Zohar Bechukotai Section 3 - HaShem Blessed Israel

It is recommended to study the section prior to reading the Synopsis.

Zohar Commentary on Parasha BECHUKOTAI


Rabbi Yehuda says that Bilaam was looking for a way to curse the children of Yisrael but found nothing since there was no great wrath hanging over the world; therefore he discontinued his enchantments.

Pasook 14. from the Zohar Commentary on Parasha Bechukotai

דָּבָר אַחֵר כַּאֲשֶׁר יְדַבֵּר יְיָ' אֵלָי, עַל יְדֵי דְּהַהוּא שְׁלִיחָא דְּסִטְרָא אָחֳרָא. וְאִי תֵּימָא הָא בִּימָמָא אִשְׁתְּכַח לְגַבֵּיהּ. אֶלָּא וַדַּאי בְּנַחַשׁ אִסְתַּכְּלוּתָא הֲוָה בֵּיהּ, וּבְהַהוּא זִמְנָא הֲוָה מִסְתַּכֵּל לְכַוְּונָא שַׁעֲתָא, הה"ד וְלֹא הָלַךְ כְּפַעַם בְּפַעַם לִקְרַאת נְחָשִׁים. וַיַּרְא בִּלְעָם כִּי טוֹב בְּעֵינֵי יְיָ' לְבָרֵךְ אֶת יִשְׂרָאֵל. אֶלָּא דְּהַהוּא יוֹמָא אִסְתָּכַּל לְכַוְּונָא שַׁעֲתָא, וְלָא אִשְׁתְּכַּח כִּשְׁאָר יוֹמֵי, וּכְדֵין חָמָא דְּהָא רוּגְזָא רַבָּא לָא אִשְׁתְּכַּח בְּעָלְמָא, כְּדֵין יָדַע כִּי טוֹב בְּעֵינֵי יְיָ' לְבָרֵךְ אֶת יִשְׂרָאֵל. בְּהַהוּא זִמְנָא שָׁבִיק גַּרְמֵיהּ מִכָּל נְחָשִׁים דְּעָלְמָא, וְלָא אִסְתְּכַּל בְּהוּ, הה"ד וְלֹא הָלַךְ כְּפַעַם בְּפַעַם לִקְרַאת נְחָשִׁים.

Another interpretation for, "as Hashem shall speak to me" (Bemidbar 22:8), IS through a messenger of the Other Side; NAMELY THE CHIEFTAIN. One might claim he also visits him by day, AS IT IS WRITTEN: "AND ELOHIM MET BILAAM" (BEMIDBAR 23:16), WHICH HAPPENED BY DAY. AND HE ANSWERS: Surely he was using enchantments, ALSO CALLED 'ELOHIM'. At that time, he was seeking a good opportunity, as is written: "He went not, as at other times, to seek for enchantments" (Bemidbar 24:1). "And Bilaam saw that it pleased Hashem to bless Yisrael" (Ibid.). HOW DID HE SEE? At that time he was searching to find a fitting time TO CURSE YISRAEL but found nothing, unlike in other times. He saw then that there was no great wrath upon the world, and knew that it is good in the eyes of Hashem to bless Yisrael. He discontinued using any of the divinations of the world and did not observe them. Hence, it is written: "he went not, as at other times, to seek for enchantments."

chanoch's Commentary

During the Blessings and Curses said in Parasha Bechukotai we find a relationship between Israel and the other Nations. What happens to Israel happens to the other nations 10 fold according to these verses and the relationship. When Israel is in unity then the other nations join in unity. When Israel does not do its job then the other nations are given permission to bring chaos to Israel which brings chaos to themselves. This is an important consequence of cause and effect. Look to Israel to see what is happening in the world. Bring unity to Israel, that will bring peace in the world.

Pasook 15. from the Zohar Commentary on Parasha Bechukotai

תָּא חֲזֵי, בְּהַהִיא שַׁעֲתָא דִּרְתִּחָא אִשְׁתְּכַח, כְּדֵין שְׂמָאלָא אִתְּעַר, וַהֲוָה יָדַע הַהוּא רָשָׁע אֲתַר, לְאַחֲדָא בְּסִטְרָא שְׂמָאלָא, לְמֵילַט. וְאִסְתָּכַּל בְּהַהוּא זִמְנָא, וְלָא אִשְׁתְּכַח. כְּדֵין מַה כְּתִיב, מַה אֶקּוֹב לֹא קַבֹּה אֵל וּמָה אֶזְעוֹם לֹא זָעַם יְיָ'. וּבְגִין כַּךְ, עַמֵּי זְכָר נָא מַה יָּעַץ בָּלָק וְגוֹ'. וּמֶה עָנָה אוֹתוֹ בִּלְעָם בֶּן בְּעוֹר זַכָּאִין אִינּוּן יִשְׂרָאֵל, זַכָּאָה חוּלָקֵיהוֹן בְּעָלְמָא דֵּין וּבְעָלְמָא דְּאָתֵי.

Come and behold: during times of wrath, the left ABOVE is roused. That evil man knew a place through which to hold to the left side, in order to curse. At that time he looked but did not find any. Then, it is written: "How shall I curse, whom El has not cursed? How shall I denounce whom Hashem has not denounced?" (Bemidbar 23:8). It therefore says: "O My people, remember now what Balak king of Moab devised, and what Bilaam, the son of Beor answered him" (Michah 6:5). Blessed are Yisrael. Blessed is their portion in this world and in the World to Come.

chanoch adds: Please realize all of the other spritual paths are jumping on the bandwagon so to speak. If there is a spiritual curse then the negative system in the earth bound dimensions will jump on that curse. If there is a Blessing and they do not want to see it happen they will strive to block it and can do it only to the extent that Israel is not in unity. The world goes according to Israel - meaning the Children of Israel. That is why it is so difficult to see this impact. There are 10 lost Tribes concealed in the other nations.