Zohar Pinchas Section 19 - 3 Partners: Holy One, Father, and Mother

It is recommended to read / scan the Zohar Section Below first prior to reading the Synopsis or the Relevance Passage.

Zohar Commentary on the Parasha Pinchas


We learn how many partners are responsible for creating and sustaining a person, including God and His Shechinah, one’s mother and father, the angels, the sun and moon, the living creatures, the trees and the seed of the earth. At the time of the redemption all will come together and rejoice.


The body and soul of man are cleansed, healed and redeemed through this powerful passage that explicates upon the creation of a man and the Final Redemption. Healing begins with our eyes, bones, sinews, brain, flesh, and skin. Our supernal parents; the Patriarchs Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob; and the Matriarchs Sarah, Rivkah, Rachel, and Leah; along with our own parents if they dwell in the world beyond, come forth at the behest of the Creator to commence the ultimate rejoicing. This rejoicing is the Final Redemption; and as the Zohar states, there is no rejoicing like that of the Redemption. The Light that will resurrect the dead and summon the souls from Eden to animate the risen bodies shines forth as we visually embrace these verses. And because all of this is ignited by the Zohar, the process is quick, merciful, and pleasant.

Pasook 126. from the Zohar Commentary on the Parasha Pinchas.

אָמַר קוּדְשָׁא בְּרִיךְ הוּא, אֲנָא וּשְׁכִינְתִּי שׁוּתָּפוּתָא דְּנִשְׁמְתָא, וַאֲבוֹי וְאִמֵּיהּ שׁוּתָּפוּתָא דְּגוּפָא, דַּאֲבוֹי מַזְרִיעַ לוֹבֶן, דְּעַיְינִין, וּדְגַרְמִין, וְגִידִין, וּמוֹחָא. וְאִתְּתָא שְׁחוֹר דְּעַיְינִין, וְשַׂעֲרָא, וּבִשְׂרָא, וּמִשְׁכָא. וְאוֹף הָכִי שְׁמַיָיא וְאַרְעָא. וְכָל חַיָּילִין דִּלְהוֹן, אִשְׁתְּתָּפוּ בִּיצִירָתֵיהּ. מַלְאָכִין, מִנְּהוֹן יֵצֶר הַטּוֹב וְיֵצֶר הָרָע לְמֶהֱוֵי מְצוּיָיר מִתַּרְוַויְיהוּ. שִׁמְשָׁא וְסִיהֲרָא, לְאַנְהָרָא לֵיהּ בִּימָמָא וְלֵילְיָא. חֵיוָן וּבְעִירָן וְעוֹפִין וְנוּנִין, לְאִתְפַּרְנְסָא מִנְּהוֹן. כָּל אִילָנִין וְזַרְעִין דְּאַרְעָא, לְאִתְפַּרְנְסָא מִנְּהוֹן.

Ra'aya Meheimna (the Faithful Shepherd) Said the Holy One, blessed be He: 'I and My Shechinah are the partners in the soul, a person's father and mother are the partners in the body, for his father injects the whiteness IN THE BABY, namely the white of the eyes, bones, sinews, and brain, and the woman SUPPLIES the black of the eyes, hair, flesh, and skin. The heavens, the earth, and all their hosts also participate in MAN'S creation. The angels, TOO, TAKE PART, FOR from them COME the Good Inclination and the Evil Inclination, THAT MAN should be portrayed in both of them. THE PART OF the sun and the moon is to give him light by day and by night, and even the beasts, cattle, birds, and fish PARTICIPATE IN MAN, for he makes a living from them. The trees and the seed of the earth PARTICIPATE IN HIM to sustain and nourish him'.

chanoch's Commentary

The Zohar Verse is explaining, as a hint, why all aspects of the creation was created. Intellectually we have heard the idea that everything in creation was created to support mankind in his action of serving the Creator. In this Zohar we see some of how that works. It is from this Pasook that the Rabbis authorized the raising of pigs in Israel. They are to be used as commerce to be sold to non Jews who are authorized to eat the pig. Now, how many think that a donation was made to certain Rabbis to authorize that ruling?

Pasook 127. from the Zohar Commentary on the Parasha Pinchas

מַה עָבֵד קוּדְשָׁא בְּרִיךְ הוּא, אַעְקַר לַאֲבוּי וּלְאִמֵּיהּ מִגִּנְתָּא דְּעֵדֶן, וְאַיְיתֵי לְהוּ עִמֵּיהּ, לְמֶהֱוֵי עִמֵּיהּ בְּחֶדְוָה דִּבְנוֹי, וְלֵית חֶדְוָה כְּחֶדְוָה דְּפוּרְקָנָא, דִּכְתִּיב בָּהּ, יִשְׂמְחוּ הַשָּׁמַיִם וְתָגֵל הָאָרֶץ וַיֹּאמְרוּ בַגּוֹיִם יְיָ' מָלָךְ. אָז יְרַנְּנוּ עֲצֵי הַיָּעַר מִלִפְנֵי יְיָ' כִּי בָא לִשְׁפּוֹט אֶת הָאָרֶץ. ע"כ רעיא מהימנא

What does the Holy One, blessed be He, do? He uproots his father and mother from the Garden of Eden and brings them with Him so that they should be with Him at the rejoicing of their children. AND SO IT IS AT THE TIME OF THE REDEMPTION, for there is no rejoicing like that of the Redemption, about which it is written: "Let the heavens be glad, and let the earth rejoice: and let it be said among the nations, Hashem reigns... Then shall the trees of the wood sing for joy before Hashem, because He comes to judge the earth" (I Divrei Hayamim 16:31-33), FOR THEN THE HOLY ONE, BLESSED BE HE, BRINGS THE PATRIARCHS AND MATRIARCHS OF YISRAEL TO BE AT THEIR REJOICING.

End of Ra'aya Meheimna (the Faithful Shepherd)

chanoch adds: Let us all say AMEN