Zohar Recordings for the Parasha of Vayelech

Our Zohar classes are unique. We read the Zohar Verse by Verse, Firs in the Aramaic, then in an English Translation which includes the Sulam commentary by Rabbi Ashlag and then (if necessary) some commentary by Chanoch to help people understand what is read. Our classes all start with saying/meditating on the Ana Bekoach to bring the essence of creation to our studies. All Zohar classes are approx 1 hour long.

Hand Outs from the Zohar for Parasha Vayelech

  • Zohar Vayelech Section 1 - Moses Aaron and Miriam
  • Zohar Vayelech Section 2 - Moses Rule the Sun - Joshua Rules the Moon
  • Zohar Vayelech Section 3 - From the Uttermost Part of the Earth We Have Heard Songs
  • Zohar Vayelech Section 4 - There are 3 Who Testify
  • Zohar Vayelech Section 5 - Song and Poem
  • Zohar Vayelech Section 6 - One who calls on His Name
  • Zohar Vayelech Section 7 - Amen is Greater than the Blessing Itself
  • Zohar Vayelech Section 8 - Opening to Garden of Eden and to Gehinom
  • Zohar Vayelech Section 9 - The Song of the Well
  • Recordings for the Parasha of Vayelech from the Zohar

    All recordings are from the year 5770

  • Zohar Vayishlach Section 6 and 7 Recorded 9 17 2015

  • Zohar Vayishlach Section 19,20, and part of 21 from LA in the year 5770 (12 3 2009)