Years Energy Encapsulated

This is a summary of the energy of the year 5777

This is a recap of the energy for the years 5774-5775-5776-5777

The year 5777 is the year of the "Wake Up" as well as the year of the goat.

There is only one verse that connects to the energy of the year 5777 and that is the verse from lamentations Chapter 3 verse 52.

Here is the verse for analysis:

צוֹד צָדוּנִי כַּצִּפּוֹר, אֹיְבַי חִנָּם.


They have chased me sore like a bird, that are mine enemies without cause.


Tzod Tzaduni KaTzePur, EYevai ChiNam

First Letters can be permutated into:

צ צ כ א ח = צץ כ אח

These 3 words translate as "appear like brothers"

chanoch adds: This is an essence that we can and will work to transform from the potential to being an actual essence for the year.

Final Letters can be permuted into:

ד י ר י ם = דיר ים

chanoch adds: This can be translated as "sea of tenants". This relates perfectly to the spiritual teaching that we are not at home in this physical world - that we are touring this world until we return home to HaShem.

After my class discussing the year of 5777 ahead, one of my Students Daniel Wallin of Hillsboro Oregon sent me information about another verse that connects to this year in a positive vein. He used a program that is readily available for anyone relating to the Equal Letter distance Codes referred to as ELS. The verse is Joshua Chapter 23 Verse 8. It has embedded in the verse the Name of the Year 5777 at an ELS of 7. This means find the first Tav and count 7 letters; there is a shin; then count 7 more letters and there is an Ayin; count 7 more letters and there is a Zion. these 4 letters spell the Name of the year - 777 or 5777 as discussed elsewhere.

Here is the verse for analysis:

כי אם-ביהוה אלהיכם תדבקו כאשר עשיתם עד היום הזה


but cleave unto the LORD your God, as ye have done unto this day;


Ki Eim BaHaShem Elohaichem Tadaveku KaAsher Ashitem Ad HaYom HaZeh.

Kabbalistic Analysis

There are 10 words and 39 Letters. The number 10 relates to the 10 Sefirot and 39 relates to the Hebrew word Tal which means dew. The Kabbalists teach that dew relates to the Mashiach.

i think that the English translation is corrupted. This is because the word Eim is not being translated. This word means mother and Kabbalisticly represents the Sefirah of Binah. My English translation would be as follows:

If or When My God which is HaShem especially Binah's attributes glues us to be a witness - the good day.

As additonal explanations: Hazeh translates as this yet as a gematria is 17 which is the same as the Hebrew word good; When ever Hai is added to Yom translates as final day of judgment which is known Kabbalistically as the good day.

This translation is my opinion and please realize i am not an expert in Hebrew and especially not biblical Hebrew.

Analysis is not complete.

The 2 links below are additional support and information for you to make your own decision about the year 5777. Below that are the verses to be said during this year.

  • Link to summary discussion about the energy of the year 5777.
  • Link to more complete discussion about the energy of the year 5777.
  • Below i present some Kabbalists and Students of Kabbalah's opinion as to the energy of the year 5777

    The Azamra Institute issued this statement about the Year:

    These are the initial letters of the phrase: Hayo Tihyeh Shnat Aliyat Zechuyoteinu, "It shall surely be the year of the ascent of our merits!!!"

    Kabbalist Rabbi Michael Laitman has said: In his opinion it will be a year that people will seek out spiritual paths to cure their physical problems.

    Kabbalist HaRab Ginsburg describes the year 5777 as "the year of the Olive Branch and Eternal World Peace.

    We say the verses that have the energy of the year within them for this year and all previous years so that we gain spiritual growth this year and do not lose the spiritual growth that we have achieved in previous years. Chas V'Shalom

    Year 5776

    The energy of the year 5776 is "a pause that refreshes". There are two verses for this year.

    There have been many revelations about the coming year from various modern Kabbalists and students of Kabbalah. Here are a few examples:

    The Hebrew letters of 5776 are Heh Tav Shin Ayin Vav, initial letters of the phrase: Hayo Tihyeh Shnat Aliyot Ve'aliyot, "It shall surely be a year of ascents and more ascents!!!"The Kabbalist of

    776 = phrase – The Mashiach is coming = המשיח תיבאKabbalist Rabbi Ginsberg

    The year תשעו spells a word in Hebrew that means "winning the war to achieve redemption". Kabbalist Rabbi Michael Berg of the Kabbalah Learning Centre

    The year תשעו = teshuah (deliverance, redemption, salvation, help/assistance, victory, win-win) Rabbi Avraham Sutton - someone knowledgeable in Kabbalah

    There are several interesting Gematriot for the number 776 Please do not see these numbers as prophecies because they are just numbers. There are many names and word combinations that come to the same gematria.

    1. 'שלמות' Shelaymut ='Perfection or completion

    2. 'יחריב את העלם' Yachriv Et HaOlam = 'will destroy the world'

    3. 'שובו אלי ואשובה אליכם' Shuvu Eli Weashuvah Alaychem = 'come back to me and I will return to you'

    4. 'הרס וחרבן על העלם Haros Wecharaben Al HaOlam = ', 'destruction of the world'

    5. 'יהיה תהו ובהו גדול בכל העולם והגואל יבוא' Yihiyeh Tohu Wavohu Gadol Bechol HaOlam Wehagadol Bo = 'a big chaos will come to the world and the redeemer will come'

    I focus on the first one because when we cling to the Light we can have perfection. Because the entire world is in volatile state, anything can happen. A small stupid trigger can ignite world war chas V'Shalom. This year I will be focusing on bringing people consciousness together Student of Kabbalah Zion Nefesh

    The meaning of the word Teshuah which is the pronunciation of the word that spells the number of the year translates in a modern Hebrew / English dictionary as "Pay Attention". Student of Kabbalah chanoch Ben Yaacov

    The 2 links below are additional support and information for you to make your own decision about the year 5776. Below that are the verses to be said during this year.

  • Link to summary discussion about the energy of the year 5776.
  • Link to more complete discussion about the energy of the year 5776.
  • If nothing else, please remember by saying these six verses every day during the year you will change yourself in the most efficient way possible. The alternative method is very painful filled with chaos. It is your choice which path you will choose. The default is pain and suffering. You Must make a conscious effort to study Torah to avoid the chaos of the year ahead.

    There is a verse that has the gematria of 5776. This is 2nd Chronicles Chapter 29 Verse 34.

    רַק הַכֹּהֲנִים, הָיוּ לִמְעָט, וְלֹא יָכְלוּ, לְהַפְשִׁיט אֶת-כָּל-הָעֹלוֹת; וַיְחַזְּקוּם אֲחֵיהֶם הַלְוִיִּם, עַד-כְּלוֹת הַמְּלָאכָה וְעַד יִתְקַדְּשׁוּ הַכֹּהֲנִים--כִּי הַלְוִיִּם יִשְׁרֵי לֵבָב, לְהִתְקַדֵּשׁ מֵהַכֹּהֲנִים.

    Transliteration: Rak ha-ko-ha-neem hayu limat v'lo yachlu l'haf-sheet et-kol ha-oh-lot va-y'chaz-kum ah-chay-hem hal-vee-yim ad-k'lot ha-m' la-cha v'ad yit-kad-shu ha-ko-ha-neem kee hal-vee-yeem yish-ray levav l'hit-chadesh me-ha-ko-ha-neem

    The first letters of this verse can be put into 7 of the 72 Names and The Name of HaShem!

    יהוה - ללה - ווו - ילי - עלם - ההה - אכא - רכך

    There is a verse that has the gematria of 776. This is Isaiah Chapter 26 Verse 4.

    בִּטְחוּ בַיהוָה, עֲדֵי-עַד: כִּי בְּיָהּ יְהוָה, צוּר עוֹלָמִים.

    Transliteration: Bitchu vaAdonai aday-ad kee b'yah Adonai tzur O-lah-meem

    Year 5775

    The energy of the year 5775 is "swallowing up death". There are three verses for this year.

    The link below is an extensive discussion of the energy of the year 5775. Below that are the verses to be said during this year of 5775.

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  • There is a verse that has the name of the year as a word in the verse. This is Job 7:19.

    כַּמָּה, לֹא-תִשְׁעֶה מִמֶּנִּי; לֹא-תַרְפֵּנִי, עַד-בִּלְעִי רֻקִּי.

    Transliteration: Kam-mah, lo-tish·eh mim-men-nee; lo-tar-pe·nee, ad-bil-ee ruk·kee.

    There is a verse with a gematria of 5775. That is Samuel Alef 23:23.

    וּרְאוּ וּדְעוּ, מִכֹּל הַמַּחֲבֹאִים אֲשֶׁר יִתְחַבֵּא שָׁם, וְשַׁבְתֶּם אֵלַי אֶל-נָכוֹן, וְהָלַכְתִּי אִתְּכֶם; וְהָיָה, אִם-יֶשְׁנוֹ בָאָרֶץ--וְחִפַּשְׂתִּי אֹתוֹ, בְּכֹל אַלְפֵי יְהוּדָה

    Transliteration: Oo-roo OO-doo, mi-kol ha-ma-cha-vo-eem asher yit-cha-be sham, v'-shav-tem elai el-na-chon, v'-ha-lach-tee it-chem; v'-ha-yah, im-yesh-no va-ah-retz--v'-chi-pas-tee o-to, b'khol al-fay Ye-hu-dah

    There is a verse with a gematria of 775. The verse is Job 20:7.

    כְּגֶלְלוֹ, לָנֶצַח יֹאבֵד; רֹאָיו, יֹאמְרוּ אַיּוֹ.

    Transliteration: K'-gel-lo, la-ne-tzach yo-ved; ro-av, yom-ru ah-yo.

    Year 5774

    The energy of the year 5774 is "Peace in the Middle East". There is one verse for this year.

    The link below is an extensive discussion of the energy of the year 5774. Below that is the verse to be said during this year of 5774.

  • Link to full discussion about the energy of the year 5774.
  • There is a verse that has the gematria of 5774. This is Samuel Bet or Second Samuel 7:10.

    וְשַׂמְתִּי מָקוֹם לְעַמִּי לְיִשְׂרָאֵל וּנְטַעְתִּיו, וְשָׁכַן תַּחְתָּיו, וְלֹא יִרְגַּז, עוֹד; וְלֹא-יֹסִיפוּ בְנֵי-עַוְלָה לְעַנּוֹתוֹ, כַּאֲשֶׁר בָּרִאשׁוֹנָה.

    Transliteration: V'-sam-tee ma-kom l'-am-mee l'-yis-ra-el OOn-ta-teev, v'-sha-chan tach-tav, v'-lo yir-gaz, od; v'-lo- yo-see-fu v'-nay- av-lah l'-ah-no-to, ka-asher ba--ri-sho-nah.

    Pasook 29. from the Zohar Sulam Commentary on Parasha Yitro

    רַבִּי אַבָּא אָמַר, בְּכַמָּה אֲתָר תָּנֵינָן, דְּקוּדְשָׁא בְּרִיךְ הוּא, כָּל מַה דְּעָבֵד לְעֵילָּא וְתַתָּא כֹּלָּא אִיהוּ קְשׁוֹט, וְעוֹבָדָא דִּקְשׁוֹט. וְלֵית לָךְ מִלָּה בְּעָלְמָא דְּבָעֵי בַּר נָשׁ לְדַחְיָא לֵיהּ מִנֵּיהּ, וּלְאַנְהָגָא בֵּיהּ קְלָנָא, דְּהָא כֻּלְּהוּ עוֹבָדָא דִּקְשׁוֹט אִינּוּן, וְכֹלָּא אִצְטְרִיךְ בְּעָלְמָא.


    Rabbi Aba said, In many places we have learned that whatever the Holy One, blessed be He, does above or below, is all true and His works are true. And there is nothing in the world that man needs to reject or find despicable, for all are works of truth, and are all needed in the world.

    chanoch's Commentary

    Reread this pasuk. Again. Again. Use it as a repetitive phrase. Why. Because this is the ultimate oneness of HaShem. The wise will understand and no more need be said. if you do not understand send me a question.

    Here is a transliteration for those who need it:

    rabi aba amar, bechammah atar taneinan, dekudesha berich hu, kol mah de'aved le'eilla vetatta kolla ihu keshot, ve'ovada dikshot. veleit lach millah be'alema deva'ei bar nash ledachya leih minneih, ule'anhaga beih kelana, deha kullehu ovada dikshot innun, vecholla itzterich be'alema