorah as stated in the source in Iggeres HaKodesh cited above: 'it is a great and lofty mitzvah, which indeed surpasses all of them.' RABBI SHALOM DOV BER MI LUBAVITCH ZTK’L KUNTRES ETZ CHAYYIM


A person who does not study Pnimiut HaTorah is liable for his soul, for even if he occupies himself with Torah study, he will fall from his spiritual level as explained above.

Not only will he not carry out the task of refinement, on the contrary, he will... " Certainly, this applies to someone who does not desire this study, but rather [to devote himself solely to the study of Nigleh, the revealed, legal dimension of the Torah. He attaches himself to the place of death as stated in the passage from the Zohar, Parshas Vayechi, cited above.

For it is through the study of [Pnimiut HaTorahl alone that a person will merit the light of life. [indeed,] it is 'the Tree of Life,' and the medium which will bring a person to the love and fear [of G-d]. And [then], he will 'live in them,", i.e., his Torah study will enable him to carry out the task of refinement and elevate his soul - and even the source of his soul - and unite them in His oneness. This is the intent of our Sages' statement:"" 'All of these [forms of disease] can be nullified by bread [dipped] in salt.' Salt, is an analogy for the study of Pnimiut HaTorah, is necessary, as stated in ch. 4. RABBI SHALOM DOV BER MI LUBAVITCH ZTK’L KUNTRES ETZ CHAYYIM


'If a person merits, [the Torah] becomes an elixir of life for him. 'Merit[ing] refers to the' joining of the Torah to the Tree of Life, i.e., that his involvement in Torah study should be characterized by the love and fear [of G-d], and [that his study should be] lishmah.

This is achieved through the study of Pnimiut HaTorah as explained in ch. 13. [Then] the Torah becomes an elixir of life for him. If, by contrast, a person does not merit, i.e., he does not attach [his Torah study] to the Tree of Life, for he does not study Pnimiut HaTorah and thus does not possess the love and fear [of G-di, he will study without any intent, without the love and fear [of G-d, and thus he will not study lishmah. This study will become a potion of death for him, heaven forbid, for he will descend. He will become preoccupied with his self, his [ego] will become inflated, and he will become very materially oriented as explained above at great length. This is particularly true when he studies after blemishing the covenant,"' heaven forbid, in which instance, [his Torah study] descends in the depths of kelipah and actually attaches itself to the tree of death.

chanoch's Commentary

This teaching comes from the Kabbalists – yet we can “see” the truth of it by looking at the effect of people who do not study the Zohar. They become connected to a level of consciousness as said to be material oriented.


Come and see the works of Hashem: an amazing revelation concerning the mystery of the greatness of the G-dly Tanna Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai, may his merit shield us.

Rabbi Shimon ben Yochai gave assurances that through him the Torah would not be forgotten from the Jewish people. As our Sages teach (Shabbat 138b):

When our rabbis entered the yeshivah in Yavneh, they said, "The Torah will one day be forgotten by the Jews”. But Rabbi Shimon ben Yochai said that it would not be forgotten, as is written (Deuteronomy 31:21), "It will not be forgotten from the mouth of his offspring." [LO TISHACHACH MI PI ZARO] And, as is explained in the Zohar (3, 124b): “Because of this work, the Book of the Zohar, [the Jews] will be redeemed from exile”.

So now come, see and understand the hidden wonders of our holy Torah. This is why Rabbi Shimon ben Yochai based himself on this verse: "It will not be forgotten from the mouth of his offspring." For, in truth, this mystery is hinted at and concealed in this very verse. Through the offspring of Yochai, this being Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai [Rashby], the Torah will not be forgotten by the Jews. This is because the final letters of the words in this verse "kI LO tishachaCH mipY zar'O" are the same letters as YOChAi. This is what the verse hints to and reveals: "it will not be forgotten from the mouth of his offspring"-specifically "from the mouth of his offspring." That is, "from the mouth of the offspring" of the one who is himself alluded to and hidden in this verse, this being the sage Yochai. Because of the offspring of Yochai, who is hinted at in the final letters of the words in this verse-this being Rashby-the Torah will not be forgotten; for with this Zohar they will be redeemed from exile. And know! The mystery of Rabbi Shimon himself is alluded to in another verse.' Know that the holy sage Rabbi Shimon corresponds to (Daniel 4:10): "Ir Vkaddish Min Shemaya Nachit (An angel, a holy one, descended from heaven)"-the first letters of which are SHIMON..... Likute Moharan, Hakdama

chanoch adds: In is well known in the Kabbalah a persons students are considered his children. When you read the word children of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai know that it refers to his students.

And one should conduct himself in the following manner so that he will be able to complete the Zohar ha Kadosh and the Zohar Chadash and the Tikkunim every year. But if one learns according to the order of the Parashiot, sometimes he will find that it will take three or four weeks to finish some long Parashiot.

Therefore it is proper to fix the study of the Zohar and the Tikkunim so that he will complete around three pages every day, so that he will be able to complete all the Zohar and the Tikkunim in one year’s period, and after completing the three daily pages he will study in the books of the Mekubalim so that he will be able to complete the study also of the Sifre ha Mekubalim, However, the study of the Zohar ha kaddosh and the Tikkunim he will be careful to complete every year as we mentioned before, and in this manner he will comport himself all the days of his life Yesod ve Shoresh ha Avoda, Shaare ha Shishi Shaar ha Nitzotz

The Mekubalim have written that the study of five pages daily is of great benefit and a great tikkun for the soul, to illuminate it, to purify it and to repair it, and it is a cure and a correction for the sins and transgressions of the soul. Siddur beit Avraham le Rabbi Avraham Tcharik

From the words of the Tikkune Zohar [Tikkun 43, Page 82a] it is known the great obligation and the great reward for he who studies Kabbalah, for the study of the language of the Zohar builds worlds, and how much more if he will merit to study and understand one passage, he will make in one hour a Tikkun above, what could not be accomplished with the study of one full year of Pshat.

And there is no need to bring proofs regarding this, the proofs that are mentioned through the Strong Lion the Ari ha kaddosh. Then his study for a whole year will be worth nothing if it is not crowned one day with the study of the Kabbalah. For it is equivalent to all others. And what is written in Tikkune Zohar [43, 82a] “And he causes that none will occupy with the study of the Kabbalah” means that anyone who occupies with it even one day a year, then his Torah study will produce fruits above, and how much more if he fixes times for Hashem, one hour every night, then he is assured of a portion in the world to Come, among the sons of the King in the palace and he will be among those who look at the face of the king, those who sit first in the kingdom of the firmament. And it is enough with this explanation for those whom Hashem gave intelligence and discerning Kisse Melech le Tikkune Zohar Tikkun 43, Letter 60

And this is determined and rooted in my soul, that he who has not seen the light of the Zohar ha Kaddosh has never seen light Ateret Tzvi Parshat Behaalotcha

A man can not come to a minute understanding of the greatness and loftiness of the Creator Blessed be he from all our studies, as he can through the study of the wisdom of the Kabbalah, and in particular the study of the Sefer ha Zohar and the Tikkunim.. Yesod ve Shoresh ha Avoda Shaar Vav, 83


chanoch adds: Chidushim is a Hebrew word that translates as a “new revelation of Torah”.

For when they are occupied with its study, they renew the new light that was originated with this work, and the Shechina shines and illuminates from that light as it was at the beginning of the new light and all those who occupy themselves [With The Zohar ha Kaddosh] again awaken the great benefit and the light that revealed Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai and his companions when he composed this work. Sefer Or Yakar Shaar Alef Siman He

To understand the blocking of the heart and the blocking of the mind, this is when the heart becomes a heart of stone and the advice is to immerse oneself in the Mikvah in order to purify oneself and to study the Sefer ha Zohar for the word Zohar comes from the word illumination, for it illuminates in places of darkness. Mea Shearim Imre kodesh Letter 19

The purpose of this Work [The Zohar ha Kaddosh] was to anticipate the remedy to the disease, to help Israel in the Galut through the unifications and the things that are done through them in order to increase the strength of the Keddusha and so that the generation would learn the secrets of the Torah…and so that they would know how to awaken mercy and to be saved from evil decrees. Sefer Or Yakar Shaar Alef Siman He

Two ways are needed for those who occupy themselves with these Sefarim: A person should read the language of these Sefarim a great deal and he should not study in depth at the beginning, and the second way is to learn other passages in depth according to his strength. And the person will sometimes concentrate on the first way of study and do little of the second way, and sometimes he will do the opposite, all this according to his understanding and his capacity [Some days he will be able to concentrate a great deal and some days he will prefer to read without the need to concentrate]. And even when a person sees that he does not understand, he should not cease his mouth from learning because the Master is faithful to help him understand the Wisdom.

For just as a man trains his son so does the Holy One Blessed be He brings merit little by little to him who occupies himself with this wisdom and there is proof to our words form what we saw in the Zohar ha Kaddosh. Or Neerav Chelek Gimmel Perek Gimmel

The one who occupies himself with this wisdom and fills his mouth with it, will also fill his heart with the fear of Heaven and the fear of sin, and will increase in his insight for divine service, for even only the reading of the Zohar ha Kaddosh will bring happiness and Yirat Hashem to the soul of the person as if he was studying with Tzaddikim in Gan Eden, and if a person does not feel it, his Mazal feels it, for surely this is the main portion of Torah study of the Tzaddikim in Gan Eden Or Neerav Chelek Chamishi Perek Beit

If he has merit, he should study the Zohar ha Kaddosh after midnight for through the merit of the Zohar ha Kaddosh will Israel go out of exile, which resembles the night Or Tzaddikim Siman Alef Saif 15

In the merit of those who occupy themselves with the Sefer ha Zohar the Geulah will spring forth in our days with the help of Hashem as it written in Parashat Vayechi (Zohar 217) Hadarat Melech Chelek Gimmel 124

And the Mekkubalim wrote that 5 pages daily of the Zohar ha Kaddosh is of great benefit and a great Tikkun for the soul, and it is a great cure and repair for the sins and transgressions of the soul. Mate Ephraim Siman 615

Through the involvement of Israel with the secrets of the Torah Mashiach will come soon in our days Amen, as it is brought in the Zohar ha kaddosh and an allusion to this is found in the word SOD [SAMECH VAV DALET] which when fully spelled SAMECH MEM CHAF VAV ALEF VAV DALET LAMED TAV equals the Gematria of MASHIACH BEN YOSEF [566] and this means that even Mashiach Ben Yosef will live and be preserved through the merit of the study of the secrets of the Torah Kehillat Yaakov Erech Sod

I asked the Vilna Gaon what is the proper way to fulfill the obligation which our Rabbis spoke about and he told me that I should study the Sefer ha Zohar and Shaare Ora. And the Shaare Orah in order to understand a few of the concepts of the Zohar ha Kaddosh only without any commentary for it confuses… Siddur ha Gra Orchot Chayim 15

Those who occupy themselves with the levels of REMEZ and SOD, the Yetzer ha Ra can not dominate them Commentary of the GRA on Mishle 5:18

The internal aspect of the Torah is life to the internal part of the body, which is the soul…and those who occupy themselves with the levels of REMEZ and SOD, the Yetzer ha Ra can not dominate them. Even Shelema Perek Chet Letter 26

Also the one who studies will correct his soul through the study of the secrets of the Torah as it was explained in the Tikkunim [Tikkun 30] And there they mentioned the punishment to those who refrain from reading the Wisdom of the Kabbalah Rabbi Eliyahu Vidas Reshit Chochma Shaar ha Keddusha Perek 17

A person needs to be complete in his studies that he will study PSHAT REMEZ DERASH and SOD [PARDES] for if not he needs to come back in reincarnation. Kav ha Yashar Perek 53

Learn one passage of Tikkune Zohar every night before going to sleep and then you will not fear and will sleep securely and with the help of Hashem He will implant in our hearts the love and the fear due to Him, from me Israel ben Ha Rav Eliezer Baal Shem from Mezhibush. Sefer Keter Shem Tov

As I heard from my grandfather ZTKL that the Sefer ha Zohar has a different interpretation every single day. Degel Machane Ephraim

A page from the Sefer ha Zohar ha Koddesh early in the morning eliminates all bad things and be careful not to separate from this thing Hanhagot Reb Moshe Greenwald

And without the Kabbalah you will not know what is Torah Lishma for you will not know the root of the different names of Hashem and you are not free from the obligation to study it because of your business dealings.

For if you are not free from setting times for Torah study, how much more so regarding the secrets of the Torah, for without them we are like animals, like a bull that eats grass. Sefer Sur me Ra 29

And in any generation he who occupies himself with this wisdom does not require to be tested from above, for whoever does this, his soul clings to Hashem Yitbarach and at all times he sacrifices his soul to Hashem Ytbarach with a strong love. Hosafot Mahartza Letter 8

It is known to us that even one who does not know anything, the language of the Zohar ha kaddosh purifies his soul. Hosafot Mahartza Letter 8

But the occupation with the true wisdom, the wisdom of the Kabbalah is the main vehicle for the success of the soul and no man should remove from it, and it is the main part of the Torah of Israel. Maayan Ganim Perek Alef Letter Beit

And there are many fools who run away from studying the secrets of the Torah of the Ari ha Kaddosh and the Sefer ha Zohar which are our life and who would give that my people listened to me in these times of the footsteps of Mashiach when the evil and heresy increase, they should run to study the Zohar and the Tikkunim all day and the writings of the Ari ha kaddosh together with the Torah of the Baal Shem Tov and in this way they would annul all evil decrees. Notzer Chessed Mishna 20

The life of the Jewish person depends on the Sefer ha Zohar and the writings of the Ari ha Kaddosh, to learn in Keddusha and happiness and pleasantness and with fear and love, each one according to his intellect and his holiness and all Israel are holy.Notzer Chessed Mishna 20

Know that in former generations it was possible to reach higher spiritual levels through the study of the Pshat ha Torah but in these generations in the footsteps of Mashiach when evil strengthens so much and Chutzpah increases, who will protect us from the evil Kelippot that darken the light?

And through the revealed portions of the Torah it is impossible in these generations to defend the soul from the Kelippot and the accusers that invest themselves physically in the Erev Rav who are the majority, and heresy rules and prevails and baseless hatred and Lashon ha Ra and were it not for the sweetness and pleasantness of the Language of the Zohar ha Kaddosh and the Tikkunim and the writings of our Master the Ari ha Kaddosh, that they all lluminate the eyes and repose the mind and gladden the heart, there would be no possibility of receiving light due to the multitude of problems and weakness of mind, that the evil heretics, therefore my brothers taste and see the sweetness and the hidden light of the Zohar ha Kaddosh which illuminates the soul, and through this great light you will accept all the sufferings and the tests and your thoughts will not be weakened thereby and you will not fall from your level and you will ascend higher and higher to the highest levels, be strong and do not fear. Notzer Chessed Mishna 30

But mainly you should know that the reason for the revelation of this study in these times is because evil is gaining great strength and Knesset Israel is falling and with this study the soul is purified and when the person is engaged in studying the secrets of the Torah and in particular the Zohar ha Kaddosh and the Tikkunim the soul is illuminated and the Shechina rests over you and Ha Kaddosh Baruch Hu shines upon you, only you have to be truly humble, and through this study you will merit to be like dust and ashes, and to accept all sufferings Reb Yitzchok Eizik Safrin of Komarne Sefer Notzer Chesed Shevil ha Yichud Alef

Before Tefillah one should study Mishnayot, Gemara and Zohar, and one should not pray until he studies the Zohar ha Kaddosh whether much or little. Shulchan ha Tahor Siman 93, Beit

And it is proper to study five pages of the Zohar ha Kaddosh every day and this is a great benefit for the soul to illuminate it, to repair it and purify it, and to remove the thorns, the evil character traits and evil lusts. More ba Etzba Letter Mem

You should be careful to study Torah before you sleep, some study of Mishnayot or the Sefer ha Zohar ha Kaddosh, for the Keddusha of the study will protect you. Tzipporen Shamir 115

The greatness of the Chidushim [New insights in the Torah] is very important in the Heavens above; to the point that in the Zohar ha Kaddosh it says that he builds new heavens…And also the study of the sefer ha Zohar ha Kaddosh even when he does not understand, it is considered for him as if he had said Chidushim [New insights in the Torah]Pele Yoetz, Chidush

My sons, be very careful in studying or at least to say every day, early in the morning some passages of the Zohar ha Kaddosh and this thing will be very beneficial for the purity of the soul. Sefer Rachame Av Siman Gimmel

And regarding the study of the Zohar ha Kaddosh, he said in the name of Rabbi Aharon MiZitomir that the Zohar ha Kaddosh needs to be read without explanations, for the words and the sayings themselves of the Zohar ha Kaddosh unite the person with the Blessed Ein Sof, and only if he wishes to learn with the commentary, he should first look at the commentary and then read the Zohar ha Kaddosh without the commentary. Sheerit Israel Shaar Hitkashot, Shaar Alef, Derush He, Maamar Beit

The study of the Zohar without purity (observing family purity and immersing in the Mikveh after sexual relations or KERI, G-d forbid) can bring the person to disbelief and atheism. (Maor Va Shemesh, P Emor 370a)

It is written “And you shall occupy yourself with them day and night” and it is not written “And you shall understand them” If you understand, that’s fine, and if not, the reward of the study is on your side and the proof is in the Sefer ha Zohar which if you do not understand, anyway the language is a Segulah for the soul. Klach Pitche Chochma, Hakdama

You should also learn Sefer ha Zohar every day, one page each day in the Lublin edition which is 264 pages, and the Zohar Chadash is 86 pages long which total 350 pages…so that you should complete this study in a year. Tzavaat ve Divre Mussar of Rav Naftali Katz, Letter 22

Also every Shabbat you should fix some time to study the Zohar ha kaddosh. Hanhagot Rabbi Yaakov mi Lissa, Letter Gimmel

To study every day the Zohar ha kaddosh and Shaare Ora – chanoch adds: “Gates of Light. Hanhagot Rabbi Yosef Zundel mi Salant, Letter 11

Tell the Avrechim that if they want to say some Zohar before the Tefillah that they should say Zohar chadash that from this they can be Chassidim as well. Divre Aharon in the name of Rabbi Asher mi Stolin

To my dear friend whom my soul is attached to, and now I write to you because I forgot to tell you before I departed that you should start saying Tikkune Zohar ha Kaddosh. Beit Aharon page 149 Michtav Koddesh

And he wrote in the additions to the Sefer Yesod Yosef (Tikkun 13) that the limitation on the study of the Kabbalah like for example, that he should learn from a Mekkubal, and not from the books themselves.

This does not apply to the study of the Sefer ha Zohar, see there. And so said the Tzaddik the Gaon Rav Shlomo Bloch in the name of his teacher the Chafetz Chayim, that regarding the study of the Sefer ha Zohar there is no limitation whatsoever for most of it is Midrashim and so the Chafetz Chayim used to promote among everybody that they should study the Zohar ha Kaddosh every Shabbat, according to the parasha of that Shabbat and he even encouraged the young unmarried man chanoch adds: to do so. Hosafot Binyan Yosef

It is known that the study of the Zohar is very beneficial [A great Segulah] and know that through the study of the Zohar ha Kaddosh the desire for all other studies of the Holy Torah is aroused, and the language of the Zohar ha Kaddosh leads greatly toward the service of Hashem Yitbarach Rebbe Nachman mi Bresslov Sichot ha Ran

And know that there are those who accustom to study the Zohar ha kaddosh in its entirety every year, and they divide the pages according to the days of the year and fortunate are them and fortunate is their portion. Kisse Eliyahu Shaar Dalet

And also the Chachamim, the heads of their communities should divide the Zohar ha Kaddosh in many portions to be divided among the people of the town who fear the word of Hashem and every person would study his portion everyday and in this fashion they would complete the study of the Sefer ha Zohar every day and it is already well known that in the merit of the Zohar ha Kaddosh, the Mashiach will come soon in our days Amen may it be His will. Kisse Eliyahu Shaar Dalet

chanoch adds: Did you say Amen with fervor when you read Amen?

It is already known to you the great level of the study of the Zohar ha Kaddosh that annuls many evil decrees and sufferings and death and the sword from the world. And last year we already awakened Am Yisrael with the announcement “Tikkun for the real redemption” from the mouths of the holy Rabbanim the Rabbis of the Holy Land, regarding the study of the Zohar ha Kaddosh to complete [Siyum] in Eretz Israel and outside of it 1000 times the study of the Zohar ha Kaddosh. And according to the information we have received only 600 completions were effected last year. Therefore we the Rabbanim and the Gaonim of the Eretz ha Keddosha ask from every Jew to study once again in order to complete the 1,000 completions [Siyumim] on the 25 of Elul…in order to elevate Am Yisrael and to annul all those who oppress us, those above and below, and so that the counsel of our enemies will vanish and that their hands will be without power to harm us, and Israel shall dwell securely and we will see the consolation of Zion Amen May it be His will, Yerushalaim Iyyar 5681 Rabbanim of Yerushalaim 5681

chanoch adds: In the last 96 years from 1920 to 2016 we have not yet completed 1000 times the study of the Zohar Ha Kadosh. This is the idea of the Unity Zohar. Yet it must include the study of the Tikunei Zohar as well 1000 times in a year.

Our Sages have declared that the study of the Torah is the equivalent of all the Mitzvot of the Torah, fortunate is he who merits that his occupation is the Torah whether revealed or hidden, and the Zohar ha Kaddosh and the Tikkunim of the Tanna ha Eloki Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai Zechuto Yagen Aleinu, for he is enough reason to liberate all the world from judgment and to bring closer the Geula and may our eyes look at the revelation of the light of Hashem and when the land will be filled with the knowledge of Hashem when the redeemer shall come to Tzion and Israel will be saved through Hashem, a permanent salvation, speedily in our days Amen Selah.Rav Ytzchak Yerucham son of the Gaon Moshe Yehoshua Leib Diskin

I asked our Master [The Steipler Rav]: we the descendants of the YESH NOCHALIN [The father of the author of the Shne Luchot ha Brit] have a request from the Yesh Nochalin to study in Elul the Tikkune Zohar, but I don’t understand when I read it, And The Steipler said to me: If it is so then you must read without understanding Orchot Rabbenu Kabbalah Letter 14

And my Master told me that in order to return the Neshama to the body [For every time one gets angry, the Neshama leaves the body] I should study the secrets of the Torah. Totzaot Chayim page 33

One of the Tikkunim for a Baal Keri [One who had a seminal emission in vain] is to accustom himself to study the wisdom of the Kabbalah and the secrets of the Torah…for those who study the Kabbalah cut off the Kelipot and the study of the Sefer ha Zohar is included in this study…And I heard that the reason why the Kabbalah is a tikkun for this sin of KERI is because this sin lengthens the exile and the study of the Kabbalah and the Zohar ha Kaddosh has the opposite effect, for it brings the redemption closer. Sefer Sama de Chaye

And everyone who received from me, the way of the service of the Creator, will see to it that he occupies himself with the Tikkun of my soul and after my days and my years are gone, he will study for me a chapter of Mishnayot every day, and will read a little Tikkune Zohar for the good of my soul, at least one page per day, and a little Agada and then we will remain connected forever. Chanoch adds: connected to HaShem and Torah. Sefer Tzavaat Le Rabbi ha Kaddosh Baal Shomer Emunim

That each one of our friends shall always learn Sefer ha Tikkunim for it is a great Tikkun for the Soul. Iggerot Shomre Emunim, Iggeret hei

And I command each one of the Avrechim to say some pages of the Tikkune Zohar every single day, which is of great benefit for the soul, and do not be lax regarding this, G-d forbid, because one can not imagine the great good which will spring forth from this and the judgments will be sweetened. Iggerot Shomre Emunim, Iggeret 15

And this is an awesome advice for all types of suffering, G-d forbid, and loss of Emunah and small mindedness, when feeling like this you should study light things like the Ein Yaakov, the Midrash, or you should say the Zohar and the Tikkunim and also to study the Gemara even without understanding, and all this is an awesome advice to rise up from all types of falls and not like fools who claim that one should not study at times when we feel down, when our heart is not with us, and it is known of many stories where simple people merited great things by acting thus. Noam ha levavot Maamar Limud ha Torah

Based on these words and others like this our Great rabbis through all generations, taught that the complete redemption depends precisely on the study of the Zohar ha Kaddosh. But it is here that the Yetzer ha Ra found a great help in confusing people by telling them: “If you don’t understand what you are reading in the Zohar ha Kaddosh, you have no right to occupy yourselves with it”

And this is a great mistake that causes the redemption to be delayed for all the Kabbalists have written that reading the Sefer ha Zohar and the Tikkunim, with no understanding whatsoever, only saying it without knowing what one says, effects a great Tikkun in the higher worlds, purifies and illuminates the soul of man and brings the redemption closer. And thus wrote Rabbi Moshe Zachuta ZTKL:

“Fill your heart with the Zohar reading it and studying it. To what does this compare? To a sick person that drinks a remedy which will be beneficial to him even if he doesn’t know how it cures him”.

Therefore every Jew should awaken to the study of the Zohar ha Kaddosh without listening to fools who warn against it, for if all the wise men recommended studying the Zohar ha kaddosh, how can one listen to someone who does not know the benefit that studying the Zohar ha Kaddosh brings?

If all the great Kabbalists asserted that its study is beneficial even when one doesn’t know what he is reading, why should you refrain from the great benefit that it brings just because someone tells you with no basis whatsoever that studying the Zohar ha kaddosh may be harmful to you? Or that you first need to know all the Talmud? Or that you should be 40 years of age in order to begin studying the Zohar ha Kaddosh?

This is a partial list of all the Tzaddikim and Gedolim who encourage the studying of the Zohar ha Kaddosh even when you do not understand what you are saying:

chanoch adds: Please note that this partial list includes Sefardim – Ashkenazim – Mizrachim as well as Rabbi's and teachers encompassing over 2000 years of Jewish History. The list includes Tzadikim from Temple Times through Modern Times. It includes Tzadikim who lived in the Diaspora and in the Land of Israel.

chanoch adds: It is of great benefit to the world and especially to bring one to a consciousness of Torah Lishmo or Lishmah to say out loud the following list of the Names of Tzadikim.


Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai

The Ari ha Kaddosh, Rabbi Ytzchak Luria

Rabbi Chayim Vital

Rabbi Moshe Cordovero

Rabbi Eliyahu Vidas Baal Reshit Chochma

Rav Meir Papirash a student of the Ari ha Kadosh

Rabbi Avraham Azulai

Rabbi Chayim Yosef David Azulai (The Chida)

The Vilna Gaon

The Baal Shem Tov

Rabbi Moshe Chayyim Luzzato

Rabbi Nachman mi Bresslov

The Alter Rebbe

Baal Sefer Keter Shem Tov

Rabbi Chayim mi Volozhin

Rabbi Yaakov Tzemach

Rabbi Eliezer Pappo Baal Pele Yoetz

Baal Migdal Oz

Rabbi Eliyahu ha Kohen Baal Shevet Mussar, Midrash Talpiot

The Rav ha Kaddosh me Apta

Rav Naftali Katz

The Ben Ish Chai

Rabbi Shlomo Eliaschiv

The Rebbe mi Zidhitchov

Baal Kav ha Yashar

Rabbi Chayim Pallagi

Baal Meor Enaim

Baal Yesod ve Shoresh ha Avoda

Rabbi Yaakov Abuchatzira

Rabbi Yehuda Chayyat, Sefer Minchat Yehuda

Baal Likute Torah Tchernobyl

Baal Mikdash Melech

Baal Ateret Tzvi

Rav Ytzchak Yerucham son of the Gaon Moshe Yehoshua Leib Diskin

Baal Sheerit Israel

Baal Nefesh Chayim

Rabbi Shalom Dov Ber Mi Lubavitch

Baal Kisse Melech

Rabbi Avraham Tcharik

Baal Sefer Atze Eden

Baal Magid Doresh Tzion

Baal Mate Ephraim

Baal Rachame ha Av

Baal Kol ha Tor

Baal Nofet Tzufim

Baal Maayan Ganim

Baal Heichal ha Beracha

Rabbi Chayim ha Kohen

Baal Notzer Chessed

Baal Midrash Pinchas

Baal Shulchan ha Tahor

Rabbi Avraham miSlonim Sefer Torat Avot

Rabbi Moshe Zachuta

Baal Degel Machane Ephraim

Baal Sefer Tzvi LaTzaddik

Baal Maor va Shemesh

Baal Sefer Tzvi LaTzaddik

Baal Sefer Kisse Eliyahu

Baal Sefer Zechira la Chayyim

Baal Kehillot Yaakov Erech Sod

Baal Sefer Avraham BeMachaze Baal Hadarat Melech

Rabbi Moshe Basula

Baal Sherit Israel

Baal Shivche ha Arizal

Rabbi Avraham miSlonim Sefer Torat Avot

Rabbi Shabtai Roshkobed

Baal Imre Pinchas

Rabbi Yaakov mi Lissa

Rabbi Yosef Zundel mi Salant

Baal Beit Aharon

Rabbi Israel mi Stolin

Rabbi Asher mi Stolin

Baal Siddur Shaar ha Shamaim

Baal Hosafot Binyan Yosef

Rabbane Yerushalaim Shnat 5681

Rav Meir Schwartz mi Faidhotz

Baal Sefer Sama de Chaye

The Steipler Rav

Baal Minchat Ani

Baal Totzaot Chayim

Baal Shomer Emunim

Baal Noam ha levavot

May the merit of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai shield and protect us. Chanoch adds: May we all say Amen with Kavenah and Fervor.

chanoch's Commentary

This whole series of classes promised many benefits to accrue to the individual who makes the choice to study Zohar and / or the Tikunei Zohar. Yet the purpose is to study the Zohar and the Tikunei Zohar for the sole purpose of giving Nachat – pleasure to HaShem. Please remember this and try to do these actions for the purpose of Torah Lishmo or Lishmah.