Zohar Recordings for the Parasha of Ki Tisa

Our Zohar classes are unique. We read the Zohar Verse by Verse, Firs in the Aramaic, then in an English Translation which includes the Sulam commentary by Rabbi Ashlag and then (if necessary) some commentary by Chanoch to help people understand what is read. Our classes all start with saying/meditating on the Ana Bekoach to bring the essence of creation to our studies. All Zohar classes are approx 1 hour long.

Hand Outs for Parasha Ki Tisa from the Zohar

  • Zohar Ki Tisa section 1 and 2 - Then shall each man give a ransom for his soul - half a shekel
  • Zohar Ki Tisa section 3 and 4 - sun worship and lip of truth will be established forever
  • Zohar Ki Tisa section 5 - Behold All Who Were Incensed Against
  • Zohar Ki Tisa section 6 - The Exile Goes On
  • Zohar Ki Tisa section 7 - And It Shall Come To Pass In the Last Day
  • Recordings for the Parasha of Ki Tisa from the Zohar

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