Zohar Chayei Sarah Section 2 - Dumah Rises and Accepts the Reckonng

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Zohar on Parasha Chayei Sarah Section 2 - Dumah Rises and Accepts the Reckoning


The Zohar describes disturbing details concerning the fate awaiting the wicked at the time of the Resurrection of the Dead, emphasizing the urgent need for all of us to replace our bad deeds with good ones immediately.


Intellectual blockages in our consciousness prevent us from completely accepting and beholding the truth of the World to Come and the gravity of our erring actions. Though we might accept the notion of a Creator and other spiritual principles on a purely intellectual level, internalizing and living these truths is a much more difficult task, and the basis of our spiritual work. The intent of this passage is to remove impediments and doubts, opening our eyes to spiritual truths and stimulating greater awareness. As we become more devout in our pursuit of righteousness, replacing the bad we have done in this world becomes an intrinsic part of our nature. And this process is furthered by the Light emanating from this portion.

Pasook 9. of Zohar Chayei Sarah Section 2 Sulam Commentary on Parasha Chayei Sarah

וַיִּהְיוּ חַיֵּי שָׂרָה. גּוּפָא דְמַתְנִיתִין, אֲנַן קְרֵיבִין הֲוֵינָא, שְׁמַעְנָא קָלָא מִתְהַפֵּךְ מֵעֵילָא לְתַתָּא, אִתְפַּשְׁטַת בְּעַלְמָא, קָל מְתַבַּר טוּרִין, וּמְתַבַּר טִנָּרִין תַּקִּיפִין, עִלְעוּלִין רַבְרְבִין סָלְקִין, אוּדְנָנָא פְּתִיחָן.

"And Sarah's life was..." The body of the Mishnah, NAMELY ITS ESSENCE, WAS LONG AND IS NOW ABRIDGED. We, WHO ARE VERSED IN THE MISHNAH, were close TO THE INNER SIDE OF THE GRADE and heard a voice that travels down from above and expands throughout the world. This voice uproots mountains and smashes strong rocks, NAMELY ITS ILLUMINATION UPROOTS AND SMASHES ALL THE KLIPOT. Great spirits rise, and ears are open.

chanoch's Commentary

This is describing the shortening of the time between cause and effect. Essentially reducing slowly and orderly Mercy and leaving the world and or the situation totally in judgment.

Pasook 10. of Zohar Chayei Sarah Section 2 Sulam Commentary on Parasha Chayei Sarah

הֲוָה אָמַר בְּמַטַלְנוֹי קוּץ קוּצִיתָא, דְּמִיכָן דְּמִימִין דְּשִׂינְתָּא בְּחוֹרֵיהוֹן, קַיְימִין בְּקִיוּמֵיהוֹן. מַלְכָּא דִּמְמַלְּלָא, נַטְרֵי תַּרְעִין, שְׂלִיטָא דְּחָיַלִין סַגִּיאִין, קָם בְּקִיוּמֵיהּ.

As THE VOICE TRAVELS TO THREE PLACES, it says, cut off a portion, how the still ones, who are still sleeping, maintain their guard and stand in position. The king, NUKVA, guards the gates, as the ruler over many armies stands by his post.

chanoch's Commentary

This is explaining how death comes from the evil actions that people do. We do evil and we lose time of life. We are given a fixed length of action and only our negative actions that we have done will reduce our lives length. That is what this pasook is explaining in a coded way.

Pasook 11. of Zohar Chayei Sarah Section 2 Sulam Commentary on Parasha Chayei Sarah

כֻּלְּהוּ לָא מַרְגְּשָׁן, וְלָא יָדְעֵי דְּסִפְרָא פְּתִיחַ, וּבִשְׁמָא אֶכְתּוֹב, וְדוּמָה קָאֵים, וְנָטֵיל בְּחוּשְׁבְּנָא, וְדָיְירֵי עַפְרָא תָּיְיבִין לְבַר, וְקָרֵיב טַב לְאִתְמְנָאָה בְּהוֹ, לָא תְּאֵיבִין, גִּלְגּוּלָא וְהִפּוּךְ.

Nobody notices or knows that the book is open, and is written in by a name, and Dumah rises to receive the reckoning. The dwellers of dust, NAMELY THE WICKED, go back outside. The good part, THE CENTRAL COLUMN, THAT IS YESOD, WHICH IS CALLED GOOD APPROCHES, to be counted among them, but they do not wish for rolling and reversing.

chanoch's Commentary

This pasook is the source for the teaching of the ARIzal in our Advanced Reincarnaiton Classes that some of our parts will be resurrected and some might not be resurrectred depending on the contribution to our evil actions. This will take a long explanation. i refer you to the Advanced Reincarnation teachings on the Yeshshem website.

Pasook 12. of Zohar Chayei Sarah Section 2 Sulam Commentary on Parasha Chayei Sarah

נָפְלִין וְלָא קָיְימִין, אִתְמְחוּן חַיָּיבִין מִסִּפְרָא דְדוּמָה, מַאן יִתְּבַע לוֹן, וּמַאן יָתֵיב בְּחוּשְׁבַּנְהוֹן, וַוי לוֹן, וַוי לְחַיֵּיהוֹן, וַוי לְרִגְשֵׁיהוֹן, בְּגִינְהוֹן אִתְקְרֵי, יִמָּחוּ מִסֵּפֶר חַיִּים וגו'. (עד כאן תוספתא)

BECAUSE THEY DO NOT WANT THE ROLLING AND REVERSING, they fall and do not come back to life. THUS, the wicked are wiped from the book of Dumah. Who then shall claim them AT THE TIME OF THE RESURRECTION OF THE DEAD, AS IT IS SAID THAT AT THE TIME OF THE RESURRECTION, THE ANGEL METATRON WILL RECEIVE A NOTE AT THE CEMETERIES FROM DUMAH. BUT WHO WILL CLAIM THOSE WICKED WHO ARE NOT ACCOUNTED FOR IN THE RECKONING OF DUMAH AT THE RESURRECTION? And who will care for their accounts? THIS ALLUDES TO THE HARSH KLIPAH NAMED "SICHON," WHO DOES THE RECKONING AND CORRESPONDS TO "DUMAH", FOR "DUMAH" MEANS SILENCE, WHILE "SICHON" MEANS CONVERSATION OR TALKING. Woe to them, woe to their lives, woe to their pains. For them, the verse says, "Let them be blotted out of the Book of the Living" (Tehilim 69:29).End of Tosefta (Addendum)

chanoch's Commentary

Rolling and Reversing are words used by Rabbi Ashlag to hint to reincarnation and self improvement. Fix yourself or lose your soul and become resurrected as a component to a different body. i disagree that replacing a good action replaces an evil action. Do a good action elevates sparks and is good to do. The scale is not balanced by good over bad or something like that. That evaluation is done by HaShem and it is good compared to good to set the hierarchy of what happens to the preponderance of good done by a person. When a part of someone is evaluated as bad then they give the good action to another body and this body does truly die.