Mashiach is Coming in 5778 or is He?

I have read a free pdf e-book coming from a student of Kabbalah by the Name of Ezra (Jeff) Meiliken. The title of the ebook is "the Divine Calendar." It is very informative; yet not all of it is correct. Let me explain what it says and give you the support the author provides and also my explanation of what is truly being revealed. I will do this in today's class. It may take a few classes. I also have something that i have been given permission to reveal as of the Holiday of Tu B'Av (15th of Av). This information coming from me may be revealed between some of these "divine Calendar" classes.

The Divine Calendar

Here is some significant dates in history as defined by the Divine Calendar E-Book.

The Divine Calendar is being given here only in the Hebrew Calendar. In the E-book Gregorian dates are also provided. I choose not to include the Gregorian dates for reason that are too complex to explain in this class.

Birth of Abraham = 1948

Covenant and Exile Begins = 2018

Exodus and Gift of the Torah = 2448

First Temple Built = 2928

First Temple Destroyed = 3338

Second Temple Built = 3408

Gregorian Calendar Created = 3760

Second Temple Destoryed = 3830

Modern State of Israel Starts = 5708

Year of Divine Peace = 5778

One of the ideas buillt into this calendar is that these dates are exact and that they all happened on these dates and thus the year 5778 will bring Mashiach. This may be true. What i understand is that the ideas of each of these happening events also had multiple potential years that they would could have happened. The fact that they happened in these years is just an indication of the manifestation of these events. The year 5778 may be one of these potential years for divine peace or there may be potential to bring this about earlier or later than this particular year.

The Artscroll Tanach has a Calendar as well. All of these dates listed in the E-Book are the same as the Artscroll Calendar except the following:

Covenant and Exile Begins - Not specifically listed. There are Midrashim indicating it was in the year 2023 not 2018. This is not truly significant in the discussion other than to cast some doubt on the ideas expressed.

The dates for the building of the first and second Temples should be range of dates since there is no regular accepted timing of a specific date for the building of the Temples. They took a number of years. there may be a dedication date but i am not aware of what year that is. Again this is not significant to the discussion of the year 5778.

The systems and tools used to arrive at the conclusion in the E Book

The author of this ebook is an expert in numbers. He uses number theory and other modern mathematical tools to explain his conclusions. We do not have the time to go into these theories yet there is some benefit to learning some aspects of them.

One aspect is that the author uses certain numbers which he says repeat in the Torah to help explain the divine calnedar. One of these numbers is the number Pi. We all have learned of the constant Pi being equal to 3.1416 . . . Pi is actually the relationship between the diameter of a circle and the circumference of a circle. Many people do not know that the number Pi appears in the Torah scroll.

In Kabbalah we utilize the first and last letters of words in order to make connections that would otherwise not be noticed. The first letters of the 5 Books of Moshe are Bet, Shin, Vav, Bet, Dalet. The gematria of these 5 letters representing the 5 Books of Moshe is 314. This the first number sequence of Pi. As we know Pi is 3.1415926358. Look at this sequence of numbers. The first three numbers is the same as the gematria of the 5 books. Of course there is a decimal place in Pi which is not in the gematria. According to number theory the sequence of a string of number sometimes counts and sometimes it is related through that sequence. As i said earlier it is unnecessary to understand this. Just one more connection to Pi - the Name of God Shadai has the gematria has 314. The Name of the Angel of God Metrnon has this same gematria. This is one example of the "coincidence" and multiple repeating of certain numbers that the author expands on in this ebook. Of course there is no coincidence and Pi is a significant constant in the world.

Here is another number relationship built into the Names of the Books of Moshe. These Names (Beraishit, Shemot, Vayikra, Bamidbar, and Devarim) have a gematria of 2480. This is 10 times trhe name Abraham which is 248. Now to jump to the 42 letter name of God. The last letters of the words in each of the 7 lines of the Ana Bekoach is also 2480.

is this all coincidence? Of course not. What does it all mean? The author attributes these number repetitions and relationships to a Divine Author. So would i except i did not need numbers to know there is a Creator and the Torah was divinely revealed.

Since the Torah is divinely revealed let us look at some other teachings in the Ebook.

The number 50 as in the Jubilee Year is repeated a number of times in the Torah and it certainly is related to a Calendar since it is a period of time. Most people do not know but there was a book kept out of the Torah by the Sages called the Book of Jubilees. It is on line in an English translation. This book describes what took place in each Jubilee period from Adam to Moshe. Let us see what the Ebook says about the Jubilee.

abbreviations: HC = Hebrew Calendar Year.

Exodus (end of 1st Exile) = 2448 HC

First Exile period = 430 yrs as written in the Torah

2448 – 430 = 2018 HC

G‐d’s Covenant with Abraham = 2018 HC (Remember this year is not confirmed through Hebrew Sources as described above.

First Exile Began = 2018 HC

The year 5778 is expressed as the year of Divine Peace meaning the comming of peace to the world and the advent of Mashiach. Once this is accepted please follow the rest of the calculations.

End of Exile, Revelation of the Light of the Creator and Divine Peace = 5778 HC

5778 ‐ 2448 = 3330 yrs

the length of time between the Gift of the Torah and the advent of Divine Peace.

Jubilee yr = 50 yrs

3330/50 = 66.6

Please note the number 66.6 = the traditional number of the Devil. Of course this has a significantly different meaning.

2448/5778 = .424

This calculation represents the relationship between the Gift of the Torah and the advent of peace.

424 = numerical value of Mashiach Ben David, the Messiah.

Conclusion by the Author

There is a calendar that exists and it’s marked by explicit inferences and citations in the Torah, also known as The Five Books of Moses or Pentateuch. On that calendar we’re in the year 5773, which corresponds to the year 2013 in the Gregorian calendar followed in the Western cultures.

This second calendar, designed by Aloysius Lilius and instituted by Pope Gregory XIII in 5342 of the Hebrew Calendar (HC) was based on Lilius’ calculation of the birth year for Jesus Christ. As it turns out, and as will be explored in this paper, both calendars are necessary for unlocking a profound divine calendar. Like two sides of a zipper, the two calendars weave together a divine sequences of marked historic events that begin with the Biblical creation and birth of Adam and end with a predicted date for the arrival of Mashiach, the Messiah, just 5 years from now.

chanoch's Commentary

Perhaps this is true. Our Sages teach to expect Mashiach at any moment. Our Kabbalist teachers have given us tools to calculate the timing of Mashiach and then told us not to use them for this purpose. Why is that? Because if i say Mashiach will come in 5 years Chas V'Shalom, then i delay his cominhg if he is ;meant to come earlier. This is a very real problem in our generation.

Many followers of the Man from Nazareth make statements about the Armageddon War. They indicate that this must happen. These words Chas V'Shalom can cause the Armageddon War. The Kabbalists are working and the students of the Kabbalah are working to avoid this happening. After all there are two paths to Mashiach. One of Torah and one of pain and suffering. We will see on Tu B'Av what is the meaning of the path of Torah. today we are seeing the idea of potentially good intention causing delays. Please do not say what this author says. This is just one possibility and Mashiach will come today - right now if enough of mankind is ready for this to happen.

The dates utilized for these historic events, while not universally accepted, are commonly known and are easily derived from the numerical sequences of the Bible, beginning with the chronicles of Adam. In these chronicles the Bible clearly lays out the lifespan of each our forefathers and the years that they lived when they begot the next forefather in the line of Adam, thus affording us an undisputed chart of progression on which to place the subsequent events. For these calculations and for the more modern dates, we relied on the dates as given by the eminent Torah scholar Aryeh Kaplan and we’ve corroborated them with multiple sources. One more analytical method utilized, though sparingly, to help reveal the beauty in this divine calendar was the employment of the ancient science of gematria, in which each letter in the Hebrew alphabet has a specific numerical value and thus adding up the letters in a specific word gives that word a specific value; such as, the word for the number “seventy” has a numerical value of 422.

In essence, all the dates utilized in this revelatory analysis were given by the Bible and by historic notation, and the time between those dates were given by simple addition and subtraction. We make no abstract inferences, nor draw any religious or spiritual conclusions; we’re only pointing out the facts as revealed by simple observation of the dating sequence.

This book is also not a formal mathematical proof, which like all mathematical proofs would be full of strange symbols and unintelligible to nearly everyone on the planet and thus utterly useless to you. On the contrary, we’ve taken pains to present these revelations as simplistically as possible, so that the profundity of the over abundance of facts has a chance to sink in. The profundity being that there has been a divinely influenced, if not controlled, timeline that began 5773 years ago and that is set to come to a specific and dramatic conclusion in the year 5778, just 5 years from now.

In our Western calendar that means the year 2018! Unless it happens sooner. May it be our will and HaShem's will that it happen sooner. And we all say Amen.

Here is the final chapter of the EBook so that you can have a complete sense of the truth or limitation of these calculations.

In Base9 Mathematics 666 coverts to 820

820 is the value of “You must love your neighbor as (you love) yourself, I am Gd.” The Hebrew is Vahavta Lerayacha Chamocha Anee HaShem.

666 divided by 424 or 666/424 is 1.5708 and not only is that reminiscent of 5708, the year Israel received statehood, but it’s also almost exactly one half of Pi, 3.141509/2

666/Mashiach Ben David = Pi/2 or is it?

The 42Letter Name/ Mashiach Ben David = Pi/2

Is this some primordial equation? Who can say?

Let’s look at this equation again: The 42Letter Name/ Mashiach Ben David = Pi/2

If we apply simple algebra, we get 2 x (The 42 Letter Name)/ Mashiach Ben David = Pi and then 2 x (The 42 Letter Name) = Mashiach Ben David x Pi And since we know that there is an upper and lower 42‐Letter Name and that as the sages have explained to us, together they equal 84, the numerical value of Pad, meaning redemption it all makes sense.

As further explained by the sages, by taking actions in our world and utilizing the 42 Letter Name, also known as The Genesis Prayer (Ana B’koach in Hebrew) properly we automatically activate the upper 42 letters of the Name of G‐d, which is really the first 3 expansions of the Tetragrammaton:


Gematria = 26 Letter Count = 4

יוד הי ויו הי

Gematria = 72 Letter Count = 10

יוד ויו דלת הי יוד ויו יוד ויו הי יוד

Gematria = 611 Letter Count = 28

chanoch's Commentary

Since i think we have time; and i have been asked to explain the 4 levels/worlds and the Tetragramaton. Hetre it is . the above three lines deal with the world of Atzilut. Please note the word Torah has a gematria of 611. The Sages teach us that the first two Esser Debrot were heard/seen by all the complement at Mt. Sinai which is why our body and soul have 613 parts.

the second level above has 10 letters relating to the 10 dimensions or sephirot.

the third level abovve has 28 letters which is the number of the word Coach which translates as power.

The world of Brea


Gematria = 26 Letter Count = 4

יוד הי ואו הי

Gematria = 63 Letter Count = 10

יוד ויו דלת הי יוד ויו אלף ויו הי יוד

Gematria = 702 Letter Count = 28

702 is the gematria of Shabbat. Coincidence?

The world of Yetzirah


Gematria = 26 Letter Count = 4

יוד הא ואו הא

Gematria = 45 Letter Count = 10

יוד ויו דלת הי אלף ויו אלף ויו הי אלף

Gematria = 874 Letter Count = 28

45 is the gematria of Man or Adam which includes both male and female.

874 with the Colel is 875 which is the same gematria as the word used for (multicolored) coat that Jacob gave to Joseph. This is actually a code for a protection shield.

The world of Asiyah


Gematria = 26 Letter Count = 4

יוד הה וו הה

Gematria = 52 Letter Count = 10

יוד ויו דלת הי הי ויו ויו הי הי

Gematria = 562 Letter Count = 23

23 = the number of Hebrew letters after Mashiach comes and reveals the 23rd letter which is why there are 23 sets of chromosomes in the human cell.

562 - to the Hebrew word for Primary Point

You now know where the teaching that Torah, Shabbat, and Israel (Adam) are all one.

There are many ways to spell out the third level in each world. I did not do so do to time. I suggest you do this yourself and then send me your result and we can discuss by email what other connections can be made. This is training you to become a student of Kabbalah.

Continuing with the EBook

There’s no way we can access that name directly, nor could we comprehend what it’s all about, but the access happens automatically if we have love in our heart and openness in our mind and we use, recite, meditate on the 42 letters of the Genesis Prayer (Ana B’koach, which emanates from the first verse in the Bible. It’s that simple and has been since the dawn of creation.

What the hidden message that this is telling us is that love, awe, and openness to the Creator together with the gift of the 42‐Letter Name will bring about the Messiah, and as for when and wherefore, the secrets are hidden within Pi, right beneath the surface.

We also recommend that you read the Ebook "There’s Nothing Random About the Universe". It’s not for nothing that modern and ancient technologies are coming together at this moment in time.

chanoch's Commentary

Only the ancient teachings of the Kabbalists to know what is involved with the timing as we will discuss on Tu B'Av.