Zohar Korach Section 5 - Take a Censer

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Zohar Commentary on the Parasha KORACH


Rabbi Chiya interprets the title verse by saying that people must be careful not to be sinful because their deeds are all recorded before God; if during the time of judgment a righteous person is in the world to plead for the sinful, God relents of His anger and uses compassion.

Pasook 20. from the Zohar Commentary on the Parasha Korarch

וַיֹּאמֶר מֹשֶׁה אֶל אַהֲרֹן קַח אֶת הַמַּחְתָּה וְגוֹ'. רִבִּי חִיָּיא פָּתַח חֲמַת מֶלֶךְ מַלְאֲכֵי מָוֶת וְאִישׁ חָכָם יְכַפְּרֶנָּה. כַּמָה אִית לְהוּ לִבְנֵי נָשָׁא. לְאִסְתַּמְּרָא מֵחוֹבַיְיהוּ, וּלְנַטְרָא עוֹבָדַיְיהוּ, דְּהָא בְּכַמָּה זִמְנִין עָלְמָא אִתְּדָּן, וּבְכָל יוֹמָא וְיוֹמָא עוֹבָדִין בְּמַתְקְלָא סַלְּקִין, וּמַשְׁגִּיחִין עָלַיְיהוּ לְעֵילָּא, וְאַכְתִּיבוּ קַמֵּיהּ. וְכַד עוֹבָדַיְיהוּ דִּבְנֵי נָשָׁא, לָא מִתְכַּשְּׁרָן קַמֵּי מַלְכָּא, סָלִיק רוּגְזָא, וְדִינָא אִתְּעַר, הה"ד חֲמַת מֶלֶךְ מַלְאֲכֵי מָוֶת, וע"ד בְּכָל יוֹמָא וְיוֹמָא בָּעֵי ב"נ לְאִזְדַּהֲרָא מֵחוֹבוֹי.

"And Moses said to Aaron, 'Take a censer...'" (Bemidbar 17:11). Rabbi Chiya opened the discussion with the verse: "the wrath of a king is as messengers of death: but a wise man will pacify it" (Mishlei 16:14). How particular people need to be to prevent themselves from giving in to their iniquities and to be careful with their activities. At various occasions, the world is judged. And on a daily basis, their deeds are entered upon the scale of Justice, are monitored from above, and are recorded before Him. When a person's acts are not fit for the King, anger rises and Judgment is stirred. This is what is written: "the wrath of a king is as messengers of death." Therefore, a person must be on watch for his iniquities each and every day.

chanoch's Commentary

We know that HaShem does not get angry, yet we always read the Torah using words of personification. What is the meaning of these words of personification? It helps us to understand the importance of times when judgment is prevalent that we should pay attention and not do things that do not control ourselves from doing things that will create a reaction in the Boomerang Law with an action of the code word "messengers of death". These code words are saying specifically what you do will come back to you with the greatest negativity.

Pasook 21. from the Zohar Commentary on the Parasha Korach

וְאִישׁ חָכָם יְכַפְּרֶנָּה, בְּשַׁעֲתָא דְּמָארֵיהוֹן דְּדִינִין קַיְימִין עַל עָלְמָא, וְרוּגְזָא תָּלֵי, אִי אִשְׁתְּכַח בְּדָרָא זַכָּאָה דְּרָשִׁים לְעֵילָּא, קוּדְשָׁא בְּרִיךְ הוּא אַשְׁגַּח בֵּיהּ, וְאִשְׁתְּכַךְ רוּגְזָא. לְמַלְכָּא דְּאִתְרְגַז עַל עַבְדוֹי, וַהֲוָה תָּבַע עַל סַנְטִירָא לְמֶעְבַּד דִּינָא, אַדְּהָכִי עָאל רְחִימָא דְּמַלְכָּא, וְקָם קַמֵּיהּ, כֵּיוָן דְּחָמָא לֵיהּ מַלְכָּא, אִתְנְהִירוּ אַנְפּוֹי. שָׁארִי הַהוּא רְחִימָא דְּמַלְכָּא לְאִשְׁתָּעֵי בַּהֲדֵיהּ, וּמַלְכָּא חַדֵּי. לְבָתַר כַּד אָתָא סַנְטִירָא, חָזָא אַנְפּוֹי דְּמַלְכָּא חַדָּאן, אִסְתַּלָּק וְאָזִיל לֵיהּ, וְלָא עָבֵיד דִּינָא. וּכְדֵין, הַהוּא רְחִימָא בָּעֵי לְמַלְכָּא עַל עֲבָדוֹי, וּמְכַפֵּר לְהוּ. ובג"כ, וְאִישׁ חָכָם יְכַפְּרֶנָּה.

"But a wise man will pacify it," during the time when prosecutors prevail on the world and anger impends. If the righteous man is at hand in that generation who is distinguished above, the Holy One, blessed be He, looks at him and the anger subsides. This is SIMILAR to a king who is angry at his servants and demands the officer that carry out justice. In the meantime, the beloved of the king arrives and stands in front of him and, as soon as the king sees him, his face shines. When that friend of the king begins to speak with him, the king is glad. After this, when the police official arrives and sees the king's face in happiness, he departs and no longer carries out the sentence. Then that beloved of the king beseeches the king on behalf of his servants and the king forgives them. As a result of this, "a wise man will pacify it."

chanoch's Commentary

The important words in this Pasook is for us to realize that a "friend of the King" does not appear in every generation. Therefore each of us needs to strive to become that "friend of the King" which is a Righteous Man or a Tzadik.

Pasook 22. from the Zohar Commentary on the Parasha Korach

אוֹף הָכָא, כַּד חָמָא מֹשֶׁה דְּרוּגְזָא הֲוָה תָּלֵי, מִיַּד וַיֹּאמֶר מֹשֶׁה אֶל אַהֲרֹן, בְּגִין דְּאִיהוּ שׁוּשְׁבִינָא דְּמַטְרוֹנִיתָא, וּקְטֹרֶת לָא סַלְּקָא אֶלָּא בִּידוֹי, דְּאִיהוּ אַסְגֵּי שְׁלָמָא בְּעָלְמָא, וְקָשִׁיר קִשְׁרָא דִּמְהֵימְנוּתָא. קְטֹרֶת, הָא אוּקְמוּהָ, חֶדְוָותָא דְּעֵילָּא וְתַתָּא, קִשּׁוּרָא דִּמְהֵימְנוּתָא, סְלִיקוּ דְּרוּגְזָא, הה"ד שֶׁמֶן וּקְטֹרֶת יְשַׂמַּח לֵב, וּכְדֵין וְאִישׁ חָכָם יְכַפְּרֶנָּה, יְנָקֵי וִידָכֵּי לְהַהוּא רוּגְזָא, וְרַחֲמִין מִתְעָרִין.

Here too, when Moses saw the anger pending, Moses immediately said to Aaron: 'He is the groom, MEANING THAT FRIEND, of the Queen, and the incense does not rise except through his hands, since he increases peace in the world and ties the knot of Faith,' THAT IS MALCHUT. Incense was already set and explained. That is the joy above and below, the tie of Faith and the disappearance of anger. This is what is written: "ointment and perfume rejoice the heart" (Mishlei 27:9). Then, "a wise man will pacify it," will clean and purify that anger and compassion will be stirred.

chanoch's Commentary

We need to light the censer which is the incense along with the candles. This is our replacement for the "friend of the King". We never truly know when judgment enters the world but if we say the preparation of the incense and the lighting of the Menorah twice a day we can acquire a friend of the KIng to speak on our behalf.