Zohar Recordings for the Parasha of Re'eh

Our Zohar classes are unique. We read the Zohar Verse by Verse, First in the Aramaic, then in an English Translation which includes the Sulam commentary by Rabbi Ashlag and then (if necessary) some commentary by Chanoch to help people understand what is read. Our classes all start with saying/meditating on the Ana Bekoach to bring the essence of creation to our studies. All Zohar classes are approx 1 hour long.

Parasha Re'eh has no Zohar. It is recommended that one complete the previous Zohar on the Parasha Ekev and then start the Prologue in vol 1./b

Here is an explantion as to the reason the Zohar does not have a portion dealing with Re'Eh.

The parasha Re'eh is the only parasha that is named after HaShem. The word Re'eh is one of the 72 Names dealing with spiritual sight. The word Re'eh means "to see". In the Parasha there are many subjects and many Mitzvot - Mitzvot for the first time. The Torah speaks in the language of man which is the consciousness of hearing and understanding. The Kabbalists teach that vision / sight is above this level of "hearing". The essence of the Parasha of Re'eh is vision and therefore can truly only be acheived through meditation and intuition or in modern terms "unconsciousness". The Zohar is the essence of the Torah and is also speaks in the language of man. Therefore there can be no Zohar other than to realize "see" that only through an insight of spiritual sight can one learn the inner essence of this Parasha.

Recordings for the Parasha of Ekev from the Zohar

All recordings are from the year 5770