The Year 5776 תשעו According to Kabbalah

Every year i use an ancient Kabbalistic technique to prognosticate about the year ahead. This year i was amazed and excited to learn what is in store for mankind. I think you will also be both amazed and excited.

This year analysis is not yet complete

  • Summary of the Year Ahead
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  • Explanation of the Kabbalistic Talmudic Technique for prognostication about the Year 5776
  • Recordings for the Year 5776

  • What to expect in 5776 - Part 1
  • What to expect in 5776 - Part 2 Recorded 9 17 2016
  • When one prognosticates about the future there is a traditional statement that needs to be made in order to protect the prognosticator and the people who read or hear about his statements. The traditional statement which i am making at this time is: I am not a Prophet nor am I the Son of a Prophet. One may now feel safe in reading the balance of this page.

    Many times i am asked by students and friends: What will the future be? What will tomorrow bring? I usually answer, "We will all return to the Endless World (Ayn Sof). The only question is will the process be shorter for you due to your using the tool called Binding by Striking (Some call it Restriction) or longer due to your negative actions that create the necessity of cleansing through pain and suffering (chaos)?"

    There is a deeper stronger aspect of the tool of Binding by Striking also. This tool has the capability of converting your negative actions into NON-EXISTENCE, meaning it will be as if the negative action never happened. This is the minimum that this tool manifests. The maximum is that it converts your negative action into a positive action. Of course this is very difficult to do, yet it can be accomplished. The tool is called Kabbalistic Teshuvah. It is a deeper teaching than what is usually taught about Teshuvah. Please refer to the basic and advanced classes on our website on the subject of Teshuvah.

    Yet each year i analyze the year ahead as the Kabbalists have taught us to do. The reason they have given us this tool is not to satisfy our curiosity about the future. It is to learn about the essence of the energies that we will see during the year so that we can be prepared to restrict our reactive natures and also to learn how to enhance the positive aspects of the year.

    There are many people who are waiting for Mashiach. Waiting for Peace in our day. Waiting for the Resurrection of the Dead. Waiting for the Rebuilding of the Temple. There are many more people who have heard of these Prophecies. Yet they have not yet happened. Some people teach that they will come with miracles and wonders similar to the descriptions in the Torah of the Exodus from Egypt. Others teach that they will come in a natural and orderly advancement of human civilization. Which teaching will prove correct? Or can they both be true? Let me express a possible way that both can prove to be true.

    The energy of 5776 is "the pause that refreshes"

    The word תשעו translates as "Pay Attention". When we add the letter HEY as the full meaning of the word it can permute to be "Pay Attention to the physical world" or the HEY can be the "the world that is coming", in which case the translation will be "Pay Attention to the world that is coming". Read below for a more complete explanation of this meaning.

    The Kabbalists and modern physicists both teach the same thing. It will depend on YOUR INDIVIDUAL CONSCIOUSNESS. Will it happen is up to you. I can write a summary of the revelations from the tools of Kabbalah about this year ahead. Yet that has never and will never change your consciousness. Only you can do this change. You must hear this and see this (read this) for yourself. IT IS UP TO YOU WHAT YOU WILL DO WITH THIS INFORMATION. The first step is to read/listen to this whole web page/mp3 recording. Is an hour and a half worth bringing Mashiach or remove death or peace to the world? Of course I know you do not think that your spending an hour and half will change the world. The Kabbalists say it will. Please invest this time. YOUR WORLD NEEDS YOU TO SPEND THIS TIME. PLEASE.

    The Kabbalists teach that change comes about one person at a time. When we look at the modern world and how it has changed, we realize that the Kabbalists are correct. Change comes about one person at a time. Change comes about when one person decides to change themselves. Here is a simple request to change yourself. All you have to do is read this summary section and decide to read the next section after that. For most people that is a simple change. That change may lead you to decide to do another action of change. Let us see if that might be true by reading this summary section.

    When you change yourself - then you can change the whole world because other people notice the change in you. When you change and other people notice that makes you a happier person. They then decide to try to change themselves. Trying to change leads to actual changing. Please try...Just read a little bit more... Listen to a little more of the recording. You will change the world and will not even realize that you did it.

    This year the energies that appear to me to be the most significant for the world at large is the possibility that the one verse with a gematria of 5776 in all of the Tanach will be able to manifest. The Pause that refreshes This is supported by the verse in the Tanach that has a gematria of 776. Let us be clear just because the verses say this is the year "that will be a pause" might happen does not mean it will happen. It takes the consciousness of people to manifest the words of the verse. One way is to study this verse in detail. Not just in the English or the language that you understand but in the original Hebrew. By saying this verse repeatedly, the verse will become part of the consciousness of the people saying it. This is one of the tools that Kabbalah teaches. Below you will find the verses written in a transliterated form so that you will be able to say the verse in the original Hebrew as many times as you wish to do so. Perhaps every day during this year ahead.

    The world has been moving toward two different directions for many years. One direction is "the attraction to the material and physical pleasures of the world". The other direction is to utilize these pleasures to grow toward the spiritual connection to HaShem. This past year of 5775 manifested many negative effects. These effects - weather disruptions - fires in many places in the world - airplane crashes - terror incidents - racial unrest - competing perceptions that something is wrong in the world - and many other calamities seem to be a world gone awry. The various prophecies tell us that this type of order or appearance of disorder is meant to make people turn toward HaShem for help. People have this choice to turn toward HaShem and spirituality or to the modern technological physical world for their answers. The Prophecies all indicate that their path will always remain murky and unclear since this is the need to make an individual free will choice. As such there are years interspersed within these more difficult years which are breather years - years where the chaos subsides and people have the opportunity to consider what caused all of this chaos. That is the energy of the year 5776. Do not waste this energy by taking a breath and ignoring the chaos of the last year. Use this "pause that refreshes" to strengthen your connection to HaShem, to realize that these chaotic events are caused by YOUR negative actions in your previous lives or in this life. If you are not helping people then you are hurting people. Once you recognize this you can do Teshuvah for these actions of a lack of charity, a lack of concern for others, Loshon Harah which actually is murder, and sexual misconduct by you not by others.

    During the year each month on our blog we will address these items in much more detail. Look for these discussions and add your voice to the discussion of change. Make your own changes to bring you a stronger connection to HaShem during this year of "the pause that refreshes. Remember the year 5777 promises to be a more violent - powerful - fierce - response from the goat. Many images, throughout the centuries describe the negative Satanic system to be a GOAT. Always know HaShem provides the cure before the disease. 5776 - "the pause that refreshes" is the cure prior to the disease of 5777 "the year of the GOAT". Remember the meaning of the year 5776 reinforces this idea of the free choice decision. Will you Pay Attention to the Climate Change and the physical world changes that "spiritual" people will call for or will you realize that the efforts to change yourself and connect to HaShem will fix those same climate changes in a much more miraculous way. Pay Attention for your own sake, please!

    If you arrived here looking for the short explanation, now it might be a good time to scroll to the top of this page and start to learn more of why this is the year that is "the pause that refreshes". If you have already read or listened to the recording for 5776 please continue to read on.

    Let us discuss the meaning of a particular year and its energy. Included in the energy of a year and explained by the Kabbalah is all of the potential energy for that year. Good things may happen. Negative things may happen. What determines that is the consciousness of the people. Of course no one wants negative things to happen yet they sometimes do happen due to the effects of the quantum consciousness of the human species. We must realize that every Prophecy that is negative does not have to happen. People can change these negative prophecies to happen in a positive way or not happen at all. How does someone make these changes?

    The answer is simple – so simple that people do not think it is that easy to do it. They think it takes more difficult actions and they think that they as one person can not have a significant impact and change the world. Yet the truth is it is that simple. EACH PERSON can do these actions. These actions will impact the prophecies to happen in a positive way and eliminate the negative prophecies completely. Only you can change the world. When you change yourself you change the world. What do you need to do?

    The simple action is to change yourself.

    What does changing yourself mean? How do I go about changing myself?

    1. Read/Listen to this web page/mp3 recording.

    2. Decide that it is worth changing yourself a little bit. Know that the universe is waiting for you to change. The Sages and Kabbalists teach that we need to “see” ourselves as standing on a balance scale where our one simple action will throw the whole world into a positive mode or chas v'shalom a negative mode. This is more true today than at any time in the history of the world.

    Will you start to say this one verse of Hebrew letters

  • which you will find here?
  • every day and many times a day during the next year. START TODAY

    That is the one simple thing that will change you so that the consciousness of the world will change.

    Yes, there is more that you can do as well. That will be revealed later in the year. The first step needs to begin now. It needs to be expanded by showing or telling this to everyone you know personally, or on social media, or every phone number in your call list. The more effort that you put into this connection and this action the more certain we can be that WE (YOU AND I together) CAN BRING PEACE TO THE MIDDLE EAST.


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  • One method that changes yourself is Tithing and Tzedakah.

    This is because when you make a donation that is used to spread the knowledge of Torah - the Light of Torah that is spread by your donation returns to you. Please consider making a donation to further the spreading of the knowledge of the Year 5776 to a greater number of people.

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  • The Revealed Aspects

    The word / name of the year is Tav Shin Ayin Vav/Wav. תשעו. This word translates as "Pay Attention". What does this translation mean? One explanation occurs when we add the complete name of התשעו. We can permutate this word to mean "Pay Attention to the Physical World". There are other permutations as well as we will show below.

    This year word is a number and it is also two words. The first 2 letters Tav Shin spell the word “weak.” The second word Ayin Wav which can be translated as "See Heaven" since Ayin means "eye" and implies sight and the Wav represents Zeir Anpin in the Tree of Life which the Kabbalists tell us is Heaven.

    Thus, the year ahead has the revealed energy of "a weak vision of Heaven". Our generation is called a weak generation by the Kabbalists. This means our spiritual level is low. This means we are more in tune to this "vision of Heaven" than earlier generations. We can actually cause Heaven to come down to earth just as did HaShem coming down to Mt Sinai to give the Torah. It can happen. It is up to you.

    This weak Vision of Heaven will begin to make more sense as one reads further down this page as well.

    Many people procrastinate or like to be lazy when “unimportant things” come to mind. Our Sages tell us that the physical world is called “The World of Action.” This means that we must do something to actually see a vision of Heaven. That thing is to know that we can see it and also know that we can strengthen the weak vision into a stronger vision.

    When we permutate the two letter words in reverse it is considered revealed and not concealed information. The word “weak” when spelled in reverse becomes Shin Tav which means both “foundation” and “backside” or “buttock.”

    When we permutate the word "weak vision" it becomes "Heaven is weak. This implies that there will be the illusion of more negativity in the world. This is something we must resist and keep connected to our certainty.

    To help keep your connection to certainty we will continue to say the Verse that connected us to the energy of the year 5774 as well as the verses that connected us to the energy of 5775. In 5774 we helped achieve a cease fire in the south of Israel between Israel and Gaza. Now by continuing to say that same verse in 5775 there is talk of a 5 year interim peace treaty between Israel and Gaza. We have been saying the 3 verses associated with the year 5775. The energy of these verses is being able to "see" the illusion of the Angel of Death. In my own life, i have seen this truth when my doctors said go off all of your blood pressure and diabetic medicines that i had been taking for 10 years. This is available to all of you as well. Just start saying these 3 verses that connect to 5775.

    The revealed energy of this year 5776 is to "Pay Attention". What are going to pay attention to? We will discuss this more below. It is also important to pay attention to having a “weak vision of Heaven”. Use it and strengthen that vision so that you can see more of the removal of the Angel of Death and more peace in the Middle East.

    What do you think is the most important not yet revealed knowledge of mankind? The Kabbalists teach us it is the defeat of death referred to as Bila Hamavet LaNetzach. This translates directly as “swallowing death forever.” Are you interested in learning more?

    When we utilize all 5 letters of the Hebrew word that is the full spelled out gematria התשעו we have the idea of "Pay Attention to the HEY". The HEY is two of the 4 letters of the Name of HaShem יהוה. The HEY can be either the upper HEY representing the Sefirah of Binah - the world that is coming. or the lower HEY representing the world of Malchut - the physical world. We can "pay attention" to the physical world and the "cause celeb" of global warming and fixing these abuses of mankind toward the physical world or we can "pay attention" to the world that is coming which means to continue to do our spiritual work and change ourselves through the study and teaching of Torah. Which will you do? Or will you do both? Remember the only way to fix the world is to change yourself and the most efficient way of changing yourself is through the study and teaching of Torah. This is not my idea it is the idea of many sages of the Kabbalah throughout the generations. If you want specific sources for this Truth send me an email.

    Remember - this is a revealed essence of this word / year. This is generally unusual in that the essence of the word / year does not usually come from the meaning of the word / year. There are many more ways to understand this essence.

    There are also other words revealed by these 4 letters that spell the name of the year. See them below.

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  • Explanation of the Ancient Kabbalistic Technique

    Many times i am asked by students and friends: What will the future be? What will tomorrow bring? I usually answer, "We will all return to the Endless World (Ayn Sof). The only question is will the process be shorter for you due to your restrictions or longer do to your negative actions that create the necessity of cleansing through pain and suffering (chaos)?".

    Yet each year i analyze the year ahead as the Kabbalists have taught us to do. The reason they have given us this tool is not to satisfy our curiosity about the future. It is to learn about the essence of the energies that we will see during the year so that we can be prepared to restrict our reactive natures and also to learn how to enhance the positive aspects of the year.

    The Kabbalists use the directive by Rabbi Bag Bag written in Pirkei Avot in order to understand the inner essence of the next year. Rabbi Bag Bag said, "Turn it! Turn it! For everything is in it!" The Kabbalists undersand this to mean Permutate the Letters of the word that spells out the Number value of the year.

    A second method of analyzing the inner essence of a year is to use Letter Substitutions. Please see our Gematria page to understand them in detail. Please see below to understand some of these essences.

    A third method is that The Kabbalists also teach us to utilize the Gematriot from the Letters of this word to analyze the Verses from the Tanach תנך - Torah, Neviim (Prophets) and Ketuvim (Writings) to help understand the meaning as well.

    When making this Kabbalistic Analysis it is important to understand that some essences are revealed (like when a permutation spells a word in Hebrew) and some essences are concealed (like when doing letter substitutions). What this means for this type of analysis relates to the strength of the essence.

    Below are 3 lists covering the information available from the 3 methods above. When an energy or essence is revealed then it is considered a stronger impact during the year. When it is concealed it will have a lessor impact but may actually be more important in the world Tikune for that year.

    The standard way of writing a year in Hebrew is to use the Gematria of the Letters that then become a word. The year ahead is 5776 which would be spelled תשעו - Tav Shin Ayin Vav/Wav. The Gematria of this word is 776. The immediate question is what happened to the "5". The practice is to drop the HEY or "5" since each year for a thousand years will have this and it is redundant. Each person knows that we are referring to the Sixth Millennium when we use the HEY or when we drop it. The only time we utilize the HEY is when we are analyzing the year completely like we are doing now.

    When there are 4 letters (תשעב) there are 24 Permutations. When there are 5 letters התשעב there are 120 permutations which include the previous 24. Usually there are many permutations that do not have meaning in the Hebrew Language. This year is no exception.

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  • The Verse that has the same Gematria as the Year.

    This year will start or started on September 13 2015. It is the 5776th year since creation. There is only one verse in the Torah that has this total regular gematria. That verse is from Second Chronicles Chapter 29 Verse 34. I am presenting it here in both the original Hebrew along with a standard translation and some alternative translations for your deeper understanding.

    Please note that the Zohar explains that only a fool will read the Torah verses on their literal level. The Zohar also goes on to say that any person who does interpret the Torah literally is a fool which it would have been better if that person were never born.

    Second Chronicles Chapter 29 Verse 34

    Hebrew Verse

    רק הכהנים היו למעט ולא יכלו להפשיט את-כל-העלות ויחזקום אחיהם הלוים עד-כלות המלאכה ועד יתקדשו הכהנים כי הלוים ישרי לבב להתקדש מהכהנים


    Rak ha-ko-ha-neem hayu limat v'lo yachlu l'haf-sheet et-kol ha-oh-lot va-y'chaz-kum ah-chay-hem hal-vee-yim ad-k'lot ha-m' la-cha v'ad yit-kad-shu ha-ko-ha-neem kee hal-vee-yeem yish-ray levav l'hit-chadesh me-ha-ko-ha-neem

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  • Typical Translation

    But the priests were too few, so that they could not flay all the burnt-offerings; wherefore their brethren the Levites did help them, till the work was ended, and until the priests had sanctified themselves; for the Levites were more upright in heart to sanctify themselves than the priests.

    To understand more about this verse we need to have an understanding of the history of the Kings of Judah as well as Israel. The King is Hezkiahu who is a righteous man. It is said in the Talmud, Hezkiahu could have been the Mashiach except that he did not sing to HaShem. His father was an idolatrous King. He made it difficult for the Cohenim and Leviim to do their work in the Temple as well as it was difficult to support their families because the King made it difficult for the populace to give their tithing to the proper recipients - the Cohenim and the Leviim. This verse is describing that King Hezkiahu called to the Cohenim in the first month of his reign to come and do their work again. Here is a commentary from that explains it along with a comment from Rashi.

    We may better appreciate the drama of Hezekiah's address to the Levites and Cohanim whom he immediately assembled in the Temple (vv 4-11, cf. v 36, "suddenly") by referring to some comments of Rashi later in our present chapter and the next. In the course of his comment on v 34 of our present chapter, Rashi writes that "the Cohanim and Levites and all those who feared HaShem had to disguise themselves and make themselves into strangers and even go into hiding all through the days of the wicked kings, and when Hezekiah, who was righteous, came to the throne, they could not immediately sanctify and purify themselves for the Temple service". In further explanation, Rashi writes in his comment on v 15 of the following chapter: "The reason why the Cohanim and Levites delayed coming until now was that they could not prior to that give credibility to the matter [of the reopening of the Temple] because Ahaz had despised and rejected them from serving as priests, and now they said, 'Is it possible that yesterday Ahaz worshipped idols and his son Hezekiah immediately in his first year in the very first month already tells the Cohanim and Levites to serve the One God alone, telling us he needs us?' This was why they were apathetic and delayed coming, and the same was true in the case of the rest of Judah whom Ahaz had despised. However, when they investigated and ascertained that everything was for the sake of Heaven, they all came and sanctified themselves for service" (Rashi on II Chron. 30:15).

    One of the important tools the Kabbalists teach us is to put this verse in its location. What was the verse before it talking about and also the verse after it?

    Verse 33 is translated here: And the consecrated things were six hundred oxen and three thousand sheep.

    Verse 35 is translated here: And also the burnt-offerings were in abundance, with the fat of the peace-offerings, and the drink-offerings for every burnt-offering. So the service of the house of the LORD was firmly established.

    It is clear that our verse in an interruption in the flow of the book of Chronicles. Why do you think that is true? In my opinion it is an indication that the year is also an interruption in the flow. In a general sense, according to the Prophecies as i understand them the world is in the process to bring Mashiach which can happen anytime. There are two paths to accomplish this. One is Torah and positive and the other is chaos pain and suffering and negative. People are in the process of choosing which of these two paths they will follow. If it is clearly seen that the path is straight without an interruption there will be no free choice. It is only when we do not see the straight path and still choose the correct path of Torah that we can receive the "reward" or effect of our choices. That is why this year will be "an interruption" meaning things will be extremely mixed in the coming year of 5776. Fear and Terrorism will be rampant. At the same time the option will be to learn the teachings about terrorism - there is nothing to worry about except falling to fear. So remember nothing happens that is incorrect. So have certainty in the Creator and build your personal protection shield.

    Another tool of analysis given to us by the Kabbalists is to count the number of words and the number of letters of the verse. Then use these numbers to learn aspects of the message. In this case there are 25 words. 25 is a number that represents partial completion since it represents 5 worlds within 5 worlds. This would indicate a tremendous opportunity to elevate the world through our actions. This is confirmed by the first and last letters being the Hebrew word Ram רם which means elevate. Also, there are 108 letters which we will discuss below.

    108 spells two Hebrew words depending on the order of the letters. חק has the meaning and is a shoresh for scrutinize and קח has the meaning of and is also the root of "take". The word take is usually considered negative in Kabbalah yet we can use it as a vaccine to eliminate the greed that seems to have taken over the western world. The word scrutinize implies a detailed looking which initially might seem difficult or judgmental yet if we apply this word to ourselves and spend the time of the year 5776 scrutinizing ourselves it will be a very positive year of change. The choice is yours - what will you do with the energy of the year 5776?


    Tzrufim Is a little known method of analysis using letter manipulation. It takes the first letter of each word and puts them into words of two three or four letters. We use the vowels from the verse itself with these specific letters. Here is my suggested version based on the verse from second Chronicles:

    First Letter Tzrufim

    The first letters of the verse are:


    These letters can be arranged into 7 of the 72 Names of HaShem + one 4 letter word.

    יהוה - ללה - ווו - ילי - עלם - ההה - אכא - רכך

    Explanation and relationship to the various energies.

    The first word is HaShem.

    This is followed by the Names of HaShem Number 6; Tzadikim Name No 1; Name of HaShem No 2; Name of HaShem No 4; Name of HaShem No 41; Name of HaShem No 7. The last Name is a root of a verb in Hebrew that means soften or temper, or moderate.

    The energy of these Names indicates the potential energy to utilize HaShem's Name to sweeten the judgment associated with the judgment of interruption. The attributes that will help us perform this sweetening are the Name No 6 which has the essence of vacuum or empty space. This is teaching that we can fill the emptiness with the Creator instead of the Satan, as there is never empty space. Space will fill with Light or Dark; Tzadikim Name 1 has the gematria of 18 which equals "LIFE"; Name of HaShem No 2 connects to the energy of "HaShem will fight for you"; Name of HaShem No 4 is connected to the protection shield against negative thoughts; Name of HaShem No 41 connects to the essence of being a vessel. It also relates to the protection and cleansing of the female having a low self image as is necessary for the growth and perfection of the female energy; the energy of the Name of HaShem No 7 is all of the energies of all 22 letters of the Hebrew Alef Bet. This allows you to get to the DNA of your soul and its root as well.

    As one can see from this arrangement of the first letters of the Verse the year 5776 can be a very positive year. It will take your connection to the words of HaShem as evidenced by this verse from Chronicles Bet which we recommend you say every day after your connection to the Names from the Tzadikim and the 72 Names from HaShem.

    I will leave you to rearrange these letters into other words.

    The gematria of these 25 letters is 570. 570 is 57 x 10 which indicates a relationship to a good parnasa / sustenance year. Other Hebrew words have the gematria of 570 are:

    למך = Lamech - the father of Noach. It also means powerful. The negative aspect of this Name is foolish.

    מלך = King - The Mashiach has a potential to manifest this year.

    רשע = wickedness - injustice - wrong - guilt - wicked men. Every year has the potential for negativity as well as positivity. The years of interruption like this one allows people to choose a different direction from which way they were heading. Will you continue down the road of trying to fulfill your selfish desires or realize you have the potential support of a vaccine against wickedness and injustice an choose to walk that path?

    רעש = quaking - shaking - quivering - commotion - earthquake. Will this be a year of earthquakes? That is up to you. Do you need a wakeup call?

    שכל טהורShechel Tahor = purification of the mind or thoughts

    שער Shaar = gate - Where will this gate lead you?

    לשמר = infinitive verb "to guard". What do you think it will be necessary to guard?

    כיטע יהוה אלהים גן כעדן מקדםThis is a phrase from the Verse Genesis 2:8 - Now HaShem Elohim had planted a garden in the east; in Eden... I will leave it to you to interpret the meaning of this verse for yourself and how it applies to this year 5776 of interruption.

    Please note the gematria of some of these words is using the end times value of the final letters. This only applies to those people who are connected to the consciousness of the positve aspects of the end times. If you are one who "sees" the end times prophecies as an Armageddon War, please change your world view so these positive aspects will work in your life.

    The transliteration for this Tzerufim is as follows:

    Rai Hey Hey Lah Wah Yo Lah Ah Ka Hey Wah Ah Hey Ai Cah Hey Wah Yo Hey Cah Yo Lah Lah Mai

    I strongly suggest that this be used in your daily prayers as a repetitive sound with the consciousness that this should manifest during the year 5776.

    Since most of the time the name of the year does not utilize the Hey for the millennium, we do also look for verses in the Tanach that has the gematria of 776 since this is the gematria of the letters Tav Shin Ayin VavWav. There is 1 verse with this gematria in the Tanach.

    Isaiah Chapter 26 Verse 4


    בטחו ביהוה עדי-עד כי ביה יהוה צור עולמים


    vetacho veHaShem/Adonai ady-ad ki BeYah HaShem/Adonai tzur olamym:


    Trust in HaShem for ever, for the Yah is HaShem, an everlasting Rock.

    chanoch's Commentary

    This verse is very coded. Lets develop an alternative translation to help us understand its essence.

    בטחו = while it is being translated as "trust" its meaning is actually "his trust" or "trust him".

    ביהוה= "with or in HaShem". Its gematria of 28 has the meaning of power and strength.

    The next two words are an idiom used in the Torah that gets translated as "for ever". It is interesting to note that this idiom is being used in the same verse as the word Olamim which has the same meaning as "forever". Why is it saying these two words in the same verse? Why is it saying two different words with this same meaning? Look below and see the differences in the essence of the words.

    עדי = My witness. Its gematria of 84 leads us to the word daf which means a "Page of Talmud".

    עד = witness. Its gematria is 74. The idiom has the gematria of 158 which is various Hebrew words from the Torah. Among them the meanings are: triumphant, eternal, enduring, certainty, "living waters" "in Zion", arrows, and to choke or strangle, also to encompass.

    כי = to the connecting word of "because".

    ביה = "In Yah". Its gematria is 17 which is the Hebrew word "good".

    יהוה = HaShem's Name

    צור = This is being translated as "rock". It also has the meaning of create.

    עולמים = translate as "forever". Yet it also mans "hidden" or concealed"; as well as universes and worlds.

    Do you have the reason why two words being translated as forever are in this verse?

    A better translation will be, in my opinion:

    His Trust in HaShem is Forever because with Yah the goodness of HaShem creates concealment.

    With this alternative translation we can see the essence of the year 5776 indicates to us the potential to conceal ourselves from the negative system while the illusion will appear to be controlled by negativity. Do not fall to this illusion. Remember the ultimate tool of "Mind is Matter" is Certainty as taught in the Kabbalah.

    This verse has 9 words which indicate it is related either to wisdom or to the manifestation of Creation. The verse has 32 letters. This confirms the connection to Wisdom or the Sefirah of Chochmah. This would indicate that it is important to add to your Torah Study Time during this year . Especially your connection to the Zohar. It also has the gematria of the Hebrew word Heart or Lev. This indicates it will be a year of great swings in people's emotions - whether it is fear - love - anger - hate- or joy.

    Tzrufim of this verse

    Last Letters

    וכי לוו

    I permutated the two sets of three letters to show a clearer stronger meaning:

    Vav Caf Yood translates as “And because”.

    The 19th Triad in the 72 Names of God is Lamed Vav Vav. This Name indicates a concept of “Dialing God.”

    The meaning of these two triads becomes “And Because you dialed (called) God.

    This reinforces the idea expressed in the Kabbalah that consciousness is what makes things happen even in the physical world.

    What will you do with the information you have just been given by reading this web page?

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  • Words and Phrases with Gematria of 5776

    There are no punctuation marks, vowels, or grammr indications in the Torah Scroll. This means that the Torah can be viewed as one long string of numbers. There are 33 phrases or strings of letters that have a gematria of 5776. Some of these cross over Verses and many are components of verses. The number 33 is the Hebrew word Lag which has one meaning of "lever". This might mean that this year of "pause" can be used as a lever to utilize the revelation of the Zohar to grow your vessel. The analysis of these phrases is not complete.

    Words and Phrases with gematria of 776

    There are 44 words that have a gematria of 776. the number 44 is the Hebrew word "Blood". There are 880 phrases that have the gematria of 880. The two significant words with this gematria are "silver" - something of value in sharing and "i have permitted you". In my opinion these are significant to reinforce the energy of the year. The analysis of these gematria's of words and phrases having a gematria of 776 is not yet complete.

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  • Permutation of the word that forms the Year 5774 התשעד or תשעד

    As explained above the standard method of writing the year uses only 4 letters leaving the first letter Hey unused and always assumed since it represents the 6th Millennium which is over 1000 years long. We do use both words in our permutations. Actually the words formed from the 4 letters are included in the permutations of the 5 letter word.

    With respect to all permutated words it is best for each person to determine for themselves how the attribute represented by each word applies to them and to their consciousness. Kabbalah teaches and works on the idea of relativity. Each attribute of HaShem is relative to each person. Each word formed from the Hebrew Letters is relative to each individual.

    Here are 5 letter words. Below you will find 4 letter, 3 letter and 2 letter words as well.

    The analysis of the 5 letter words is not yet complete.

    4 letter word

    The analysis of the 4 letter words is not yet complete.

    3 letter word

    שעה Word = the moth.

    השע Word = to do, to make, to carry out, to spend (time), to yield, to produce, to create, to appoint

    תשע Word = to multiply by Nine

    שעה The word means to pay heed, to look about, to look away from, to avert one's gaze

    עשה The word means to do, to make, to carry out, to spend (time), to yield, to produce, to create, to appoint, to press, to be false or artificial, to become

    שעה hour of time, short while

    תעה to stray, to wander, to go astray, to get lost

    עשת metal bar, to grow fat, to grow stout

    This word was part of 5773 as well. In 5773 it portrayed the US Stock Market and the improvement in the ecomomy

    השת the foundation, the backside

    This attribute indicates that the foundation of world peace will be developed from above unless sufficient people make changes in themselves. The concept of backside or Back to Back means coming from above instead of being activated from below. Only when it is activated from below do things become permanent.

    תשה weak world

    שתה to drink

    התע at present, now, well, the here and now, the present

    תעה to stray, to wander, to go astray, to get lost

    תהד to resonate, to resound, to be resonated

    תשע nine, multiply by nine, to be multiplied by nine

    תעש Ta'as – Israeli military industry, to industrialize, to be industrialized

    עשת bar of metal, to grow fat, to grow stout

    שעה hour, time, short while

    עשה to do, to make, to carry out, to spend (time), to yield, to produce, to create, to appoint, to cause, to do, to press, positive precept

    The analysis of the 3 letter words is not yet complete.

    2 letter word

    הת tea

    תע time; season, era, period, from time to time

    We have entered a new era since the year 5770 which is the year 2009-2010.

    שת weak

    תש backside, buttock, foundation

    דש lapel

    This year is a reflection of things that have happened through out history. This is the meaning of echo.

    עש moth

    שה the year, the hour, the line

    דה echo

    See above

    שת weak, religion, law

    שע moth

    The analysis of the 2 letter words is not yet complete.

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  • Letter Substitutions Section

    using parts of the mouth substitutions

    The word Witness עד becomes the word One חד

    The word Time עת becomes the word Et את which represents all of the Energy of the Universe.

    The analysis of the letter substitution words is not yet complete.

    This section could be done exactly the same way as the revealed permutations above. The problem or opportunity is that i have not had the resources to automate this process so all possibilities will be revealed. I do now ask you for donations to achieve this.

    By sending various amounts to this

    link, you will be connecting to this revelation for this year and all future years since the mechanism will be available to all. Just as the Prophet says everyone will know HaShem.

    This is a great way to share the Light of Peace with the whole World.

    Donations of:

    $1 - $10 - $13 - $100 - $130 - $1000 - $1300 will connect you to Unification and Unity will all of humanity

    $3 - $300 - $3000 will connect you to the 3 column system of the Tree of LIfe

    $5.20 - $52 - $520 - $5200 will connect you to the manifestation of this wisdom in the physical world. It will help to bring Mashiach.

    $6 - $60 - $600 - $6000 will connect you to the spiritual world of Heaven called Zeir Anpin.

    $6.30 - $63 - $630 - $6300 will connect you to the energy of the Sefira of Binah - "Understanding" which is what will unite "Understanding Between People."

    $7 will connect you to the essence of Time known as a week or 7 days.

    $7.20 - $72 - $720 - $7200 will connect you to the Sefira of Chochmah - Wisdom - and the energy of the 72 Names of HaShem.

    $12 - $120 - $1200 will connect you to the 12 Tribes of the Children of Israel - People of Spiritual Consciousness.

    $15 - $150 - $1500 will connect you to the Upper Spiritual Worlds Known as Chochma and Binah; Wisdom and Understanding.

    $1.80 - $18 - $180 - $1800 will connect you to the essence of Life and strengthen your Life Force Energy.

    $2.20 - $22 - $220 - $2200 will connect you to the Energy of the Hebrew Letters.

    $2.60 - $26 - $260 - $2600 will connect you to the Energy of HaShem.

    $3.20 - $32 - $320 - $3200 will connect you to the energy of the 32 Paths of Wisdom.

    Also, know that donations can be made in the same number of coins. Thus, 1800 nickels ($90) connects you to the same energy as 1800 dollars. It depends on your personal resources and the Tzedakah or Tithing amount you want to make. Please Make a Donation so that this work can continue uninterrupted.

    Final Conclusion

    Within the Children of Israel who are spread throughout the physical world there are many differences. These differences have been manifesting throughout world history for thousands of years. What will make them stop? What will allow the energy of the verses mentioned above to manifest during this coming year?

    Only one thing. The realization that the other persons point of view is just as Right as my point of view. This will create unity with diversity. Just as the different species of each animal and plant coexist. Mankind can only co-exist with this attitude that i do not have to be right - only the other guy needs to be satisfied with his lot in life and his place in the world. Let us look at some of these overwhelming differences between people in the world.

    With in the Jewish religion - my way of praying is the only way to pray. This means your way of praying must be wrong. What arrogance? HaShem created both of you. HaShem created 12 Tribes each with its own Gate of Prayer. The 12 Tribes came to the Temple together and prayed together in their different ways and manners. Why can that not happen again? Why can we not agree to put our differences aside for this year and allow the energy of the verses discussed above and the energy of the year 5774 to manifest. These differences have existed for thousands of years. Would a year without arguments and disagreements be so terrible? Maybe letting go of being "right" will leave us open to think that unity with diversity is better than no unity at all.

    This next year can be an amazing exciting time in world history. This will happen only if people will give up their need to be right and choose to create unity with diversity. This is what Torah teaches. This is what HaShem has told us to do. In the words of Torah, " Vahavta Laracha Camocha. Love Your Neighbor As Yourself." That means make sure Your Neighbor knows that what He Wants You want for him. Have a wonderful Year. Leshanah Tovah - Happy New Year means let the other guys desire precede yours. There are enough resources to go around. All we have to do is stop trying to be right.

    Remember to change the world you first must change yourself. And that starts with the tool of the Hebrew Letter repetitive sounds as taught by the Kabbalists