Zohar Noach Section 2 - Behold the Works

It is recommended to read / scan / study the section prior to reading the Synopsis.

Zohar Noach Section 2 - Behold the Works


Noah was given his name because it was a direct reflection of his spiritual character. Noah is derived from the Hebrew word Nechamah, which means to console. Noah's spiritual work and destiny was to console the earth in the aftermath of the flood and the destruction of the world. This great spiritual mission, expressed through his name, was Noah's connection to the Light of the Creator. Our name, too, is our bridge and link to the Creator. The name is like a strand of spiritual DNA that motivates and gives rise to our personal attributes, our inner character, and our mission in life. This section of the Zohar strengthens our name's spiritual function of connecting us to the Light.

Pasook 15. from the Zohar Commentary on Parasha Noach

רַבִּי אֶלְעָזָר פְּתַח, לְכוּ חֲזוּ מִפְעֲלוֹת ה' אֲשֶׁר שָׂם שַׁמּוֹת בָּאָרֶץ, הַאי קְרָא, הָא אִתְּמָר וְאוֹקְמוּהָ, אֲבָל לְכוּ חֲזוּ, מַאי חֲזוּ כד"א חֲזוּת קָשֶׁה הוּגַד לִי, בְּעוֹבְדוֹי, דְּקֻדְשָׁא בְּרִיךְ הוּא עָבִיד, אִתְגְּלֵי נְבוּאָה עִלָּאָה לִבְנֵי נָשָׁא. אֲשֶׁר שָׂם שַׁמּוֹת, שֵׁמוֹת וַדַּאי, דְּהָא שְׁמָא גָּרִים לְכֹלָּא.

Rabbi Elazar opened his discourse WITH THE VERSES: "THESE ARE THE GENERATIONS OF NOAH" AND "Come, behold the works of Hashem, who has made desolations in the earth" (Tehilim 46:9). AND HE ASKS, "Come, behold (Heb. chazu)": what is the meaning of "behold?" AND HE ANSWERS: It is related to the verse, "a grievous vision (Heb. chazut) has been declared to me (Yeshayah 21:2). Because by His deeds, the Holy One, blessed be He, reveals his prophecy to man. And when a prophecy is revealed by preceding grievous deeds, it is called 'a grievous vision.' "Who has made desolations (Heb. shamot)" assuredly alludes to names (Heb. shemot), for a name is the cause of everything that happens. This means that we should consider the name of whatever happens. For the holy One, blessed be He, puts the name in the mouth of man so he can name everything on earth. So the verse is actually calling us to go and observe the works of Hashem through the names by which they are called by man on earth. Because the Holy One, blessed be He, puts names in the mouth of man as prophecy, by preceding them by actions.

chanoch's Commentary

This verse from the Zohar is where chanoch learned the truth regarding a person's name and how all teachings related to Names essentially comes through. The word Shamot means "to make desolate". These are the same letters with different vowels as the word Shemot which means Names. This teaches that one will learn from his / her /its name or one will cause the desolation of the destruction of an item. This is true for the modern Hebrew terms. If a word starts to be used by people then it will become the activities of all aspect of this item. Many of my students have seen that the Names that they utilize for themselves also cause changes in their life. Most do not realize that the new Name someone utilizes is not the cause of the changes in their life but the effect of the changes they have already made but can not be revealed until they start to use the Name.

Pasook 16. from the Zohar Commentary on Parasha Noach

כְּתִיב וַיִּקְרָא אֶת שְׁמוֹ נֹחַ לֵאמֹר זֶה וגו', אַמַּאי הָכָא לֵאמֹר, וְאַמַּאי זֶה, אֶלָּא לֵאמֹר, דָּא אִתְּתָא, זֶה, דָּא צַדִּיק, כְּתִיב הָכָא זֶה יְנַחֲמֵנוּ, וּכְתִיב הָתָם זֶה ה' קִוִּינוּ לוֹ. זַכָּאִין אִינוּן צַדִּיקַיָא דִרְשִׁימִין בִּרְשִׁימוּ דְגוּשְׁפַּנְקָא דְמַלְכָּא, לְמֶהֱוֵי בִּשְׁמֵיהּ רְשִׁימִין, וְאִיהוּ שָׁוֵי שְׁמָהָן בְּאַרְעָא כִּדְקָא יָאוֹת.

The verse states: "And he called his name Noah, saying: This..." (Beresheet 5:29). RABBI ELAZAR ASKS: Why does the verse read, "saying: This?" AND HE ANSWERS: The word "saying" refers to the Female Principle, WHICH IS MALCHUT, while "This" refers to the Righteous, WHO IS NOAH. AND THE PROOF THAT IS it is written here and elsewhere, "This one shall comfort us" (Ibid.), "This is Hashem; we have waited for Him" (Yeshayah 25:9). AND WE LEARN THROUGH ANALOGOUS MEANING: THE WORD "THIS" REFERS HERE TO HASHEM, WHO IS CALLED RIGHTEOUS, AND THEREFORE THE MEANING OF "THIS" IN ANY OTHER VERSE MEANS RIGHTEOUS AS WELL. HERE, IT REFERS TO NOAH, WHO IS RIGHTEOUS, LIKE HASHEM. LIKEWISE, THE VERSE THAT STATES, "AND HE CALLED HIS NAME NOAH," REFERS TO THE SUPERNAL FEMALE PRINCIPLE OR MALCHUT, WHO CALLED HIM NOAH, FOR THE FEMALE WAS SAYING, "THIS," THAT IS, NOAH "SHALL COMFORT US." Blessed are the righteous wedho are marked with the imprints of the ring of the King, THE HOLY ONE, BLESSED BE HE, for they are marked with His name. And He has put "names" on earth, MEANING IN MAN'S MOUTH, so that everything can be called by its name correctly.

chanoch's Commentary

Learn this well. what you allow yourself to be called is what you will manifest in your life. Change your name and change yourself. Of course the truth is the spiritual needs to change first and then that change will cause the Name to be changed in the physical world.

Pasook 17. from the Zohar Commentary on Parasha Noach

כְּתִיב וַיִּקְרָא אֶת שְׁמוֹ נֹחַ, וּכְתִיב וַיִּקְרָא שְׁמוֹ יַעֲקֹב, אַמַּאי לָא כְתִיב אֶת, אֶלָּא הָתָם דַּרְגָּא אַחֲרָא, וְהָכָא דַּרְגָּא אוֹחֲרָא, כְּדִכְתִיב וָאֶרְאֶה אֶת ה' וָאֶרְאֶה ה' לָא כְתִיב, אֶלָּא אֶת ה', אוֹף הָכָא בְּנֹחַ, וַיִּקְרָא אֶת שְׁמוֹ נֹחַ, וַיִּקְרָא שְׁמוֹ יַעֲקֹב דַּרְגָּא דִּילֵיהּ, קֻדְשָׁא בְּרִיךְ הוּא מַמָּשׁ, קָרָא לֵיהּ יַעֲקֹב, אֲבָל הָכָא אֶת, לְאִתְכְּלָלָא שְׁכִינְתָּא.

The verse states: "And he called his name (Heb. et) Noah," and it is also written: "And he called his name Jacob" (Beresheet 25:26). Why does it not say et IN REGARD TO JACOB, AS WITH NOAH? Because each one refers to a different level. As it is written in the verse: "I saw (et) Hashem" (Yeshayah 6:1). It does not say 'I saw Hashem,' but "Et Hashem." This indicates that the particle et (the) has a specific meaning. Here too, it is written of Noah: "And he called his et name Noah." As for, "And he called his name Jacob," in reality his level is that of the Holy One, blessed be He, and this is why the particle et is not mentioned there. But with Noah, the particle et is mentioned so as to connect him with the Shechinah, WHICH IS THE FEMALE PRINCIPLE. Because the Shechinah is called et, the particle et does not appear in Jacob's name. For his level is that of a chariot for the Holy One, blessed be He, while Noah, who is the secret of the Righteous and is always connected with the Shechinah, has the word et preceeding his name.

chanoch's Commentary

Read this pasook and learn the truth of it well. Are you connected to the level of Zeir Anpin or Malchut? If Zeir Anpin you are a cause to manifest proper righteous things in the physical world. Apply the Pasook to yourself.