Zohar Recordings for the Parasha of Pekudai

Our Zohar classes are unique. We read the Zohar Verse by Verse, Firs in the Aramaic, then in an English Translation which includes the Sulam commentary by Rabbi Ashlag and then (if necessary) some commentary by Chanoch to help people understand what is read. Our classes all start with saying/meditating on the Ana Bekoach to bring the essence of creation to our studies. All Zohar classes are approx 1 hour long.

Hand Outs for Parasha Pekudai from the Zohar

  • Zohar Pekudai section 1 - "All the Rivers Run Into the Sea"
  • Zohar Pekudai section 2 - Oh How Great is Your Goodness
  • Zohar Pekudai section 3 - And In Mercy Is Your Throne Established
  • Recordings for the Parasha of Pekudai from the Zohar

    All recordings are from the year 5770 and 5774

    Recording and Readings in the Zohar from 2 22 2014 - Yom Echad Parasha Pekudai

  • Zohar Pekudai Section 9
  • Zohar Pekudai Section 10
  • Zohar Pekudai Section 11
  • These sections are describing negative and positive aspects of the spiritual world. In my opinion the negative aspect should be read first since HaShem created the day by creating darkness first.

  • Zohar Pekudai Section 53
  • Zohar Pekudai Section 45

  • This recording is not yet active

  • Recording of Zohar Pekudai Section 9-10-11 from the year 5774 (2 22 2014)